Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Journey to Morocco -- by Blue Star Deerwomon -- Resonant Messenger

The Journey to Morocco -- by Blue Star Deerwomon -- Resonant Messenger
June 24, 2014

I know I've been gone for a while, but Trust me I haven't "gone" anywhere :) If anything, I AM more "here" now than ever before. Wow, what a journey the last six months have been. The following article by my dear friend "Blue Star Deerwomon" (a frequent caller/supporter ofhe 5D Media shows) now turned Moroccan roommate, helps to illustrate the awesomeness and intensity of the ever-unfolding journey here in Morocco.

As you read through her personal account and journey to this perceived "far-away" land, it won't take more than a few paragraphs to understand that the growing collective of Souls here in Morocco are far from immune to the everyday challenges and struggles presented in everyday life as we power through the last gasps and clutching grips of the old paradigm. In fact, in many ways, the situations and circumstances unfolding here, can be perceived as an even greater challenge, without the crutch of support provided by old systems to guide the ebb and flow of our daily existence.

Living in this environment, creating as we go, it's to be expected that we get a little bumped and bruised along the way. With this realization, the offer is always the clarity and insight needed to take the next steps forward with a newfound faith and resilience that we carry within the us the strength and ability to overcome any and all adversity.

This isn't supposed to be easy folks. The greatest challenge, in situations like these seems to always be the complexity and perceived chaos of all the interpersonal relationships. Throw a bunch of strong, passionate, and ambitious souls together in a third world country and it doesn't matter how awake, aware or conscious they are, there's bound to be some struggle.

Just today, I was reflecting on the concept of perception, only to synchronistically stumble upon the following and quite timely quote, "a man sees in the world, what he carries in his heart." How very true that statement is. Ask all the 30 or so people here in Aouchtam to give you a take on what has unfolded here and I assure there will be 30 different colorful and animated responses. For me personally, this move truly does represent the adventure of a lifetime. Has it gone exactly as I thought it would? Absolutely not. EVERYTHING happens for a reason. What a gift the entire experience has been thus far...and the best part?...it's just getting started!

I know we've been a bit out of touch for the last month or so. When we re-launch the radio show (The One Network) we'll explain why that had to be and give a much more in depth account of all the amazing experiences and more importantly the impact and effect they have had on us individually and collectively. The New Paradigm is here NOW...the tricky part is the memo is just a bit slow in getting out to all 7.4 billion of us :) The question Is and will always be how ready we are to start Living it...with every thought, deed and action, committed to our own personal self-development Being and breathing in the new energies. I'm ready! Are You?

Nugget of OPC

I was prompted to come to Morocco and join with the One People's
"Community" , a word that is under continual reassessment and
definition, because of a consciousness shared via the many online
radio shows. As I entered this world of hope, dreams and imaginings a
pandora's box awaited each and every individual. How one related to
this box was the variety of perspectives to be revealed.

Upon arrival in Aouchtam, Morocco, it was only 1 week before the QEG
Project was to be launched. As a result 60-70 people were due to
arrive. Very shortly before this event Wayne, Lisa and Whitney had
boldly signed their names to a 1 year lease of what is presently
referred to as The Sanctuary, Consciousness Clubhouse and The
Compound. Alongside this bold action Brian and Jorge had signed a 1
year lease to what is commonly referred to as the Front or Seaside
Apartments. There was preparation for the many that would need
housing, cooking ware, blankets, towels, etc.

As a result of the QEG on the heels of The Sanctuary bee-ing embraced
the core group, Lisa, Brian, Bob and Whitney, directed their attention
to the needs of the upcoming event and the original vision of The
Sanctuary was put on a back burner. Although this event was indeed
part of the vision it was a bit sooner than the core had time to
really cement their vision and plan of unfoldment.

