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Redefining ‘VALUE’ and the ‘EXCHANGING’ of it – Prose

Redefining ‘VALUE’ and the ‘EXCHANGING’ of it – ProseFebruary 23, 2014

A HUGE thank you to Carl for finding this little gem! One of my personal missions in life is to identify areas of social programming in our society and challenge them by stirring the pot with an expended perspective. Such as the Berlin Wall, this very process of challenging the system is how old, outdated ideologies come tumbling down. This auspicious time in our collective Human evolution there are a great many of these walls in the process of falling into their own footprint.

The more we talk about it, the more we embody the changes we want to see in the world, the faster the change comes flying in. Who says there is more inherently more value in a gold bar or hundred dollar bill, than a hug? A hug given at the right time, to the right person, can save a life. It's time that we let go of these old belief systems. Thank them for showing us the contrast, and allow new expanded understandings and Truths to blaze the trail to a happier, more fulfilled and joyful experience for ALL. <3 ~BK
Please Read this awesome article by one of the guys (someone may want to let the author know D is a woman lol) at removing the shackles which inspired the below summay of it

Our ‘Value’ is our energy which appears in many many guises,

With billions oblivious to what it actually comprises,

There is physical energy that creates, fixes, makes and builds,

Then there is the energetic type helps, nurtures and heals,

Or there is the mental exchanging of ideas as the teacher or the taught,

Showing value can be obtained without the need for being bought.

Whatever form it takes all that we DO is part of our value,

With deceptive dark forces keeping it directed down a dark vacuum,

And all we DO together is just our value exchanging,

With no need for third parties to dictate what people should be arranging.

The exchange of value is dynamic in the way that it appears,

Physical, mental, energetic, material, financial, or even musical forms but NOT profiteers,

As long as everybody involved in the value exchange is happy and content,

Then it is all good, right? With no need for government?

But this is where people seem to have issues and things start to get a bit sticky,

Where peoples brains rule their hearts and things seem to be a bit tricky,

Why do we tip people? We do it because it’s an accepted custom,

But we also do it to show our appreciation for good service or for a job well done.,

It is completely acceptable to say to the server “thank you for looking after us this evening”,

And show that appreciation in the form of a tip because their value exchange was pleasing,

Now lets look from what sources people use to obtain their information,

How people choose to get their fixes of knowledge culmination.

They buy news papers, magazines, they order channels on their TV, they buy books and they take courses,

These are very acceptable things to do and even things that society endorses,

All of these are exchanges of “value”. Completely normal and socially acceptable,

Something I totally get as it is plainly perceptible,

But maybe its time for this thinking to change to a new perspective,

And for people to contemplate something new, if only to be reflective,

We each all have our own personal journey issues that we are all trying to work out,

But one of the most common issues people struggle with is ‘asking for help’.

People tend to attempt to try everything themselves to avoid feeling uncomfortable,

Under the belief that asking for help will make them look weak and vulnerable,

It really makes people feel uncomfortable to ask for ‘help’ or ‘donations’,

Because society has tricked them into undervaluing their energetic & artistic vocations,

“Shame” for asking for “help”? “Guilt” that they needed “donations” to feed their family?

But this topic isn’t about giving, donations or helping you see……

This is about ‘exchanging value’, and for it not to be based on what you ‘earn’,

Its not as if artists are asking for something like a handout but giving nothing back in return,

For artistic creative types give a lot of time and energy and copious amounts of brain power,

In the hope to plant seeds, in the hope to empower.

With those thoughts comes a crashing down of old paradigm programming,

What the artist gives and has DOES have something worth valuing,

Not everyone will like what they have to write, say or do,

But for every ten people that feel like this there could be another ten that approve,

And if writers wrote articles the type that the mainstream like to publish,

They would be paid to write them, BUT conformed to a wish,

BUT if they choose to write articles that don’t fall into some pre determined category,

Does this make them worthless to the likes of YOU and me?,

Does it mean the time and energy that put into writing and researching any less well spent?

The answers to these is simply, ‘No it Doesn’t,

Becoming aware of the insidious programming that been placed upon us,

The brainwashing that tells us that something has value ONLY if THEY say it does,

That we have to play by the rules of their game in order to evolve or to survive,

The mind control placed over us to keep us intellectually deprived.

For in the mainstream media you only have value if you play by their rules,

Often orientated towards trivialities, hatred and bullshit while feeding misconceptions of ignorant fools,

And for those who refuse to pander to the mainstream news expectations,

They are often portrayed as some worthless blogger who is asking for donations,

To ‘pay for their rent’ or ‘to be able to eat’ screams the cynical vindictive mob,

Because their to ‘idle’ and ‘lazy’ and should get a ‘real job’……..

BUT writers do have a real job, writing, communicating and researching is what they DO,

They are focussed, driven and passionate through and through,

They don’t have an employer nor do they get a salary and benefits,

But then again material wealth is not an aim nor a life time emphasis,

So I ask people to please consider what writers have to say,

And ask you to think about the value it has brought to your day,

What many people do not realize is that if people were to contribute a tiny bit,

of value in exchange for the information they receive on the net

That they would make a huge difference to the creators struggling on the breadline,

By taking away the worry about their next meal, while freeing their creative minds!

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