Tuesday, September 17, 2013

David Wilcock: We are Building up to Something Very Significant

David Wilcock: We are Building up to Something Very Significant
September 17, 2013

Good data in this piece by David as usual. However, he still seems to be sold on the whole "mass arrest" scenario, which I'm not so convinced on these days. ~BK

A radio show from Friday the 13th (interestingly enough) features David Wilcock discussing the cycles of history, and why the collapse and defeat of the negative agenda is utterly inevitable. It is a law of nature -- like any other.


Internet access is very restricted at the place I'm staying in Canada. They advertise it as "not high-speed," but more to the point, it's often "not at all!"

I figured a short update was better than none. I have been doing a lot of healing here, and feel very inspired to write -- as long as I don't lose it along the way.

I wouldn't dare try to write anything large at this point, because with web-based editing, it's bound to get deleted while in development -- in the midst of such bad reception.

I've taken lots of pictures of the local scenery, and will upload more of it as time goes on. In the meantime, that's probably not what you came here for!

Major geopolitical events are happening at an incredible speed. It is becoming increasingly obvious that we are building up to something very significant.

When you consider the possibility that classified technology exists that can boldly manipulate the weather, causing freak problems, the current chaos takes on an even deeper level of potential significance.

Yosemite wildfires. Boulder flash floods. Everything is too hot or too cold. There's either too much water or nowhere near enough.

Some of this is definitely a natural effect. However, there is a real possibility that technologies exist that could be enhancing these problems as well. For now.

The whole negative-elite objective right now seems to be: "DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO DISTRACT THEM FROM THE NSA DISCLOSURES."

Syria clearly appeared to be another desperate attempt to sway the headlines away from the ever-increasing NSA disclosures.

It did not work.


The public has finally had enough of sudden, knee-jerk responses to questionable atrocities -- which, in turn, get us embroiled in long-term, unwinnable wars.

Wars generate very significant profits. The same "usual suspects" need these wars. It's their number-one way to raise the money they desperately need to maintain control.

Military strikes kill innocent people. Lives are being lost as these geopolitical chess games play themselves out.

A gas attack is a horrible thing. So is having your body blown apart from an attack with explosives.

To respond to violence by instantly creating more violence, rather than pursuing peaceful means first, is the peak of insanity.

Thankfully, the public saw this as Iraq 2.0, which it was -- and nobody bought into it.

Even the manipulated polls couldn't get better than a 10-percent approval rating.


Kerry's epic mis-step gave Putin an opportunity to propose a full elimination of the CW arsenal in Syria -- and it worked.


If I had actually thought Syria was going to turn into a war, I would have written about it much sooner.

All along, I never felt that this one was going to happen.


Last night, I drove to a place where I could use my phone, and talked to one of my top insiders for over an hour.

This is the same insider who recently said "Every time the Ponzi scheme known as the Federal Reserve Note is about to collapse, they need another mass catastrophe to prop it back up again."

Last night I said, "Now that Syria fell through, they're going to have to cook up something else to try to distract the headlines and create fear and trauma -- like another mass shooting."

Little did I realize that it would happen the very next day.
 Here is the rest of the post on David's blog, Divine Cosmos:


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  1. "he still seems to be sold on the whole "mass arrest" scenario, which I'm not so convinced on these days."
    I think they may have to happen just to get the blighters out of the way fo moving forward but the difference is that we, the one people are not going to treat those arrested in the same awful ways that they have treated us... 2 wrongs don't make a right.


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