The QEG Event started with a "pow", exhilarating, hopeful and all the
good things and magic of a group converging with a shared celebratory
focus. We created a festival of sorts and organized our needs as they
occurred with the core group truly holding the brunt of things falling
through the cracks or last minute calls for toilet paper and

If you stepped back for a moment the core was weaving the threads
24/7 propelled by the excitement and love of everyone. Inevitably all
could not be surveyed or addressed in regard to the use of The
Sanctuary as the focus was clearly hosting the people and the QEG
event…understandably so.

Well, as all festivals go an end was in site and clean-up was evident
and core was tired but the demands continued.

It appeared as if The Sanctuary had gone the direction of anarchy, in
a good way, but what about the old paradigm or the transitioning
bridge of answering to who and how do we pay the rent come the first
of the month? And if decisions were bee-ing made in an anarchist sort
of direction who is liable to the consequences of the decisions of the
group?! Hey, who is responsible here when the needs of The Sanctuary
aren't bee-ing addressed?! Hmmmm….down the rabbit hole we went. A
kernel of truth emerged. There were indeed 3 bee-ings answerable to
the consequences of individual's actions when in regard to The
Sanctuary. That would be the 3 names on the lease. So now what

It was clear the core group now needed that very valuable time to
clarify their vision and how they wanted to implement the fulfillment
of their imagineering. As a result a clearing of the space was needed
and thus a request was made to do just that. This presented many
ripples of reactions and responses and thus the veils of the life we
had all just ejected ourselves from, as in the 3D paradigm, came
tumbling down upon us. Dreams, expectations, fear all sat their butts
down at each and everyone's feet. This is when the real work at hand

Yes, there was confusion and the old separative ways emerged…feelings
got hurt, misunderstandings occurred, stalemates resulted, group
processing was attempted, disappointment, despair and on and on. There
was nothing different under the sun when it came to creating
"community" and very skimpily we found some nuggets of vision here and
there but hardly enough to float us above the chaos.

This was the call for what I named "the OPC Perspective". Where did
all that uplifting consciousness that we had shared online for over a
year go? Why did this happen to us? I thought we were above that!
Hmmmm, now what?!

At this point I'd like to share a little bit about myself. I have
experienced a multitude of what we have called "intentional
communities". When asked what wisdom would I bring to this "now"
moment of yet another "community (?)" …and please note question mark
after the word community…my response is "nothing".

When I heard the inner call to join with the One People in Morocco I
already knew it was not going to be yet another hopeful dream or
desire to create "community". I was not naive about the potential
obstacles that would be awaiting my arrival. And so, there were no
expectations in that regard. However, there was what I call a "Nugget"
that I was bee-ing attracted to…and that was an element of
"consciousness". This nugget had no form or structure or intentional
anything yet it had a "pointer" of brilliance. That is what I want to
share with others.

Connectivity, however you may experience that for yourself, is the
seed that sprouts from inner stillness. All the answers lie within.
You have heard this message in a myriad of forms but the essential
tool is practice.

When the nugget of the One People sparked in me it was the only piece
that I had not experienced with others up to this point of my
existence on earth. How refreshing that something new and different
was occurring. I wanted to join my energies and nurturance with this
sprouting seed.

The OPC Perspective is the only potential seed that I see as worthy of
cultivation and study. The gem that I receive from this perspective is
total inner existence. The pointers are self responsibility, self
reflection, transparency, inner bee-ing…the I Am, eternal essence.
And, this, I believe, was a magnet for many but how that was made
"femifest" was a piece to the puzzle to yet unfold.

When it was time to listen and problem solve the many issues of
controversy that arose it became clear very quickly we did not have a
process that could be applied. And one of the essential reasons for
this lack of process is we knew nothing of the old would serve us. As
a result there was much resistance to old ways. But it was obvious we
needed something to rise above the confusion.

Although difficult we had to accept a "Transitional Model" for our
full process into the "I Am" lifestyle. The "Transitional Model" as I
see it is an awareness that we are cultivating the "I Am" values while
admittedly recognizing we are still uncovering what that truly means
to live it, apply it to our daily experiences.

