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Kiri's Deposit 15,000,000 of Value - Process Summary

Stillness In the Storm: Kiri's Deposit 15,000,000 of Value - Process Summary
July 19, 2013

Much gratitude to Justin Deschamps and his new awesome blog, Stillness in the Storm, for putting out this great summary of Kiri's trip down to TSB Bank to deposit her value. If you have not listened to this incredible interview, the link can be found here. Justin does a great job at laying down the main points to be considered, and highlighting why this development will be a HUGE success, whether or not they take the hold off the $15M deposit. This, ladies and gentlemen, will be looked back on as a very necessary and crucial step in paving the way to where this all is headed. Buckle up TSB because the skies are likely to BE a bit turbulent ahead! :)

Justin also published another great article, The race to Underwrite DOV's (Declarations of Value) - Why Limitations of Value are Important, which I highly recommend taking a look at. 

UPDATE: If you want to let TSB Bank know you feel about this story make sure to let them know on Facebook!

Kiri from, New Zealand, has done what many who have been following the former OPPT for the past few months have been dreaming about:

She deposited 15,000,000 Units of her value into TSB Bank.

There is a lot to this story and before we hash out the details lets get a major update out of the way.

Kiri was arrested on July 18th 2013 for Fraud and Attempting to Obtain Pecuniary Advantage. She was released that day and has scheduled a Hearing on Tuesday July 23rd of next week. The term Pecuniary Advantage means:

financial advantage that is dishonestly obtained by deception and that constitutes a criminal offense

Obviously depositing ones value cannot in reality be a crime, and this is a huge mistake for the Powers that Were. They are revealing to the world there system is a fraud; specifically checks in this case. I can tell you I have personally researched our Justice system, the Court Process, how commerce functions from top down and its all deceptive on the side of the consumer; for more information this read Judge Dale's eBook The Great American Adventure. To think they can charge Kiri with dishonestly obtaining value is totally with out logical or rational basis, as we will soon discover in the weeks ahead.

Kiri's Process

Again, what I am about to outline was taken from the interview between Brian Kelly, Lisa Harrison, Bob Wright and Kiri. The following is meant to briefly detail the process for comprehension not to be used as a method of depositing one's value.

(It is not clear as of yet what exact Documents Kiri used. We do have some of the Documents she used which can be found here)

• Step 1 - Kiri located an old check book from a closed bank account in her name.

• Step 2 - Kiri recorded these checks, which are negotiable instruments, as a security in the local UCC System using a Financing Statement and listing the checks as the negotiable instruments.

• Step 3 - Kiri sent letters, which were essentially, foreclosure flyers with a notice of intent to deposit value and a series of terms and conditions on how that deposit would work: 10% discount fee for the bank (this is a very good letter I encourage everyone to read it here). She also sent this information to the CEO's and Ministers of the Governments in question with specific instructions it not be addressed by lower level employees. This is her PUBLIC NOTICE of INTENT. Kiri is acting under the new lawful landscape with full transparency and liability. At every stage she has made public her intent and actions.

• Step 4 - Kiri walked into her bank and asked the tellers for the email address and correspondence information of the CEO stating she had a deposit of high level importance that could not be handled by lower level employee's. They informed Kiri that was not possible, but they would be able to deliver it for her if Kiri brought everything in.

• Step 5 - Kiri put together the documents, the negotiable instrument she filed on the UCC and handed it to the bank teller with a standard deposit slip made out with a cash value of $15,000,000.*

• Step 6 - The teller received her deposit and enters the value into her account and provides a deposit receipt. Kiri walks out of the bank and verifies the account balance at an ATM; everything checks out.

At this stage Kiri knows some reaction will occur, and it does.

A day after she makes the initial deposit her debit cards for the account get frozen. Kiri sends a notice to the Government about the deposit so they are made aware, and it just so happens at that very same time, her internet banking goes down. At this point Kiri is totally locked out of her Account. The value may be there still, updates pending in the weeks to come.

Kiri goes about her life and is pulled over by a police officer during her daily travels; they were probably sent to look for her. Kiri is charged with Fraud and Attempting to Obtain Pecuniary Advantage. During her incarceration she was coerced into signing release forms of some type which she did under duress and stated as much on the form itself. Kiri was also telling the public servants she encountered that her consent was NOT given for the proceedings at every stage of her interaction.

In a discussion on the night of July 18th 2013, related to Kiri's arrest, Lisa Harrison reported that Heather Ann Tucci Jarraff stated something to the effect (paraphrasing) "to claim the use of her check was revealing is Fraud is to reveal the fraud of the system itself."

*Dollar sign is purely representative of cash not actual FRN's.

The Mistake

1. The PTW are claiming fraud and dishonestly, yet Kiri made Notice of her intent at every stage. The courts will, during discovery, be forced to pull all of that public evidence into the hearing which is going to detail all of the foreclosure flyer information and more importantly their violation of the 3 day right to rescind on contracts; provided under Contract Law and the UCC. The bank violated this right when they froze her accounts less then 24 hours.

2. According to a comment made by Bob Wright, the basis for charging Kiri with fraud is because she was using an instrument of fraud: a check from a closed bank account. Yet our signatures on Negotiable Instruments are "monetized" all the time; The Deceptive Acts and Practices of the System are revealed by these actions.

To deny this DOV by Kiri is to deny every loan made for the past 50 years and more. This is a very big mistake, and as always the universe provides players to play their part. In this case the former TSB Bank had offered their hand.

