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Kiri Campbell Trial: Updates from Inside the Courtroom

(My mistake...picture above is from the 1975 Maori Land March)
Kiri Campbell Trial: Inside the Courtroom
July 29, 2013

These up to the minute updates are being shared live from inside the courtroom today. I also share a comment from a thread on FB I posted earlier, which I share here in full transparency. We will be discussing further on the radio show tonight, make sure to tune in. ~BK

Turikatuku Gumada 10.04am there is screaming
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Turikatuku Gumada 10.04am everyone is yelling, the woman are raising their voices. They are telling the judge to release her NOW NOW NOW
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Turikatuku Gumada 10.04am One of our woman are reading out our standing authority

Turikatuku Gumada 10.06am The authority of the court and judge is being challenged by our people right now
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Turikatuku Gumada 10.07am They are telling the judge that he/she is ignoring the facts
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Turikatuku Gumada 10.08am Woman telling police to back off.

Turikatuku Gumada 10.09am Our people have a right to take Kiri right now and the judge is being told right now

Turikatuku Gumada 10.10am They are being told they can't hold her. Geez if I was the judge I would let her go

Turikatuku Gumada 10.11am There is currently an uproar. A Maori woman is reading out the facts to the Judge....Kiri is non-stop reading our her standing authority and rights

Turikatuku Gumada 10.13am Currently this is being read out to the judge by one of our Elderly Woman....Is it not true by the maxims of law : Ignorance of the law is no excuse ?
Is it not true by the maxims of law : Everyone is equal under the law ?
Is it not true by the maxims of law : Truth stands sovereign in law ?
Is it not true that the Colonial Government of New Zealand has no written constitution and therefore by convention needs the consent by both parties agreement to contract ?
Is it not true that the Colonial Government of New Zealand has no Allodium title or any true Royal Estate to act as the governing body to apply The Rule of Law by The Law of The Land ?
Is it not true that the Colonial Government of New Zealand has never been given a mandate by any referendum by the people of New Zealand to be The Government of New Zealand ?
Is it not true that The 1835 Declaration Of Independence by King William IV. in trade with The Paramount Chiefs of The Northern Maori Indigenous Tribes is supreme in standing in The Dominion Of New Zealand ?
Is it not true that the 1835 Declaration Of Independence has its own flag with Royal Assent from King William IV.
Is it not true that The 1835 Declaration of Independence by Royal Assent upholds a Flag that was raised on the land and had a twenty one gun salute at Waitangi in March 1834 from Capt Lambert of the British Man of War Ship H.M.S. Alligator and witnessed by vessels from The United States Of America and The Republic Of France ?
Is it not true that The 1835 Declaration Of Independence upholds The Law Of The Land ?
Is it not true that The Treaty Of Waitangi was brought to New Zealand to bring commerce to the Dominion ?
Is it not true that The 1840 Treaty Of Waitangi was never signed by Queen Victoria therefore has no Royal Assent ?
Is it not true that The 1840 Treaty Of Waitangi never had a twenty one gun salute?
Is it not true that The Treaty Of Waitangi does not uphold The Law Of The Land by Royal Assent ?
Is it not true that The Treaty Of Waitangi was brought to this Dominion by a British Naval Officer William Hobson to bring commerce by the laws of the sea ?
Is it not true that the laws of the sea are subordinate to The Law Of Land ?
Is it not true that the laws of the sea brought about by British Admiralty and Maritime laws was used as an instrument by The Corporation called THE CITY OF LONDON known as THE CROWN to bring about commerce throughout The British Empire ?
Is it not true that The Corporation CROWN is different and separate from The Sovereign Crown of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. ?
Is it not true that THE CITY OF LONDON is a Corporation called THE CROWN ?
Is it not true that THE CROWN CORPORATION is separate from The Sovereign Crown of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. ?
Is it not true that the present Colonial Government of New Zealand is operating under Maritime / Admiralty laws ?
Is it not true that the present Colonial Government of New Zealand and its legislated laws, is operating under subordinate laws as indicated in The New Zealand 1988/89 Imperial Laws Application Act ?
Is it not true that the District and High Courts under the jurisdiction of The New Zealand Colonial Government is operating under the subordinate system of admiralty process jurisprudence and not The Law Of The Land ?
Is it not true that the lease of the land in accordance with The 1840 Treaty Of Waitangi finished in 1939 ?
Is it not true that the system of jurisprudence is subordinate to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. Royal Laws of Hierarchy up holding The Laws Of The Land ?
Is it not true that all judges in both the District and High Courts of this Dominion called New Zealand by the symbolism of their black robes are operating under burnt trampled charcoal subordinate law ?
Is it not true that the term charcoal law came from the British historic event, when the Red Robed Law Lords of H.M. The King, overruled laws bought about by new law reforms, subject to The British Industrial Revolution, which tried to supersede H.M. The Kings Laws of Hierarchy upheld by The Holy Bible, to which they in turn were burnt and trampled on the parchment the new laws were written on ?
Is it not true that the New Zealand Colonial Government is an extension of the Australian New South Wales Government and therefore not The Sovereign Government of this Dominion called New Zealand ?
Is it not true that the present New Zealand Flag with the British Union Jack in the upper left hand corner with the red inserted stars of the southern cross on the remainder of the flag, presently upheld by The New Zealand Colonial Government, was initially taken from a Wellington yacht club and has no Royal Assent ?
Is it not true that The New Zealand Colonial Government is operating under a corporation named HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND ?
Is it not true that HER MAGESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND is a corporation upholding bankruptcy, which in turn is holding the debt and liability between The New Zealand Debt Management Office and The United States Securities and Exchange Commission ?
Is it not true that HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND file number with The United States Securities and Exchange Commission is 0000216105 ?
Is it not true that HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND and The Living Sovereign Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. are not the same ?
Is it not true that HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND is not sovereign ?
Is it not true that The New Zealand Colonial Government and its justice system is bankrupt ?
Is it not true that The United States Securities and Exchange Commission is connected to The United States Federal Reserve Bank ?
Is not true that The United States Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned ?
Is it not true that all bank notes, credit cards, cheques issued and authorized by The New Zealand Reserve Bank, no longer have any true intrinsic value based on gold or silver bullion, but are introduced as a debt and liability to the people of New Zealand ?
Is it not true that all judges in the District and High Courts take an oath to The Living Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II. and Her Majesties Heirs and Successors on the Holy Bible ?
Is it not true that The Living Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II. took an oath on The Stone Of Destiny or otherwise known as Jacobs Pillar, which is inserted in the wooden coronation chair of King Edward I. , to uphold The Laws of Almighty God and to Her Subjects by these laws as Defender Of The Faith ?
Is it not true that The Present living Monarch H.M. Queen Elizabeth II is of The Royal Blood Line of Zarah to the line of Pharaz to King David Of Israel to The Savior Jesus The Christ or as in the Hebrew language known and named as "Yeshua" ?
Is it not true that the Common Law Of England prevails in the laws of this Dominion called New Zealand, as indicated in section five (5) of the 1988/89 Imperial Laws Application Act ?
Is it not true that The Holy Bible is the highest statute in all New Zealand Courts of Law ?
Is it not true that to uphold a fraud is a criminal offence ?
Is it not true that for all public servants making and upholding a sworn oath to the living Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II, to usurp their authority above their sworn oath to the living Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II is an act of High Treason ?
Is it not true that The 1571 Treasons Act upholds the death penalty ?
Is it not true that no one is above the Law Of The Land but Almighty God ?