It is one thing to state love and light but another to live it. And
according to the OPC perspective who is going to be the judge of that
demonstration?! No one!!! So who is responsible for one's actions?
You are! So what happens when you experience another's actions but the
problem still persists? You face yourself and find the creative
solution from within.

As you know this is where it gets tricky. The 3D paradigm has
demonstrated a pattern of seeking all our answers from without. An
example is you identify the problem on the outside and then you either
manipulate the situation to satisfy your desired answer or in the
instance of another person bee-ing the perceived problem the other
person has to change. This is the all too familiar model of "you are
the problem so you have to change".

At this point, this continuing presentation and elaboration of the
OPC perspective is all my own and in no way reflects any declaration
or statement from the OPC core as their own unless they want to
endorse these as shared truths. I am simply using "OPC" as the
stimulus for these furthering thoughts and inner truths.

The OPC perspective, in my interpretation, goes down a whole variety
of different paths when seeking "creative solutions". The scenario,
the way I see it, is a controversial issue comes to the attention of
the "community" or "group" or between 2 individuals and an intention
for a "creative solution" is sought. The OPC approach, at this moment
in time, is to proceed while bee-ing in alignment with values such as,
self reflection, responsibility, transparency, accountability,
liability and cumulatively, the I Am, Eternal Essence.

When experiencing the conflict at hand and using these OPC guidelines
the only place to seek answers, the way through, is by going within.
One could begin this process by adopting a familiar "transitional"
(and I say "transitional" because in our ever evolving selves these
premises become no longer necessary) premise that everything and
everyone is a mirror and serves the higher purpose of the "I Am". In
accepting this premise the inner dialogue may look something like

First, an identifiable trigger has occurred in yourself as a result of
someone else's actions. This trigger may elicit a set of reflex
emotional responses such as blame, anger, fear, etc. But, of course,
as a high spiritual bee-ing you desire not to demonstrate those

When using the "mirror" premise the exploration and destination of
finding the "creative solution" is only to go within.

Let's say I note an emotional response within myself that is
judgmental of another's behavior. As I become aware of this emotion I
feel the desire to blame the other and my expectation or misconstrued
desire for a solution is that they change their behavior so that I am
at peace. This is an old paradigm. The OPC perspective would be for me
to note the inner response (self reflection) and then examine why I am
bee-ing triggered (responsibility). As the grains of truth behind my
response are revealed I then proceed to find peace with it. Usually I
approach this part of the resolve by either using the ho-oponopono
practice or any affirmative messages to myself of self love.

If I were to take this same scenario and now address the practice of
transparency it may unfold like this. I identify the person I am
bee-ing triggered by and ask if I may converse with them about my
issue. I would know that engaging with this person on the trigger I am
having is for me to gain clarity and release of my emotional response.
Alongside this understanding I would also know that I am not expecting
the other person to change their behavior so I feel better. In fact, I
would know that the mere fact that I am bee-ing able to express myself
to this person is the "creative solution". Because in the end it is
not an action I am looking for but a release. However, in the course
of this exchange the other person may very well have their own grains
of truth to offer to the conversation. Yet again that person isn't
expected to change or compromise themselves but there may be an
empathy or self reflection on their part that adds to the resolve of
the issue. What I have found is the mere expression, bee-ing heard
offers a tremendous amount of release. It simply isn't the details. Of
course, this meeting is assuming the other individual is able to
listen without getting defensive. And, of course, you are coming to
them without an energy to attack but a full responsible energy of
healing yourself through the release of expression.

In this practice what is revealed is a path of empowerment. The
experience is that the "creative solution" always resides within
yourself. This can be applied to just about any scenario of emotional

As a result of this revelation I have proposed that it be used in a
variety of problem solving events. The issue is brought to the table.
The individuals speak to their triggers not the outward details of the
issue. Emotional release is gained through the attentive listening and
the ability to speak your peace. Then allow some breathing space after
these exchanges and watch how the creative solutions simply emerge.
The sensitivity of those involved typically expands and the deeper
desire to truly reach out from the heart resonance is more enhanced
simply because you have been acknowledged and heard.

