Friday, August 23, 2013

CONFIRMED: US Military Alliance Defeating Federal Reserve -- David Wilcock

CONFIRMED: US Military Alliance Defeating Federal Reserve -- David Wilcock
August 23, 2013

Dramatic new evidence reveals that a secret alliance of US military personnel are working to expose and defeat the Federal Reserve -- and the occult cabal of bankers and industrialists who run it.

The hacker group Anonymous has now gone public with its connection to the US military.

Vital new historical insights into this alliance are also presented here -- for the first time in well over a decade.

More surprises are very likely to be in store. These new developments were predicted in David's new book, now available for you to read!

[UPDATE FRIDAY 8/23: A major insider site we linked to was immediately destroyed by hacking after we published this article. See headline in red.]


Is there any hope for humanity? Or are we doomed -- heading into a bottomless pit from which there is no escape?

A wealth of solid, provable evidence reveals that we are indeed on the brink of spectacular changes -- for the positive.

Comprehensive new evidence has exposed a natural cycle that affects human behavior -- on an individual and collective level.

This cycle is older than the Earth itself -- and is written into the basic laws of space, time, matter and energy.

The positive outcome of the events we are now seeing will be generated by laws as consistent and absolute as gravity itself.

The idea of cyclical time is nothing new -- but the science to prove that it is real, and how much it affects us, certainly is.

Synchronicity is not only happening in our own lives, such as through the Law of Karma. It is affecting us on a global level as well.


Karma is about to strike the planetary elite -- big time. The signs of what is about to happen are becoming increasingly clear -- and it will be very significant.

The full scientific case of why this will occur -- and how -- is laid out in The Synchronicity Key, which just debuted Tuesday, August 20th.

As it turns out, the most significant events on earth are not random. They are precisely following a script -- written by a cosmic intelligence.

Life on earth is ultimately being guided by this hidden intelligence -- to lead us through an individual and collective planetary awakening.

Your initial feedback has been extremely positive! After the debut, we peaked at #45 of all books on Barnes and Noble, and #60 on Amazon.

If you have already ordered copies of this book, I thank you for stepping up to help us win this war -- as peacefully as possible -- and move into a Golden Age.

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I sincerely thank you for hanging in there with us -- and either way, you can greatly contribute to our fight for freedom by linking your friends back to this article.

Strongly interconnected evidence, from several different sources, suggests we are seeing an extremely significantgeo-political shift for the positive.


On February 28th, we released insider testimony that "Anonymous" was working with the US military and an international alliance -- to defeat financial tyranny.

There is overwhelming evidence that the Federal Reserve banking cartel is responsible for the majority of all the problems in the world at this time.

The Federal Reserve financed both sides of World Wars I and II, and used them to plunder most of the world's gold supply -- in exchange for worthless bonds.

This is all discussed -- along with its profound spiritual implications for humanity's collective awakening -- in The Synchronicity Key.

In this article, we will present groundbreaking new insider testimony about the history of the alliance that has formed against the Fed -- on the US military side.

We will also honor some of the heroes who paid the ultimate price for our freedom in this war -- and name their names whenever possible.

To read the rest of this story visit David's website, Divine Cosmos:


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