Friday, January 31, 2014

A Message from Hope Girl -- Quantum Energy Generator Revealed!!

A Message from Hope Girl -- Quantum Energy Generator Revealed!!
January 31, 2014
Well folks, it's no surprise Hope Girl is at it again! With a bit of experience in getting out free energy tech, I know how challenging of a process it can be with so many variables and working parts (update coming in the next few days). I was so excited to learn that Hope and team are making some amazing headway. We stand on the brink of some amazing breakthroughs. The kind of which that have the capacity to effect every person on the planet. Let us all take this pivotal time in human history to take a moment and imagine the type of reality we intend to experience, both on an individual as well as collective level. Our imagining is the main ingredient that will birth the new the world...let us not limit ourselves in the infinite amount of possibilities in each moment to create absolute beauty for all to feel and experience. Way to lead the charge Hope! It truly is an amazing time to BE alive... ~BK
Got this from Hope yesterday on Skype:
Hello Brian!
As mentioned briefly in our last Skype chat, I’ve been working on a MAJOR UPDATE to report the people on this planet. After tons of careful work on its presentation, it is finally ready and published.
This blog post update has an audio reading Youtube video by HopeGirl that shows footage of our free energy device (the QEG) and tells our story and many big plans for the next coming months.
Here’s the link:

Are you ready for something real? It’s been a while since I have written a blog post of this magnitude. So much has occurred in the last couple of months… but more importantly SO MUCH MORE is about to occur in the very near future! This is NOT another prophetic prediction to add to the pile of unfolding mystical events (there are plenty of people who are much more qualified to present that perspective). Rather, the purpose of this major update is to openly communicate to you, my beloved humanity, the monumental breakthroughs that are now upon us, and to fully disclose our intended plans for the exciting things we have coming your way over the next few months.

There are Seven Important Updates Included in this Post:

1) Free Energy Device- (QEG) – I am here with the device in person and ready to flip the switch!

2) The Peoples Fund to Change the Planet- although we’ve had a slight delay, the fund is getting ready to explode!

3) HopeGirl to Participate in Financial Truth Movement Conference in February

4) HopeGirl to Join the soon to be launched New Earth Nation!

5) Announcing the “Truth Storm Series.” Are you tired of feeling confused? This collection of practical, powerful, no-nonsense talks by HopeGirl will help you sharpen your discernment and find clarity, peace and personal certainty in a world filled with disinformation and confusing psycho babble.

6) Fix the World will soon be offering online New Paradigm Business Courses!

7) HopeGirl World Tour in the Spring: Morocco, South Africa, China, Australia and more! Offering workshops, key note speaking engagements, free energy device – local production set up, and humanitarian project consulting. Now taking bookings!


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