In my deepening of the OPC perspective absolutely everything turns
inward. All the answers are there in the very unique stillness of my
inner sanctum. There are times when we have to exercise discernment
and make choices that are appropriate for our own individual peace.
And these choices may appear to be tough love to others.

The concept and understanding of community from an OPC perspective is
first and foremost be-earthed from the invisible, within. It does not
come with any preconceived notions, guidelines or tangible
definitions. However, the OPC perspective does have an inner prompt
and gesture that may result in all the above. This is the task at
hand, to allow the inner prompts to reveal the new paths of
consciousness in form. There are no outer training tools to create the
new understandings of "community". It is all about inner reflection
and emergence of one's I Am that is called forth in these times. One
may ask "what are the behaviors of an OP community"? The only
behaviors that could possibly result from an OPC perspective are not
the ones you "think" are appropriate but the ones that emerge as a
result of your inner truths. There is no forethought in how to behave
or structure any scenario. The heart resonance is the portal to these
new understandings. The questions are not for just the mind to answer.
In fact, it's time for the mind to take a long vacation. It has been
so over programmed with limitation that it barely can touch the
heartful imaginings of this new day.

It is a new day and the portals are abundantly everywhere…simply
"jump" and allow what is coming from the deep inner I Am, one eternal
essence to emerge and guide the way.

In the concept of "community" there are many issues to be addressed.
There are issues of accomplishing necessary tasks at hand, albeit, the
basics such as food gathering, cleaning, etc. No one appreciates
bee-ing told what and when to do a task. Thus, we are asked to rely
upon each and every individual's understanding of their part in the
responsibility to the whole. But what happens when individuals don't
recognize their role in responsibility? What happens when no one takes
the trash out? How are these matters dealt with? These very simple
matters are often the crux for community contention. The usual
scenario is that these basic mis-alignments often lead to separation.
This is a very old and outdated resolution for in the end we are once
again alone. And once again our heart seeks the connectedness that is
truly reaching from within.

The OPC perspective does not offer the new paradigm unless everyone
involved in the OP community understands and implements what it means
to act from the "I Am". I believe this discrepancy is what emerged as
we arrived in Aouchtam, Morocco. What clearly presented itself was the
remnants of the old paradigm versus the new one. As Einstein once
said, you cannot create a new system from the logic that created the
system of old." This is the crossroad we are at and understandably so.
This juncture is what I refer to as a need for a "Transitional Model".

A "Transitional Model" for these times needs to address when we are
operating, responding, problem solving from the dynamics of the old
paradigm versus when we are operating, responding, problem solving
from the new paradigm, I Am. This is no easy task but it is our

With this understanding or accepted premise of evolution we are met
with the challenge of embracing the invisible, the unknown and an
unfolding life that cannot be "thought" through. Our only avenue of
peace is through our hearts. But what the heck does that look like?

Love and heart fullness are concepts. Just about everything we have
called a system or guidelines are concepts. This is the playing field
of the ego. And the ego loves the fact that as much as we think we can
connect via community acceptance of concepts it is just an illusion.
And the reason behind this illusion is we are each uniquely and
brilliantly different from each other. So what's the result of that?
We have just as many perceptions and understandings of each and every
concept as their are an each and every one of us. So where do we meet?
Well, it appears the heart portal is about the only offering that is
genuine and unique to each and every one of us. But what and how do we
get past the concept of heartfull portal and become that portal.
Aaaaah, now we are addressing the real issue. Let's return to the
definition of OPC perspective.

