Monday, May 13, 2013

ALERT: All Loans Are Fraud

ALERT: All Loans Are Fraud
May 13, 2013

Thanks to Keri for the pointer. Check out her blog, "What in the world is going on?"

This article was put out by the Ubuntu liberation movement and provides further support and evidence of the fraudulent nature of all bank loans. Most who read this blog already know this. However, this list is good to share with those who may not yet be aware to the deceptive practices within the banking system. This is the kind of information "they" don't want to get out. Please spread far and wide!

This post, written by Heather back in February, provides further evidence and support to this claim. ~BK


1) All the major banks in the world are owned and controlled by the banking families.

2) They control the entire process of the creation, the printing, and supply of money around the world.

3) The three biggest names in this cartel are the Rothschilds; Rockefellers and Morgans, and they ultimately own or control all the banks in the world, together with a small number of other powerful banking families, like Carnegie, Harriman, Schiff, and Warburg. 

4) Collectively they have become known as the “banksters” by those who became aware of their devious activity.

5) All the major central banks of the world, including the Reserve Bank of South Africa, just like the Federal Reserve Bank in the USA, are privately owned corporations with complete control of the financial markets.

6) These banking families and central banks are a law unto themselves and do not have to answer to anyone. For example, section 33 of the South African Reserve Bank Act allows them to keep their actions secret. 

7) The global financial system created around the supply of money is so convoluted and complex that only a few people truly understand it. This is always used as an excuse to exclude the involvement of ordinary people.

8) The deeply complex legal system is used in the same way to manipulate and support this structure, denying the ordinary person access to lawful justice. 

9) Lawful justice cannot exist under the situation where the country is a corporation; the president appoints the judges, therefore the judges work for the corporation and have to uphold the wellbeing of the corporation – not the people. And the courts are mere enforcers of the banking policy.

10) Banks officially do not work with money. They work with Bills of Exchange, Negotiable Instruments and Promissory Notes.

11) The word ‘money’ does not even have a definition in the Bank Act of South Africa, neither is the word ‘payment’ defined.

12) All the major money of the world is ‘FIAT’ money – this basically means that it has no intrinsic value AND it is not supported by any precious metals like gold or silver, as it was a long time ago. FIAT money is created by banks, out of thin air, when you take out a “loan.” There is actually no real loan – nothing physical is exchanged – this is the equivalent of counterfeiting. South Africa’s money supply has quadrupled in the past decade, and yet this increase supply has not seen a parallel increase in gold, silver or other real commodity reserves.

13) This means that the paper/plastic money we use is completely worthless. They are just fancy pieces of paper with some fancy logos printed on them with no value at all. The ‘value’ is derived purely from the masses of people who have confidence in their currency and keep using it as a method of exchange.

14) For example, very few people know that a payment / commission / legal bribe is paid to the South African government every time a worn note or coin is returned to the SA Reserve bank. This payment is called seigniorage and allows our government to profit from the exploitation of the people by the paper/plastic money controlled by the Reserve Bank, and ultimately the Bank For International Settlements from whom our Reserve Bank receives their orders.

15) Yet it is illegal to destroy these worthless pieces of paper, and people who introduce alternative pieces of paper, or copy these pieces of paper are jailed for infringement of its copyright. 
16) The only reason our money has any value, is because we give it value – our perception of value is the only value it has. If the people lose faith in their money, the money will collapse, because nothing supports it. In fact the word ‘credit’ comes from the Latin credere which means “to believe.” Evidence of this is found almost every time a central bank governor opens their mouth. You will hear the word “confidence” uttered over and over and over again because the prime directive of a central bank governor is to maintain confidence in banking at all costs. Erosion in confidence leads to the collapse of the system. This is precisely why they placed Nelson Mandela’s face on the new South African notes – to instil and renew confidence in our money and abuse the man’s commitment to freedom.

17) Banks create money out of “THIN AIR” by simply creating debits and credit on the accounting computer system. This is called the Matching Principle and is governed by the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). A “loan” is not a loan in the ordinary sense of the word, it is an instruction that you, the customer signs, in the process creating a promissory note, which you “submit” to the bank authority, giving the bank permission to issue one of their promissory notes in return. Their promissory note (which comes in the form of a computer generated bank statement) is designed to look like a loan. So, their promise back to you (in exchange for your promise to them) is the loan you are receiving. So, in essence, you instructed the bank to make money out of thin air. Because you are none the wiser, you agree to the exploitative terms and conditions outlined in the agreement which, of course, the courts will enforce in their favour. 

18) Banks do not have money of their own to lend you as most people believe. No money existed in the system before the so called “loan” was granted to you.

