Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jake Ducey -- What if You Took the Risk?

Jake Ducey -- What if You Took the Risk?October 22, 2013

Do you feel it too? That feeling that you know you must follow. But the mind says not to do it. That it’s too risky. That it’s unsafe. That it’s too crazy and different and nerve racking.

But what I believe is the most dangerous thing to do is to give up your desires, your dreams, due to the fear of the unknown. It’s all a risk; to stay where you are, or to take a leap, to be different or fit in.

Now is the time that we must step into that feeling. The one that makes no sense to your mind, the one that makes no sense to other people; only to your heart. The whisper of your soul may sound faint and irrational, but no one who settled for safe and ordinary has ever found his or her true north.

I know it’s scary to leave behind what dismisses the freedom of your soul, but just beyond your edge there is a new horizon. So much beauty, so many new colors and feelings and surprises await on the new sunrise of today's choice.

- Jake Ducey


  1. Dumbo Ending | http://youtu.be/hNLiIehpLnE

  2. Risks are generally worth the outcome and, the journey is the reward.


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