When our beautiful hosts of the One People Radio Shows came forth,
along with the introduction of Heather Tucci-Jarraf, we were
introduced or rather re-introduced to a vocabulary and language of our
"I Am", One Source, Eternal Essence. Documents were presented in what
we referred to as a sort of "divine language" an "I Am" language. And
as many of you know, especially those of you who chose to come to
Aouchtam, this topic went viral. The 5D Media Network ( recently
repurposed as The One Network) delved into the materials presented by
Heather and thus opened an ongoing dialogue with the online community.
In a very short amount of time the community took off running with a
multitude of discussions and perspectives shared regarding the many
aspects of this newly presented material.

I trust that many would agree that these topics were mind boggling yet
attracting spiritually minded folks as well as people just simply done
with the old paradigm. None-the-less, it attracted quite a field of
interest, hope and imaginings. Somewhere along the way the focus
transformed from the original OPPT documents to the more spiritually,
practical life issues of consciousness. If you go back to the archived
shows there is a distinct change in the community attendance and

At this time the community delved into what I refer to as the OPC
perspective. There were many who were trying to wrap their brains
around the vocabulary that Heather introduced but the vocabulary was
an invisible and energetic language. Yet, the mind veered its old
paradigm head and continued to try to put this language into a box
that they could recognize, dissect, formulate and memorize for present
purpose and use. This language never stood up to this old paradigm
inquiry. But our bold Radio Hosts continued to hold the torch and
dared to go down this rabbit hole in the face of a very wide public
audience. Now they had made themselves vulnerable, as all public
figures do, to the rampant criticisms and projections of a confused
world of illusion. Granted, they were as vulnerable to the praise as
well but the criticism always seemed to stand out. A deer friend,
writer of mine once said " If you are going to accept the praise then
you have to accept the criticism as well". I believe this would be a
sample of the middle path.

Anyway, the stage was set and the cast of characters began to make
their appearance. A brilliant show was launched.

Let's return to the OPC perspective. In a numerous amount of ways this
perspective revealed its genuine gem of love-wisdom. We were clearly
beginning to crossover with the multitude of spiritual teachers,
gurus, philosophers that drove home the love-wisdom as originating
from within, albeit, the One Source, Eternal Essence, I Am! In truth,
we were now experiencing the many conversations that were addressing
the same topic " How do we "be" the I Am, what does living this life
look like"? And finally, where we are now, what is community when
living the life of I Am?!

There is nothing I Am going to share here that you haven't heard
already about journeying on a spiritual path. However, what I hope to
reveal is perhaps some added insight to the practicalities of a
community based upon the "I Am" from an OPC perspective.

There were some basic themes that were consistently presented during
our online community experience. Those themes were Responsibility,
Transparency, Accountability, Liability, Sovereignty, Value and I Am,
One Source, Eternal Essence. Of late, these following themes have been
added; 6 Heart Virtues by the Wingmakers, Understanding, Compassion,
Forgiveness, Humility, Valor and Appreciation.

Responsibility is a multi-dimensional practice. There are no
checklists on whether you are responsible or not. However, when an act
of responsibility occurs you are likely to identify it. That is, if
and only if, you identify responsibility in yourself. The OPC
perspective of responsibility is foremost and solely responsibility to
yourself and only yourself. The understanding and "deep frequency of
trust" is that as you are responsible to yourself then it will emerge
in an essence and maybe a behavior of responsibility for others to
see. But that is not a requirement nor the place to look in doing your
personal assessment. Only you know if you are bee-ing responsible.
With that bee-ing said the perhaps unsaid parameter of an OP community
would be that you get this understanding and you practice it. Thus,
the "deep frequency of trust" is responsible action will be exhibited
in all ways. Therefore, no confrontation or policing is a necessary
imposition on anyone because you are self assessing along the way.
And, yes, this does imply a full commitment to your personal spiritual
journey, self study or consciousness raising…however, you may define
that relationship with your self, higher self.

At this moment, I'd like to say that the OPC perspective is not
offering any of us a spiritual practice. There is plenty of writings
and teachers available to choose from. OPC is a perspective on the
outcome of one already having a practice. We are now addressing the
results of the practice that you choose that would allow or enthuse
the "I Am" to come forth. This is an important distinction.

