Sunday, April 28, 2013

Debunked: Camera Catches Guy Making Dust Over Injured People At Boston Marathon Bombing

DEBUNKED: Camera Catches Guy Making Dust Over Injured People At Boston Marathon Bombing
April 28, 2013

I've decided to put this post back up as it is a great illustration of how things may not always look as they first appear. Personally, I believe this event has False Flag written all over it. However, if you watch both of these videos, what you will see is the same scene, only scrutinized much more closely in the second clip. All it takes is a little HD and slow motion and dust quickly transmutes into a guy throwing down a blanket. I couldn't, in good conscious, leave this up without providing the new perspective. ~BK


  1. This whole thing feels like a false flage to me, also. I think that the most dramatic claims such as the initial video, and the ones that claim massive numbers of actors being involved as casualties are perhaps part of the "controlled opposition," if you will. These are the claims of "False flag!" that can be shot down relatively easily in an attempt to discredit everyone who is calling it a false flag. The same happened with the twin towers. Neither the official story nor the thermite/thermate stories fully account for events, from what I have seen. I can't say what exactly happened in either case (Boston or New York) other than that the major story lines by the media and the opposition both have missing pieces and/or exaggerated claims to them.
    Peace, Love and Light to All,
    Eternal Essence Embodied as Reuben Bailey

  2. better footage of dust guy at boston bombings

    - his exit is visible and

    - the bearded guy can be seen pointing at the cameraman

    Explosions de Boston: les victimes très touchées aux jambes - 16/04

    seconds 27 to 32


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