19) Banks create money on the signatures of their clients and the so-called contracts and loans they make the customer sign. These contracts are sold in a process called securitisation to third parties, who in turn sell it on the global stock markets. This is a highly secretive and well guarded technique in which they profiteer and create undue enrichment. Then they bundle such loans and sell them back to the people via pensions funds and insurance policies. Are you confused yet? You should be – many lawyers and most judges do not understand this and this is why we had to study this ourselves to be able to defend ourselves in the courts against those lawyers who defend the banksters and understand it well. The people have to know.

20) By selling your signature or ‘promissory note’ or mortgage bond contract, they lose all legal rights to any property that they financed. In legal terms this is called losing ‘locus standi’.

21) When the bank securitises a loan, they get paid the full capital amount of the loan, plus interest, up front. This means that your loan has actually been pre-settled by a third party who is insured in case you default, while you have no idea that this is going on behind the scenes.

22) The banks break contract law by claiming to lend what they do not possess – money. They only create money, in most cases cyber-money, after you signed all the documents and they sold your promissory note to the third party who then on-sells it, sometimes many times, to other parties by trading it on the global stock markets. This is why securitisation is a ponzi / pyramid scheme that everyone must become aware of. It is also known as “shadow banking” which is easy to research online.

23) They do not disclose any of this to their customers, keeping us in the dark. You believed that they actually loaned real money. This is a lie. They never loaned you anything of any value and therefore there was never “equal consideration” where both you and the bank stands to lose something. This flies in the face of basic contract law, never mind common morality among people. But then banks are not people – they are legal fiction corporations. 

24) You created all the value with your own mind and it was your signature that caused the release of money from the third party buyer, which the bank received on your behalf – except they never informed you of that, did they?

25) The banks act as intermediaries, like estate agents, because they do not lend us THEIR money. Since they do not lend us anything, but only obtain it on the strength of our signatures, from a third party, any interest they charge is pure extortion and fraud. Disclosure must take place for a valid agreement to occur.

26) The money in South Africa is printed by the South African Mint – also a private company that simply profiteers on the hard work of our people. However, recently this has been outsourced to Sweden which was a disaster, causing huge embarrassment for the Reserve Bank after several billion Rands worth of notes were printed incorrectly with the wrong dimensions and had to be destroyed. 

27) The Reserve Bank, which is a private company, is in charge of printed money, which it sells or loans it to the banks at a fraction of the face value of the bank notes.

28) When the banks return the used bank notes to the Reserve Bank, they get paid almost the entire full face value of those bank notes, creating enrichment out of thin air for themselves, by creating money out of thin air from shuffling paper.

29) Banks practice what is called “Fractional Reserve Banking”. This means that they only have to retain a small percentage of any deposit and can lend out the rest many times over to the public, creating a spiral of debt on money that does not even exist.

30) For example: For every $100 you deposit, the bank lends out about $900 of imaginary fictitious money to their clients. The real fraud is that they charge compounded interest on this non-existent money. This is blatant fraud and anyone else would be jailed for a long time for doing this.

31) Interest is charged up front. Interest is considered “real money” by the bank, and so they can make more loans, out of thin air, against that interest, that did not exist in the first place.

32) As it stands today, there is not enough money in the world to pay off all the debt in the world, because of interest. This is exactly the situation the banksters wanted to create. A situation that gives them complete control over property and other assets that can be repossessed by the banks only to re-sell it to another naive person who will most likely end up in the same debt situation.

33) All this activity is continually supported by the legal system and the ignorant judges who just perpetuate the fraud in the face of clear evidence.

34) In some countries, hard working people are jailed for not being able to repay their debt. This a blatant crime against humanity for which the bankers should be jailed and the judges should be answerable to the people they serve. But then, they don’t serve the people, they serve the corporation that employs them – THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA and other corporations that masquerade as countries.

35) The printed notes we call money are really instruments of debt and should be illegal. Money as we know it today can only be issued as debt. In fact, about 40% of the debt of the USA is fictitious / counterfeit debt, owed to the Federal Reserve Bank who initially created it out of nothing and then charged interest on that debt. All the income tax collected in the US is used to pay off just the interest portion of the debt to the Federal Reserve Bank owners.

This is just a small taste of the convoluted web of deception that has been created to keep us ignorant and completely enslaved to the global control of the banksters.
There is no reason why we, the people, cannot create our own new form of money as an alternative to the banks’ tools of enslavement and use this new money as an interim tool to stabilise the economic crisis. A lawful kind of money that serves the people.


  1. We "THE ONE PEOPLE" are now 'taking over' ! ;)

  2. Great blog but I heard judges are laughing at any lawsuits involving this information. Of coure they are, they are working for the corporation. So what is the answer to fight it if you can't go through the courts.