Some of you may be asking what happens when due to a person's
spiritual growth they do not exhibit the responsible action that you
think should occur around a particular issue. This is a very important
question when it comes to conflict in a community environment. How and
where does the "creative solution" emerge?

Now we introduce "Transparency". In relationship to finding "creative
solutions" transparency becomes a necessary tool. Transparency, once
again, is not something outside ourselves. We are not the judge of
whether someone is transparent or not. Transparency is your
"responsible" action to uncovering your genuine emotions and potential
reactions, responses to what does occur within and around you. What
strengthens your ability to be this honest with yourself is how deep
your personal spiritual practice is. The depth of which you sense and
genuinely know who you are, your "I Am" is what determines your
ability to be honest with yourself. The deepening and knowing of the
"I Am" is the deepening and knowing of Self Love. Self Love is
nurtured and cultivated by the One Source, Eternal Essence. And for
this community of viewers I can say Self Love, I Am, is the "Core" of
knowing you are "Over Unity". Long Live The QE(E)G!!
Just experience these words and sensations for a moment…

In seeking a "creative solution" we now call in responsibility and
transparency. When you recognize that you have a negative reaction or
response to something or someone outside yourself it is signal to
"pause" and self reflect on the origin of this response
(responsibility). This is when you do your own soul searching on where
did this experience emerge from and in this day and age what
programming designed that response. You may have your own set of self
questionings for this process. Use whatever helps you to uncover the
genuine grain of truth underlying the response (transparency). Note,
you are in full examination of self. This is not an examination of
other and their behavior. It is your response that you are examining.
Now I will say this is where a spiritual practice truly supports your
efforts. A practice nurtures Self Love. Therefore, when you go down
the rabbit hole you love yourself so much that you dare to risk the
truth behind your responses (compassion). If you aren't stable in this
self truth, I Am, there will be the tendency to blame or avoid because
you don't love yourself enough to accept what is. This is a very
crucial turning point in all spiritual practices. And this
understanding I might add is one of the invisible parameters of OP
perspective. Invisible because there is no rote behavior to mark off
on a checklist that demonstrates that you got it. No, if you really
got it, it will appear in all your actions as a result. The appearance
will occur in a myriad of creative expression. So why put limitations
on how it will look. Simply do the inner work and "allow" "I Am" to

Getting back to "creative solution"…The old paradigm would have you
think that the "creative solution" is out there somewhere, that some
behavior has to be manipulated or changed to come to resolution or for
you to feel better. That is a victim stance. The I Am "creative
solution" comes from within the heartfull resonance. This is your
stance of self empowerment. So how might this unfold in a
conversation with someone who is a "trigger" for you. I propose this
practice. First, you go to your inner sanctum and have an honest
exploration of where your response is coming from (liability). You
love and forgive yourself for the hard moments of reckoning. Then you
ask to meet with the individual that you have the "trigger" with. From
the beginning you already accept that this meeting is for your self
growth and understanding. You do not hold any intention or expected
outcome of the individual you are meeting with. That clearly means
there is no expectation of them changing their behavior so you feel
better. The intent is you know that in expressing yourself you will
hopefully gain some insight and lighten your heart. You meet with the
person and begin to explain I have a "trigger" and it is you I am
having it with. Are you open to helping me to find a "creative
solution"? Assuming they say, yes, you proceed. We'll address that
they say, no, later. The conversation begins with you self processing
aloud with this individual. You are sharing that you have the feelings
that you are having when they participate in a certain action. There
is no blaming in this delivery of words. You are bee-ing empowered
merely by the fact that you are expressing yourself and the other is
attentively listening. Don't underestimate the value and power of this
interaction. Most likely the other will add their insight to the
experience and may even dialogue with you on how to gain more clarity
or perhaps a grain of truth they have to offer to your trigger
experience. It is important to reiterate a few times in your
presentation that you are not here to blame this person. This will
in-courage the other person to be at ease and not on the defensive.
You simply desire the opportunity to express yourself so you may gain
more clarity and more importantly release the emotional "charge". The
"creative solution" is never an expected outcome however an outcome
may occur. The "creative solution" is an emotional release of the
"charge". And the "creative solution" on a material realm is likely to
occur after this charge is released. Because once an emotional
"charge" is released the heart opens rather quickly. An open heart is
a natural resonance of "creative solution". Now the practice of
"allowing" and witnessing the rewards of that interaction is the
calling. This calls for patience, trust and inner eyes wide open.

