Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Day in a World Full of Peace

A Day in a World Full of Peace by Tomas Qubeck
October 16, 2013

I received this email a few days ago and it was so beautiful I thought I'd share. Thank you Tomas :)
Hi Brian,

I wrote a post today that syncs well with your post about the patents - greed etc. vs "for the greater good". I'm sure you will enjoy it (it's not long). My wife and I will be in Tehachapi end of the month so we'll be seeing you there!


Here's the link to my blog-post and below is the text:

Before I open my eyes, I feel cozy warmth embracing me in the room. My mind is serene with no thoughts. I know I am waking into a peaceful world. I luxuriate in the feeling of that deep peace that pervades all life in this world. All forms of life are in a harmonious symbiosis with one another and sustenance is found easily by each life form naturally and effortlessly.

Upon opening my eyes I see the cheerful light of the sun’s rays coming through the clear air around our planet into my room. It is as if this light beckons me to arise and greet the sun, and so I do. Getting out of my bed I go to the slider door, open it and step out onto the wooden deck outside. The crystal clear water of the stream below reflects the deep blue of the sky and the first rays of the sun glint off the surface of the stream. I lift my arms up with my palms facing the sun and stretch up, lifting onto my toes and thank the sun for its life force that it showers me with on this clear morning. I thank the waters of the stream that flow as juices in all the trees and plants in this gentle valley. I thank the breeze that brushes ever so sweetly along my skin on this bright morning. I thank the life force itself that lets me feel so alive today.

My wonderful life’s companion, my wife, meets me as I enter the house again. We wish each other a Good Morning! and we embrace, savoring the love each of us gives out into this world and to each other. My wife is making her hot drink in the kitchen, today it is yerba mate tea. I get the bird seed and fill the feeder bowls on either side of the house – the jays and chickadees are already waiting!

My wife welcomes our cat back from her early morning rounds and gives her breakfast. I continue out behind the house to the big tree and begin my morning exercises – some qi gong, tai ji and yoga for about 15 – 20 minutes. I finish by touching the Earth and thanking my ancestors of my blood-line and also my spiritual ancestors for my life that I can live in this peaceful world. I feel how I am their continuation in this world and I renew my vow to be true to their dream of humanity living in harmony, peace and prosperity together.

Fifteen years ago the last groups on the planet with an interest in exploiting the energy of others lost their positions of influence and are now only found in the history records. This planet’s vast reserves of wealth were then opened to the benefit of all beings of this world. We are still in the process of implementing projects of great magnitude that are restoring the natural world to a state of pristine wholeness, whereas those projects aimed at alleviating material need of any kind for the human population have already been completed. Each member of the human family of every age has a basic stipend of energy-exchange-units that are more than sufficient to cover any desire for goods or services.

All institutions and agencies are now owned by the One People, which is the name chosen by the planet’s human population for themselves as those who live in unity consciousness. For a decade now all social organizations have adopted a charter of selfless service to humanity and all their projects are inspired by the visions of the One People’s grass-roots councils. These projects have virtually unlimited resources at their disposal for their realization.

After breakfast I will meet with the young people in our community who are learning to assemble the water-powered engines that are then sent to the vehicle plant to be mounted in various transportation vehicles, such as cars, buses, trucks and motorcycles. This technology was discovered some decades ago but was only able to be developed freely after the profit-oriented oil corporations were disbanded. With this technology zero-emission engines run on purified water.

Later in the day I meet with a group of elders for two hours of gentle yoga and meditation. Various healing and rejuvenation modalities have been strongly promoted in the recent years since the shift and now there are many in their eighties and nineties who enjoy such groups, where they can increase their physical flexibility and expand their consciousness.

I meet with my wife and our cat three times a day for meditation and during these sessions we connect telepathically with the ever-growing network around the planet of meditators committed to deepening unity consciousness and expanding it out to more and more of the nature realms on this world and also on other neighboring worlds. We focus on the substratum of consciousness and are in this way able to sustain a state of conscious inter-being, a term coined by the monk Thich Nhat Hanh many years ago. It connotes a state of realization of the absolute inter-connectedness of all forms that the universal energy takes in life and of one’s own identification with that totality.

This is the foundation for the great stability of peace in all personal relationships, communities, continents and between all life forms on the planet that has now become the new norm in our world.



  1. Thanks for the re-blog, Brian! Cheers! tomas ☼

  2. Beautiful dream/visualization/experience/future memory! And so shall it soon BE . . . :-)


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