Turikatuku Gumada 10.20am Affected parties wishing to respond appropriately must do so within SEVEN (7) DAYS of service of this notice. Responses must be made under Oath or attestation, upon full commercial liability and penalty of perjury no later than SEVEN (7) DAYS from the date of original service.

Failure to respond appropriately will result in an automatic default judgment securing forevermore all rights and establishing permanent and irrevocable estoppel by acquiescence forevermore barring the bringing of charges under any statute or Act against myself a Sovereign-on-the-Land known as Kiri of the Campbell family.

Turikatuku Gumada 10.20am Hand clapping. Innocent until proven guilty just yelled out
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Turikatuku Gumada 10.21am Our Kaumatua [Male Elder] is now talking...again asserting our authority on the land

Turikatuku Gumada 10.24am Kiri is asking for her personal property to be returned

Turikatuku Gumada 10.25am they are not responding to questions requesting their identification, standing, authority, identification of law, accommodation agreement. I cannot see or hear the judge.
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Turikatuku Gumada 10.27am I am on a laptop screen hiding behind someone. I am listening the courtroom

Turikatuku Gumada 10.33am lost contact.

Turikatuku Gumada 10.40am our people took the court. judge left. we closed the court. but they have kidnapped kiri. trying to find phone number for governor general in nz. can someone Google it for me and post here. urgent

Turikatuku Gumada govenor can help us get kiri released

Turikatuku Gumada 11.28am Meeting is being organised at the house with representatives, Elders, Chief Native Assessor and Marshall. They closed the court. The court won't disclose kiris location. She will be heard by a judge elsewhere and no one can be present. No information is being released. No one can be present in the unknown courthouse location.

