Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Intenders of the Highest Good -- The Vision Alignment Project -- A Vision for Humanity

The Intenders of the Highest Good -- The Vision Alignment Project
September 9, 2013

 Thanks to Randy for finding this awesome site and sending it over!  ~BK

How do you create a better world?


After 17 years of working with Intentions and Conscious Manifestation we have learned that one of the most powerful things we can do is to envision the end result from the beginning and align our visions with others. With this in mind, we've created The Vision Alignment Project.

The Vision Alignment Project is free. You will receive a short email every other day with a Vision or Intention that you can align with by hitting a "Yes! I align with this Vision." Button. We will keep track of the number of people who have aligned with our Visions and it is our intention that we reach our goal of 1,000,000 Alignments in the days ahead. We know that each time you align with a positive ideal, you are consciously contributing to the creation of it, and that each person aligning with these Visions moves us all one step closer to bringing them to life.
I signed up and this is the message that came through for today:

A Vision for Humanity

It is our Intention that we are seeing Humanity in its Highest Light. Accordingly, we intend and envision a world where our children, no matter where they live, are nurtured and cared for as if they were the most precious gems on the planet - for, indeed, they are;

where the elderly are treated with dignity and the honoring they deserve as their right of birth in this world;

where the sick are comforted and healed, the discouraged find new heart, the downtrodden find new strength, the lonely are befriended, and the lost find their way home;

where our leaders are true leaders, worthy of their position, where our teachers prepare others to respect all of life; and where our businesspeople, everywhere, have taken a stand, firm and strong, for the Highest Good;

where soldiers and fighters are a thing of the past because all of Humanity has finally, without any equivocation whatsoever, seen that fighting and violence have never given them the results they were looking for.

We see a world where all debt has been forgiven and we have started over with a new system of exchange that insures equality and a high standard of living for all people everywhere;

and where, as true stewards of the Earth, we have risen up and out of our old ways into the light of a new day where people - each and every one of us - is helping, honoring, loving, and caring, deeply, for everyone else.

That is our Intention, for the Highest Good of All!

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  1. Thank You Brian For this Link. Have you been Following the Bikers in DC this Day? -cary


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