An example with more detail might look like this. Say your trigger is
the dirty dishes left in the sink. This frustrates you until finally
you are holding a resentment. The resentment is now closing your heart
to this other bee-ing. In fact, like all resentments it starts to grow
and get more intense. You have already asked this person several times
to clean up but it still happens. Or you just assume this is a
spiritual person in your community and he/she should be responsible
enough to know these are his/her dishes. Ahhhh, an all too familiar
assumption. So you self reflect and maybe even self flagellate because
you have judged yourself for bee-ing so trivial or think from some
stupid dogma or belief that you as a spiritual bee-ing should be above
that and where the h___ is my compassion and forgiveness anyway. Hah!
LoL! Sound a wee bit close to home?! Hahahaha Anyway, you do self
reflect and still no inner peace. You go to the other person. You
share the resentment but get this part clearly, you are not expecting
the other person to start cleaning their dishes. That's not the point.
You are seeking the release of your emotional "charge". You want to
understand why you are responding in that way. You know that airing
this out with the person you have the "trigger" with is the healing
release and restored heart resonance. Again, the other person may or
may not do the dishes but the heartfull and transparent conversation
will enhance an uplift in heart resonance. Now after all is said and
released simply watch how the energetics change. Allow the nugget of
the "creative solution" to reveal itself. This does require patience
and trust that the upliftment is there. And there is a good
probability that the dish washing may come into practice but don't
count on it.

In regards to other saying "no" or other getting defensive in your
heartfull attempt to clear is a very difficult issue. There is no way
through when a shared willingness and consciousness is not present.
One of the greatest challenges of the OP perspective is the absence of
pre-created concepts in form. The OP perspective, remember, is
invisible. The form only results in the presence of "I Am". The
responsible "I Am" becomes apparent in action in the moment, each
moment, one after another. Therefore, there is no pre-determined way
of bee-ing. If we reflect on a non-sharing of consciousness of this
OPC perspective there is truly nowhere to go in "density". When this
impasse presents itself it is only indicative of not choosing to
embrace the OPC values of responsibility, transparency, etc. It is
only indicative of where one is on their spiritual journey. It is only
indicative that the "I Am" is barely present. Because there is no way
bee-ing proposed on how one should behave there is only the invitation
and in-couragement to bee present to what is. Therefore if one is
saying "no" rather than the exploration of that reaction or response
then they have made a choice to not bee transparent nor responsible.
If the "no" cannot bee explored then there is no demonstration of
liability, accountability, etc. At this juncture it seems that only
acts of "tough love" are invited, that is in "density". Or one can
certainly continue to contribute to uplifted consciousness via the
ho-oponopono practice.

This is where we return to the "transitional model". Some of the
parameters that were used in the old paradigm beg to be imposed in the
transitional model. Those parameters are exercised as discernment and
what may appear as "separative" or sometimes known as "tough love".
And what does this look like? In the example of community it would be
that certain individuals will be cohesive together and choose to share
a resonance and other individuals will either not be invited or asked
to leave.
However, this is facilitated with great love and compassion. As you
can imagine and probably are feeling in this moment this is a very
tough call and yet still necessary.

