Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Finally! We Have Found the Perfect Way to Release Free Energy Technology to the People!

Finally! We Have Found the Perfect Way to Release Free Energy Technology to the People!
September 10, 2013

Way to make things happen Hope Girl and the FTW team! This is how SH** get's done! ~BK

This is very exciting and extremely urgent! The time to do this is NOW!!!

Beautiful souls, I believe we have finally found the perfect scenario that will allow free energy technology to break through to the people. Please note that this is a very bold post. It has to be. For those individuals who have heard of free energy technology, the question always remains the same, what will it take to get it to the people? We’ve heard of stories of brilliant inventors who have had their inventions suppressed, their patents confiscated by the governments…. we’ve heard of tales of greed, theft, power struggles and personality differences. With all of these stories, we end up with the same outcome: the technology does not get released, and the people who need the energy to live, to have clean water, to grow food…. they suffer as a result while the banks take our value and the governments confiscate our patents.

At the Fix the World Organization, we’ve been carefully watching, learning, interviewing and growing our knowledge base around the different obstacles that block free energy. As a result we have finally set up the perfect scenario that we think can really help this to break through once and for all. And as we have learned, that magical combination is one that involves the people. Let me briefly explain.

First, we have found the perfect, trusted inventor who’s heart is in the right place. He has 30 years of experience in technology developments, and has won awards and recognition for his work. In his spare time he is creating free energy devices in his garage. His intentions are pure, he has been fully vetted by the Fix the World Screening process. He is also a highly awakened being, who understands the corruption and has a deep compassion for the suffering people of this planet. He has a technical, mechanical brain that is wired like none other I’ve ever seen before. He thinks, speaks, acts and breathes the mechanics of energy devices. In his own meditations he’s received a special understanding or “download” that has given him the knowledge necessary to create a quantum generator that will create its own power without sun, wind, water or fuel. He wants to create this generator so he can give it to the people.

And now for the second piece of the puzzle that has fallen into place. Fix the World has been touring Australia for the past three weeks. On our trip I have met with two extremely high level business advisors. I spent the night in their homes, I cooked and ate meals with them, I played with their kids. We had long personal business conversations about the Fix the World Organization, our projects, and specifically free energy devices. These business advisors have access to a huge network of other very wealthy and highly respected people throughout several countries, the kind of people that have the power to make good things happen. We have a relationship with them at this point that is at a strong enough level where we can call them at any time once we have something solid to present. In terms of a free energy device, they are both very excited about the concept and we have been guaranteed the following:

“Get a device to work, and show it to me, I’ll even send a guy to where you are so you don’t have to transport it anywhere. I will have everything you need, all the people, all the funding, all the connections to duplicate the device and distribute it to the people that need it most. I just need to see a working prototype first.”

Now here’s where this whole situation gets interesting. This is where we are going to do things differently than anyone has before, and this is also where WE THE PEOPLE come in, because it is up to us to do what needs to be done to bring us the energy that we all need and deserve.

Again I say, this is a bold post. Speaking about this kind of information has put many well intentioned people into a dangerous positions in the past. I believe times have changed, and the “powers that were” have lost their grip on trying to control the people. This is because more and more of us are waking up and stepping into our own power and taking action to secure our freedom. Normally it was secrecy, the control of funding (meaning making sure inventors were broke), and a top down hierarchal power structure that kept free energy from the people. In this blog post, and by spreading it through the power of social media (controlled by WE THE PEOPLE) we are presenting this information in a completely transparent manner. We are letting everyone know up front exactly what has been lined up. No more secrets. Also we are crowdfunding the cost of building the needed working prototype. This puts the power of making this happen back into the hands of the people. If WE THE PEOPLE want free energy, then WE THE PEOPLE will fund it. This is our opportunity to do so. I do not know of any other free energy device that has been crowdfunded so openly and so transparently. And by doing this we are doing it from the ground level up. This is grass roots at its finest. We build one, then we build a few more and give them to our neighbors. We then use the Fix the World network (which includes everyone) and the power of social media and the internet to spread the word. Friends will be telling friends, “I just got my device today, did you get yours?” And this is how we do it. It will spread like wildfire, and because of the power of WE THE PEOPLE and how fast this can move, there will be nothing they can do to stop it.