Heather is putting together documents to assist Kiri and this will be a "Correction for that mistake." Heather is providing a:

Notice of Mistake
Declaration of Being
Declaration of Damage
Declaration of Value

I assume these documents will assist with Kiri, but also will help support future deposits of value or DOV's.


  1. Marvelous Momentum! Thank you Kiri.. and TOP~

  2. Thanks for this Brian!
    Will be following carefully :)))

  3. How do you deposit money in a Closed account - and if it was Closed, why is there a balance of $219.00 available.

    not so transparent

    1. If you were to read it right, she used a check from a closed account to deposit into an open one...

    2. I think you are confused.


  5. It is so great that Heather and the Collective Imagination team are pulling together and giving Kiri great support. Thanks for that, all of you!

  6. Now you're talking. Glad to see some action. Let's put all this paperwork to good use. The worst that could happen is the Banks admitting they've always committed fraud. Which won't be a bad thing :)

  7. Absolutely loving your work, just wish to add, here is the likely relevant NZ statute:

    Crimes Act 1961 - s228 Dishonestly taking or using document
    Every one is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years who, with intent to obtain any property, service, pecuniary advantage, or valuable consideration,—
    (a)dishonestly and without claim of right, takes or obtains any document; or
    (b)dishonestly and without claim of right, uses or attempts to use any document.
    Compare: 1961 No 43 s 229A
    Section 228: substituted, on 1 October 2003, by section 15 of the Crimes Amendment Act 2003 (2003 No 39).

    First thoughts are that perhaps more attention to 'dishonestly, and without claim of right', absolutely refutable on the current facts are more relevant than the current focus on 'pecuniary advantage'? Either way offering my absolute support and gratitude and eagerly awaiting next updates etc.


  8. Would it not be to Kiri's benefit, strengthen her position, if many, many people were to follow her lead and do this same deposit transaction as she did? I wonder why, when everyone is cheering Kiri & saying "job well done", everyone continues to just sit back waiting to see what happens to her? It begs the question if her actions are so RIGHT, the banks so fraudulent, why aren't more people following suit?

  9. Greetings Brian!
    Believe me, I am totally, 100% all for moving into a banking structure that recognizes each one of us as having a value of 5 or 10 billion USD at our disposal, BUT, let's look at this scenario from a slightly different perspective.
    After listening to the radio show, reading and rereading the related documents, this really all boils down to a person with $219.96 in their account making out a slip that states a $15 million deposit was made -- which is, of course, meaningless in terms of adding any monetary value to her banking account. I don't see why this would merit being presented as a significant event.
    Thanks for keeping this a comments open forum, unlike some other blogs on this general topic! -- David

    1. It is a perception to which banks currently adhere to that illegal, fraudulent and criminal actions by our banks is the normal way to do business. When they don't disclose what they are doing with every loan, mortgage or credit card they issue to us; there're committing fraud. Kiri did none of that and went out of her way to notify all parties involved who may want to know what is transpiring. All a bank needs to do is what they have been doing but with a twist. To simply recognize our "natural born inherent value" and to monetize it properly with transparency and honor. They did not do this and have in fact not honored their agreement per the documents they were given so now they are in breech of the contract they accepted from Kiri.

  10. The link to "The race to write DOV's" is page not found. It would help if we could gain access to that page.

  11. Can someone please explain a couple of things to me?
    1) Where does the $15M figure come from and how is it justified?
    2) Shouldn't the value you expect to be compensated for be accepted by both parties to the transaction, if not also verified by a third, independent party?
    3) I interpret her letter to the bank as stating that she is depositing her own value into the bank, and expects to be given money in return. I personally find this absurd, but if I accept that this constitutes a contract, then that would further suggest that this is a loan securitised by her person. Wouldn't that in turn give the bank complete authority over her? It looks like she has written a contract which gives all rights to her and none to the bank, and then somehow it has taken effect without the consent of the bank.

    1. 1. It came out of thin air.
      2. No need.
      3. What she is doing is showing how banks create money out of thin air when they loan money to customers. Her reasoning comes from the established Open Peoples Public Trust foreclosure on all institutions. Google it.

      15 million seems outrageous until you look at the amount of wealth concentrated in the top 1% of the worlds population, and how much that would be if that was spread among the 7 billions of the rest of us. If you want to look at the current wealth distribution of the world, this is illuminating.

  12. What does it mean, to register the checks / or whatever in the lokal UCC (see in step 3 and 5)? How do I get there and what have to be filed there? Does anybody knows more about???

    Thanks for comments - Harald (Germany)

  13. What is a local UCC system? Is this based in NZ or USA?

  14. Google it, it's all on the internet. Here is the source (which I found by googling "OPPT UCC":

  15. You're the man Brian! Have only just found your blog but will continue to come back for updates - cheers Bro - GO KIRI!

  16. If as most of us are / have been habitualized from Kindergarten to university graduate into using one or other of the many different various format, styles of what are in fact and substance :" Defective, Short Form,Illegible , marks, glyphs, heiroglyphs, rubber stamp, electronic, fascimile, copied all purporting to be our right & propewr signature then we cannot complain when TPTB continue to abuse us by their process and procedure.
    Go swiftly to your bank and upgrade your signature to a proper handwritten all full name(s) according to yiouir own passport - birth data in a clear and proper English -Roman alphabet letters signaturew as once was customary about two hundred years ago.
    If we persist in using the various "Short Form signatures" we become serfs, chattles, goyim , wards of the state who all need to be properly looked after by the State.
    If we use the full all names format the "public servants" become our servants all and cannot "Lord it over us".
    hope this helps some one Arthur Israel Tino Pai _ >


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