Turikatuku Gumada The Govenor General sent a notice to the NZ Hawera Police to release Kiri, but it was ignored

My comment shared on FB:

Brian Kelly Great discussion here friends. Let me start out by saying I understand, appreciate and respect all of the thoughts and concerns mentioned on this thread. I always find it interesting how speculation and assumption can spin an unfolding story into an academy award winning caliber melodrama. There's a lot of hype wrapped around this and for very good reason...I get it.

Let me start off by saying, Bec was fairly accurate above when she made this comment "she was using other 'freeman' docs and techniques already when she stumbled across OPPT, and then she incorporated the UCC filings into her actions in progress." Kiri mentioned this in our interview we published. She was very far along with her own process, having done a considerable amount of her own study with Mary Croft's work, and uncovering for herself the reality of "the people" being the true creditors, not the banks. So, when she stumbled upon OPPT, the UCC filings gave her the last piece of the puzzle she needed....$5 Billion secured for every inbodyment on the planet, to underwrite her personal value within.

So, when XXXX and many others ask the (very logical) question, why did she not just wait for the DOV documents and do this process with a much stronger foot hold to support her efforts? The honest answer is, I don't think she even knew about the documents being created at that point. She was already off to the races. As far as she was concerned, she had everything she needed once she read the UCC filings. Lisa, Heather, Bob, myself and the rest of the crew didn't find out about what she had done until 48 hours after she was left the bank and had been arrested for the first time. (Turns out she may have known about the documents but she wanted to use her own process)

We stood behind her because we knew she was a warrior, with a good heart, a beautiful family who love and adore her, and she deserved to have our support. Here is where the message has become a bit distorted. We never viewed this as an OPPT victory. It is now and has always been a piece of the puzzle. Data to assist in developing the bigger picture at hand. This whole process with the DOV and what Heather is doing in Morocco is a global jigsaw puzzle with more working pieces than I think anyone could ever possibly comprehend. It's like a complex five course meal with one of the most important variables being the timing of the dishes. One wrong move and the desert comes out before the main course and the whole meal is ruined.

From what I know and have heard in bits and pieces from Heather, Kiri's case has provided much needed data for what she is working on with the DOV. What exactly that data is, I'm not exactly sure and she can't talk about it over the phone. I know Heather personally and I trust her and her processes 100%. If she says Kiri's case is important to her work and it's given her the last bit of info that she needs to make this happen, I trust she knows exactly what she's doing....which includes the timing of the release. (When I spoke to D today, she described it as more of an 'order of operations' situation with certain things needing to happen first in order for everything to go as planned)

Where this whole story became a bit messy is when XXXX started to muddy the story with her accusations of Kiri having an agenda to claim sovereignty for the Maori people of NZ. She very well may be, but from my vantage point it's focusing on all the wrong details. Kiri is standing up against the court system and defending her rights against those in power trying to strip them away. SHE DOES NOT CONSENT to abuse and oppression. Her victory in court should be the focus here, not who wrote the announcement for the march through Wellington or what she hopes to gain by way of Freedom for her people.

I hope with all my heart Kiri walks out of the court room tomorrow victorious. I believe that she will. No matter what the outcome, Kiri will always be a hero in my book for standing up for what she believes in. For defending her rights against her oppressors. This is how true change is born. When enough people stand up for what they KNOW is right, the people claim their power back. "People should not fear their governments, governments should fear their people." As long as we are in fear we will always be ruled by the unjust. Kiri did what she did by her own Free Will. Had she contacted any of us ahead of time we surely would have informed her of what Heather is doing with the DOV documents and likely would have suggested she wait. But hindsight being 20/20 that's not what happened b/c THAT'S NOT WHAT WAS MEANT TO HAPPEN. We all know that everything happens for a reasons. What's done is done. We can sit here and collectively wish it didn't go down that way until we're all blue in the face and it won't rewind Kiri's actions. What we all need to do now is support her.

We also need to stop talking about OPPT as a movement that can be compromised by an individual or a group. When you give it the label of a "movement" then you give people power to compromise the integrity of the movement, or be operating within or outside of the "movement". What is happening on the planet right now is bigger than any one person or group. It's bigger than UCC filings or DOV documents. It's about winning back our True Freedom and we have more momentum now than ever before. We are ALL pushing toward the same end goal, when issues arise we don't see eye to eye on, let us not forget that. I hope that helps to clear things up

Here are the NZ media contacts for anyone interested in helping to support getting this story more press:

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  1. Nicely put Brian. I am sending loving thoughts and energy and light to Kiri and all those concerned in her arrest. This is not about "fighting" the system, but instead waking people up to who they really are. Looking forward to tonights call. Sandy

  2. Very nicely and intelligently written Brian.


  3. Love to One and All. We are One People, One Tribe.

  4. You are right in the OPPT not being a movement. It is a fact of our new is done!

  5. Outstanding Brian! BRAVO Kiri for following the promptings of your highest self, regardless of the outcome. Sending PURE CONCENTRATED LOVE, to the eternal essence holding the position of contrast in this situation. Intending a change of perspective for the global family of man, they shall see through my eyes and awaken to the universal truth that WE ARE THE VALUE and THE POWER......and so it is.