So with all of that said, here is the outline of the steps:

1) We need $7,610 to buy the materials to build the working prototype.
2) Then the two high level business colleagues mentioned will come to see it and provide more funding to build more devices.
3) And we can distribute it by any means possible, through grassroots efforts like the FTW network, and other online social media means.

If you want to help here are two ways that you can:

Please donate to the crowdfunding campaign to build the prototype. This campaign has lots of details about the invention, the inventor and a video that explain the device in great detail. CLICK HERE: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/home-quantum-energy-generator/


Please spread this post as far as you can. This needs to go viral! It’s time to stop the secrecy and suppression of free energy. And the only way we can do that is if we spread knowledge like this blog post and make sure the people know.

Heres a great video created by the inventor for a further explanation of the technology at hand.


  1. 4 days? If not than we will never see this come to fruitation. I smell a rat.
    My husband and I have been seeking financing for almost 20 years for our product and we will build when the money comes in. Great inventions don't expire in 4 days.
    Grant it, we require $100,000,000. . However it is needed more each day by the masses. Building materials made from recycled newspaper.

  2. I understand your position, however as someone who is familiar with Indiegogo campaigns, this is how they work. In a matter of minutes the goal will be reached, so can you see the strategy in getting folks to pull the trigger quickly utilizing this method? The duration depends on a few variables, most specifically the $$ amount. For only $7,000 it doesn't need to be longer than 4 days ;)

    1. Sounds good. The generator is a great idea and exciting to watch. I wish everyone involved a huge success and thank them for their entrepreneur spirit. Look out world, we the people have woke up and nothing can stop us now. Great times ahead.

  3. kickstarter.com crowd funding

    help raise money

  4. Ummm... Why don't those investors give the money for building the prototype as well? It's not that much for them, I'm sure, as they are also willing to ship someone to the place where the prototype will be...
    I can't help but finding this a bit suspicious...

    1. I answered this question on FB earlier today:

      Darren do you have any experience in launching new technology? Well I do and it doesn't work that way. An investor with this kind of thing ALWAYS wants to see a working prototype first and to protect themselves from a bunk idea, seldom do they ever fund it themselves. Investors also want to see a savvy and creative mindset. It's like as a test.

      As far as losing credibility goes, I was asked to share this story by Hope Girl who I have much respect and admiration for. If this device ends up being faulty, it's on Hope Girl and her contact not on me. I post what resonates with me, personally, which usually equates to a certain degree of resonance with others. If it doesn't and they feel I lose credibility in their eyes, I still sleep like a baby b/c I don't wrap myself up in my own ego with my work. Cheers mate.

    2. Sadly, I agree with those feeling uneasy and unsure about the request for a 'free energy' prototype when we can't even manifest it for free? If we are preparing to walk into banks to re-claim our inherent rights and energy in being (in ourselves... our own embodiment) - to the tune of 500,000,000 or so, why in the world would or should anyone need $7,000 to create a prototype?
      I have to be honest and say I am getting more and more befuddled when reading that 'the time is almost here' ... nothing has transpired to date - and we are STILL requesting money from each other to get things done/built? -- sigh ...

  5. i will absolutely donate what I can because I want to see this come to fruition as much as anyone, but if I were a "wealthy investor" (lol...sooo far from anything like that), I would gladly plunk down a measly 7 grand for such a potentially world-changing invention. some people pay more than that for their suits. sounds fishy to me, but i'm a sucker for a better world and always have been. getting out the credit card now...


  6. I'd like to see a low-cost kit developed, or set of instructions to build something with readily-available materials, targeted towards someone with a non-technical background. A ready-made device is certainly a step in the right direction. I am always concerned about the money, not because of the cost to me, but the case where a project like this can easily be hijacked by those controlling the money. And if you follow the money, you usually find the direct competitors at the other end. Tesla had some experience with this. The fact that hope girl and FTW is involved is promising.

    There are a number of devices mentioned in the Free Energy Handbook, for those who are interested.

  7. And what would one say to home made fusion technology?
    Black hole generator, had it working since the 4th of August.
    Massive emf's from .9amp input.
    Taken what we term as the photon passed c :)


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