Monday, July 22, 2013

Vincent Comments on Kiri

By Brian Kelly

After re-reading this message from Victor, I realize it deserves it's own post. Well said Victor :) ~BK

Received this email for Kiri. Awesome!:

I posted a comment on your blog re the Kiri event, and I suppose I opted out when it came to verifying my google credentials. I won't go there beyond saying we all have to divest ourselves of anything google or microsoft or whatever (I will be giving up my google mail account shortly).

I absolutely love what Kiri did, and the comment I was attempting to make was in response to what Nate said, which I immediately recognized as insightful.

TPTB will have to prove intent, and since she did her homework and provided all of the notice anyone could have expected, proving that she had criminal intent will be difficult. Why she decided to use checks from a closed account I can't imagine, but that's water over the damned dam. LOL

On the other hand, if their judicial system is only half as corrupt as the United States, they'll just ignore the law and try to force her to plea bargain. I went through that in 1994 when I had them with their pants down, and now the One People's movement is taking up where I left off. The difference is the support system. I had very little back then, but it didn't stop me from going full tilt. That's why I can so relate to Kiri and what she did. For me it was all about mot leaving my children the same corrupt system I was given.

I would love to see bar attorneys with the balls to come forward take up her case and let people see the judges threatening them with disbarment if they continue to push valid legal arguments that have every basis in law  and fact, but would expose the system for what it is.

I wish her all the best, and I truly hope that the entire One People's movement rallies behind her to move this into a place TPTB never dreamed could come about.

And 1/2 an hour into the interview with Kiri (you, Bob and Lisa), no way in hell they'll ever prove intent, and I beg you to pass that on to her.

You don't need to reply to this. Kiri is definitely guided, and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that she was in the company of very powerful spiritual forces when she was arrested. It was no mere coincidence that her aunt (or whoever that was) came along to take her children at the point where she was being arrested. That was an affirmation from the world at large (ala Castaneda's don Juan, if you will).

I can so relate to the fact that they tried to coerce her into responding with hostility, and she just remained in her space, meditating in her cell. I did all of that, and they couldn't coerce me into putting my smile away, because I didn't hold them responsible for what their programs dictated. I was stripped and searched and all of those things, and I never wavered from being who I am. This woman is a gift to the higher frequencies we are all intended to be invoking.

I have often said that I was among those who came as the first wave, and I am totally gobsmacked to realize that Kiri is among those for whom we were preparing the way, and there are yet more to come after us. This is a movement that cannot be stopped. I am totally impressed by Kiri, because I see myself back then in 1994, with three children, knowing I was going to be sentenced and wouldn't see  my children again in freedom for 28 months. I love her, and I love all of you, which I've said many times to D in the correspondence I've had with her.

We are One, and there is only The One. Kiri has to know what she represents, and that is the movement into our future, in the eternal Now Moment. She need have no fear. And I love her New Zealand accent and pronunciation. If you had any idea what I put TPTB through when I had practically no support (but what I had was awesome), you would understand how much I appreciate what Kiri had the energetic presence to do. If I can offer anything in support, please tell me.

And I truly am sorry to have been so moved by this event that I've taken so much of your email time. LOL

Much Love and Light,

Vincent (Luciano da Uno, we are all Light of The One)

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  1. Well said Vincent.

    As a web-developer I use Google's so-called free services quite lot. (They are not free, of course, and we are never informed how much revenue is generated from our ignorance, but that's a different issue!) So I am fully aware of the complete lack of transparency and accountability that companies such as Google and Microsoft evidence.

    For myself I say: let them know who I am, I stand in honour and in truth, open and visible, and that is my personal choice; others must follow the dictates of their inner-self, as is their right.

    Vincent has shown here that even a few carefully chosen words of support have the capacity to enrich and strengthen our reslove (that's "resolve" to anyone without a heart - not too many reading this I am sure, but a few shills probably do read your wonderful blog Brian, it would be sad if they failed to do so).

    To those pretending to be the government of NZ:

    Is it "one law for the rich, another for the poor", or perhaps more accurately - "one law for the good little slaves, and another for the masses"? Or do you have the will, and the honour, to say "there is simply one law, and it shall apply to all"

    If so, then I expect our sweet Kiri will be free, and have her value returned.

    To everyone else:

    Keep sending your "good vibrations" to Kiri, and to all those brave souls who are trying to make the world a saner and more just place.

    It is time (to paraphrase "Idiocracy") to "Step forward, step back, or get out of the way!"


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