Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Secret Covenant -- Elite Network

Secret Covenant -- Elite Network 
August 28, 2013

Only five words are necessary to share here, The Truth Will Set Us Free.....instead of allowing this info to make me feel angry or upset, I choose to respond with a sense of personal empowerment and freedom. Awareness is one of many keys to liberation. We must also remember the energy that supported these global elitist networks no longer exists and the days of blind perpetuation are behind us. I choose to respond with Love and compassion, because at one level or another those responsible for what has been created have also been victims to some sort of mind control themselves. When we collectively respond with love not hate, acceptance not anger, we send a very loud and clear message to the cosmos, one that screams, "we have learned the lessons necessary to transcend this phase of existence!"~BK


  1. Hey Brian- btw the essence of that saying re The Truth, is eternally true-
    if you check the actual quote, it says The Truth shall MAKE you free.

    The difference being if one is simply 'Set' free from a trap without ever realizing how they got trapped in the first place, they can be trapped again.

    But one who has been 'Made' free has been made aware of the trap's existence, recognizes it when it appears and can Never be trapped by it again!

    ur an awesome worker BK!


  2. at&t your accounts are past due. Please pay all that is owed to your customers and employees that you have lied to, stolen from and bullied all these years. If you do not put your house in order; it will be done for you.


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