    1. The answer is stand your ground no matter what they say. When enough of us stand our ground and know our rights, the whole system breaks down. What many do not know, is this is already happening in various parts of the country and all around the world. Thanks for following the blog my friend! :)

    2. I read about one attempted foreclosure (I think it was in Michigan) where the bank rep admitted in court that the funds "lent" were created by an entry on the books. The judge dismissed the foreclosure action, awarded the house to the "borrower" and forgave the "debt". The bank left court empty-handed, no mortgage and no house. [Sorry I don't have a citation at hand.]


    4. Sorry, I forgot to publish the name of the case

      The Credit River Money Decision

  3. Fiat $$, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.

    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like "America Deceived II".

    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.

    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.

    Impeach Obama.

    Last link of "America Deceived II" before it is completely banned:

  4. This just scratches the surface. The bank is actually acting as an intermediary with power of attorney over YOUR OWN BOND. You are lending yourself your own money. The only thing of value in this world is your labour, your bond (backed by this labour), issued by your parents at your birth and entrusted to the government, it what finances the whole thing. The government are trustees that work for you to manage your trust. If the system had not been hijacked it could actually work quite well.

  5. I think you're almost seeing the overall picture except #12, the idea that money is created out of "thin air." I believed this myself for a while, so I can understand your trip up.

    Let's say you're buying a house. Another fellow is selling his house to you. The bank basically publishes evidence of your deal, issues a few markers to the seller and then expects you to pay a large sum of money to them every month for thirty years until you meet your "obligation."

    A very great deal of your blood, sweat and tears will go into paying that note. Don't tell me that is nothing. Borrowers pay with their labor. Sellers get a few notes they might trade for other things. Banks get your free labor and any property you fail to convert.

    Money is NOT created out of thin air under normal circumstances. The people themselves create the money, Search for Mike Montagne and the People for Mathematically Perfected Economy (PfMPE.)

  6. Brian Kelly

    When are going to close your comments section like your friend and partner AK.
    Very soon you and your dark friends will be uncovered.

    1. No plan to close comments my anonymous friend. Me and my dark friends will be uncovered eh? Now, THAT is funny ;) I love you too!

  7. Brian Kelly appears very clear and open here: name, photo, contact details;

    'Anonymous' appears unclear and obscure;

    Just who is the "light" and who is the "dark" figure here ?

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  10. I have filed a complaint against my bank through the Better Business Bureau. I would like to encourage others to do the same.

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  19. This article expose some of the truth but it does not give the answer to the problem, however it helps understand why the interest rates keep on growing: The banks want to give more loans than the actual deposits stored into their banking system and this is what the article in this blog is teaching. However I do believe there is too much aggressive behaviour in the media against the economy of the USA and this is not the correct action to take also for the simple reason that USA stands for freedom and those who enslave others are usually coming out of nazi alliances. If there is someone to be blamed is the part of managers who are very materialistic about life and such people or...say bad people, are all over the world and not only in the USA. All of the banking system is to be changed. In fact banks should be forced to honour 50 % or more of interest rates of what they require for loans and such 50 % or more should be given to those who make bank deposits. Such type of change would drammatically decrease interest rates all over the world, rebalance the banking system, remove corruption and rebalance the economy at global scale. There are two types of people in this world and one is for freedom and love while the other is materialistic and nazi. If the banking system is own by those who have less love who do not take care about the lower class people living into this world than the bank itself becomes a sort of monster fighting another giant that comes up with the same problem but with a different spin, maybe it's a spin with more love fighting the monster but still we are not heading for the solution if we let the banks make the profit they want. Making excessive profits is not a christian way of living thus such leaders proposing themselves as christians are really blind christians that cannot find easy solutions. The rest is all words, words, words flying all over the mass media and filling up millions of mouths that really do not have a solution for a problem that is getting too complex to solve. Life should be simple and the perfect solutions come out only from perfect advice.

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  22. What an interesting blog! Brian writes a bunch of fiction with a heading of "Facts" and we're expected to believe it's all true?
    No-one forced anyone to take out a mortgage from a bank.Everyone is completely free to avoid the restraints of property ownersip and rent accomodation their entire lives if they choose to.
    Sadly some people who do have a house and mortgage (that they freely signed up for) read this drivel and use it as an excuse to stop paying their mortgage. The banks, and especially buliding societies and credit unions (non-profit making institutions) are forced to spend thier members money on defending these ludicrous claims in the courts. This results in the costs of lending money being increased and financial institutions being wary of lenders who present as being "alternative".
    The bottom line is, if you don't want a loan from a bank, don't get one. If you do sign for a loan, honour your commitment and pay it off. Anything else will just make it harder for the next person.


    Worker with a loan, mortgage & principles.

    PS It's also pretty amusing to see a number of people who leave comments here then provide links to mortgage brokers etc.


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