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Amanda Palmer -- The Art of Asking -- A True Exchange of Value

Amanda Palmer -- The Art of Asking -- A True Exchange of Value
January 18, 2014

Damn I love synchronicity's! Today I posted an article for Justin and Julian from Stillness in the Storm to support their fundraising campaign to get to Morocco. Instantly I took some flack on FB for supporting a crowd funding initiative. It was actually more of a direct attack for accepting donations for the OPAL Tour. I'm not going to post the comment here because I want to respect this individual's privacy and he, as everyone, is allowed his opinion. 

I could write out a thorough response to his 'perception,' but after seeing this video today (quite synchronistically), and reading the response comments on Facebook it doesn't look like I need to. In 13 minutes this woman breaks down perfectly, with pin point precision, EXACTLY how the Universe works. Provide value and value comes back, in many forms, 100 fold, well actually in her case 1.2 million fold. Such an inspiring story. Once more of us remember and Trust this process, we will master so many levels of our existence. Fewer and fewer people are accepting the whole,"well, this is how it's always been done," excuse. Anytime I hear that now I run for the hills. I've learned to question everything. To truly change things requires an expanded perspective. The kind that views every problem and challenge as an amazing opportunity for growth. Expectations can be a real sonofabitch, because we all know when they're not met, what follows is typically extreme disappointment. When one knows everything is ALWAYS exactly as it should be, the word disappointment simply ceases to exist. Trust me, it's much more fun and way more satisfying to accept EVERYTHING. From this space we are bullet proof, absolutely untouchable. Can you imagine what the world will look like when more of the world starts to think like Amanda Palmer? I can, because I DO :) 
I hope you all enjoy this video as much as I did.

Responses from FB:

Jean J. Nolan It's all here, within and out there for everyone to feel an know. You cannot know the truth unless you ARE the truth. There is no 3D concept that will explain that to you.
Whatever information you feel you need to have, let go of the need which is only blocking you from actually accessing it...once we accept that there is no 'would have, should have' everything aligns just the way it has to...It's all LOVE

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Leslie Calk I donated online as soon as I heard that the One People were going to do a tour. "Fabulous!" I thought. "I definitely want to support that." So simple. I give my money that represents my value to those who are giving of themselves to create a better world. Just an exchange of energy. Lisa, Bob and Brian have received value from others because they have GIVEN value (untold hours of service). The ability to manifest abundance in your own life is at the CORE of understanding your value. It will NEVER come from something outside yourself. You have to create the space for abundance (health, wealth, loving relationships, etc) in your life by learning to love yourself and believing that you DESERVE. Not easy to do by any means. I struggled with my lack mentality for YEARS before I realized that what I was manifesting externally was a direct reflection of the lack of trust, confidence and self-worth within myself. Yes, I would like to see an end to the imbalances in this world, an end to suffering and a better world for all but I have to take responsibility for creating this in my own life before I will see it reflected in the world around me. We access our value by KNOWING that we have value. And don't forget that abundance comes in many forms. Peace...
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Diane Peterson Vieira Ah, Leslie! Thanks for expressing what I feel, too. I donate a small amout monthly to the OPAL tour. It's a symbol of where I intend to 'spend my energy'. Those of us who are in 'service to all' deserve and REQUIRE (to claim by right and authority) support from the Universe. Money is the least of it All you have to do is step into knowing this and watch for the little things that start to flow. Once you trust yourself to follow your heart/intuition/passion, everything happens to help you. Don't worry about how and why, it looks completely different for us all. We do have wings just waiting!
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This is precisely why Justin and Julian, with all of the value and contributions they've made through their incredible work, deserve to be supported in their efforts to get to Morocco. For anyone who doesn't agree, please do not send in ANYTHING, for those of you who do, I'm sure they wouldn't mind the support :) -BK

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    what ever happened to the free energy schematics that you and the rest of the ground crew talked about? just curious.



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