How does "I Am" resonate with such a decision. The "I Am" is full
responsibility for one's self. If an environment or bee-ing is
exhibiting a diminished environment or spewing a negativity it is the
"I Am" that seeks the resonant vibration that suits its higher self
best. One may choose to remove themselves or one may be self empowered
and simply state the parameters they are choosing to cultivate or bee
nourished in. This is a freedom each and every one of us can exercise
while simultaneously having compassion and understanding for those
that they do not resonate with at that moment.

This particular issue is often confused with an old paradigm model of
what has been called "love". There are 2 kinds of "love" the way I see
it. There is the old paradigm understanding of love that barks at the
concept of discernment that would say certain individuals are not
included in a particular resonant group for whatever reasons.
According to old paradigms and dogmas of religion and spiritual
practices we are led to believe we "should" love everyone. And so the
permeating koan of any kind of separation is frowned upon. Not only is
it discouraged but a tremendous amount of guilt has been built into
this form of love. Guilt even to the extent that a victim will
continue to stay partnered with their abusive spouse because they
"should" be able to love them enough to heal them. Days later victim
is unconscious from a blow in the head because the underlying belief
discouraged the discerning choice to depart from a negative or
diminished environment. I know this was a rather severe example but I
think I conveyed my point.

The other definition of "love" comes from within and is the premise
for understanding that all existence is energy and all energy is love.
This energetic understanding is where the expression of "we are all
one" comes from. The I Am, One Source, Eternal Essence is love. This
is where we are all love and connected, Oneness.

Why did I bring this up? Because the old paradigm of "love" is an
obstacle to our freedom and self empowerment. It's a program that is
no longer serving us. Discernment and choosing parameters that
cultivate and nourish our energetic nature is necessary for our
spiritual well bee-ingness. It is our sovereign, "I Am" rite to
exercise choices that enhance our "I Am" presence. This is an
empowerment tool I suggest that we reclaim. Walk away from energetics
that feel negative and that create diminished environments. There is
no spiritual call, responsibility or liability to heal these programs.
It is our responsibility to heal our own vibrations and trust that
this is how we are changing the world.

This article clearly continues as I observe the ongoing consciousness
that surrounds me. But, for now, I will call this closure and invite
you to look for ongoing articles.

I love each and every one of you!
Blue Star Deerwomon

Monday, June 2, 2014

QEG Update: 33x Over Unity: Next Phase Self Running

QEG Update: 33x Over Unity: Next Phase Self Running
June 2, 2014

We're soooo close I can taste it! Please help us spread the word so we can wrap this up in Morocco and take the QEG on a road show to the rest of the world. ~BK

From Hope on Skype:

Dearest Brother Brian!

This is THE GROUND BREAKING POST that we are hoping to make viral. It shows 33 times over unity in the Morocco QEG core. This has been done through a specially made video and a professional report. It should be noted that the equipment needed to take these measurements that many has been demanding cost $75,000 and was donated to the QEG project. We had to wait for this in order to be able to provide these figures freely to the people.

We could not complete the project to show self looping in Morocco because we ran out of time and money. Morocco being an underdeveloped country made accomplishing simple engineering tasks very costly and time consuming as most of the parts we needed we could not find in the country. The last phase of QEG development is simple in comparison to what we have already accomplished. We need to build a transverter (which is already being built) to convert and withdraw the enormous power that is already in the core. We will be completing this phase in the UK at a private build and will opensource the results. There are many QEG teams around the world that are co-developing this with us, all of them will be utilizing these results to bring QEG’s to their communities.

Please help us spread this important news by sharing it on your blog. To the best of our knowledge, nothing like this has ever been done in this manner before. The magnitude of what is occurring here is unprecedented. Free energy, opensourced, co-developed, well publicized, over unity demonstrated with professional equipment with a top of the line industry standard report. All of it crowdfunded by the people with a complete detailed and truly transparent report of expenditures.
This post here shows over unity video and report:

This post here shows full QEG report of expenditures:

This posts details our plans for QEG self-looping:

Thank you so much for your help!
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