  6. It seems the mainstream media in NZ has informed us of the people stopping procedings for a time, but not even one scrap of info extra. Now if she had been acccused of locking her kids in the cupboard, then the mainstream media would have been giving us a background history all the back to her childhood with interviews of the neighbours and her teachers from school, along with so called "experts" with added comments on how she was able to do such a thing. Should they be reminded in a courtious manner, Me thinkith yes!

  7. No. None of it's True. All Treaties and Contracts were foreclosed on and no longer exist under the OPPT UCC filings 2011-2013.

    1. Bronny, I noticed your statements on your site about this post. All I can say is that you seem to have taken the live updates that SOMEONE ELSE wrote and Brian relayed here as being Brian's words stating that all of this is true. I don't see him say that anywhere. Those who were in the courtroom are the ones asking those questions, and as far as that goes, if the officers of that court feel that their statutes still have enough legitimacy to charge her, then the treaties that the Maori have with the "government" should be being recognized by the court as well.

      The reaction I sense from you feels very separationist to me. I do not know the history of the Maori treaties, and I agree that they are now history, along with every other piece of the corporate system. What I get from you on this issue, though, is that because she has been following her own path (particularly regarding the Maori treaties), she is somehow not part of the One People from this planet. I suspect that that is not what you are intending, but that is the way that you are coming across to me, anyhow.

      Regardless, thank you for bringing more data about the whole situation to the table.

      Peace, Love, and Light,
      Eternal Essence In Body as Reuben Bailey

  8. Alleged fraudster remanded
    Last updated 05:00 31/07/2013

    A Hawera woman at the centre of an online debate over allegedly banking a fraudulent $15 million cheque has been remanded without plea.

    Kiri Campbell, 32, is charged with five counts of using a document to gain a pecuniary advantage.

    She appeared before Judge Allan Roberts at the Hawera police station yesterday after a group of supporters temporarily shut down the court house.

    Campbell's plight has gained traction over the past few days on social media and has been associated with the Maori sovereignty movement.

    According to websites supporting her, Campbell deposited $15m "of her own value" into a TSB Bank account as a way of "revealing the fraud of the current banking and monetary system".

    Hawera police prosecutor Steve Hickey told the Taranaki Daily News that Campbell was remanded in custody by consent until she could get legal advice before her bail hearing.

    Mr Hickey said she would appear in the New Plymouth District Court at another date, but would not elaborate further.

    Earlier in the day, about 40 people packed the public gallery, shutting down proceedings.

    A man waving the Maori flag of the United Tribes would not stop when asked, saying: "I do not consent to what you say, sir," whenever he was approached by a court officer. Judge Roberts refused to begin until the flag was removed.

    Campbell was subsequently whisked away by police and could be heard screaming as she was bundled into a police car.

    Media were also asked to leave the area for their "own safety" shortly after 10am when police began to move the group on.

    Outside the court, Campbell's representative, Larni Healey, said they do not recognise the authority of the court.

    Campbell was also an administrator of The One People Aotearoa-New Zealand Facebook page, which is linked to a "sister site" called Mortgage Terminators.

  9. Well.. this is getting interesting! I'm not sure who is muddying the waters, however I do know that the enemy loves a fight. The aggression of the people who are following Kiri deminishes our energy. This is what war was created

    I read a little of mary crofts blog last night. She states a positive plus a negative creates a negative. So if people start following Kiri and not heather...then all we get is a negative.

    My first thought of Kiri when I heard her story was 3letter agency. She knew the law well. Spoke the legal language and popped up from no where.

    I read first because audio a destort my perception...

    I then listened to her interviews and I liked her " A lot" who wouldn't? Right? Not sure to make of the whole situation. However she is not a person I would see as paving the way.. I don't follow loose cannons :)

  10. OPPT is not a movement - the One People is all of humanity. Whether we have any idea of what is happening here/now, it involves every single one of us. This includes the judges and police and politicians and bankers. So we are all on the same "side", although I understand it might appear that there is an "us" versus "them". "They" are our brothers and sisters. We are all one and it is time for us all to recognize this important fact. You might think of this like a big machine... and we all play a different part within that machine. I encourage you to learn as much as you can about this process... read what you can to empower yourself... and follow your heart. We are all leaders. Thank you. :-)


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