Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ascension Rising Conference Discount Rate Extended to Oct 20

Ascension Rising Conference Discount Rate Extended to Oct 20
October 16, 2013
I'm so excited for our week in Sedona! This is an OPAL Tour stop you do not want to miss! For anyone who has never been to Sedona and on the fence debating on whether or not to go, I will personally guarantee a magical and expansive experience! The energy of this place is through the roof...and when combined with all the amazing energy of the conference and what our group will be brining into town, there is a strong chance all the major power grids may go down due to energy overload!
Lisa, Bob and myself will be hosting a presentation in the main conference room and on Saturday morning Bob and I will be hosting a workshop, "Unshackling the Matrix. Dissolving the Illusion of Money & Control."
Here is a synopsis of the workshop:
Ten years ago when someone mentioned The Matrix, the majority of Americans would have assumed the reference was to the popular Hollywood film, starring Keanu Reeves.  Thanks to the popularization of the internet, more and more people are waking up to the Truth; that the very systems in place which we’re told are there to help and protect us, are in fact all carefully designed to distract, control and manipulate the masses, while the elite watch over the whole thing like puppet masters pulling the strings to rob humanity of its energy and resources. What they are now starting to understand is that the people are waking up, and they game they assumed would go on forever, is now coming to an abrupt ending. I am here to share with you my first hand knowledge of these systems, and more importantly practical steps we can all start taking today to remove the shackles and start living our lives free from all systems of control and deception and the illusion of limitation. We have always had the power within, the time to reclaim it is NOW.

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