Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Journey Through the Lion's Gate

Journey Through the Lion's Gate
September 10, 2013

This is Lisa Harrison's post from this morning. I also included a piece from my friend Nanako, titled "Resting in Uncertainty," as I think it adds some incredible context to what Lisa had to say. This time is about relaxing into the Flow of EVERYTHING. No resistance. No worry. No panic. No fear. No waiting. A true sense of letting go and letting flow. Let the Universe BE the guide and all things will unfold and manifest exactly as they have been designed. When we stop trying to force our agendas on Life and step into the stillness...that calm place between our thoughts...all that's left is the magic and the wonder of All That IS. Not to be judged. Only to be experienced. Find Joy in it....ALL of it. Liberation is a feeling...why fight it? All IS well and all will BE well ;) ~BK

What is the ‘Lionsgate’ you may well ask, I know I did. Being a Leo it peaked my interest immediately. Turns out it is an annual event that occurs when the sun enters into the sign of LEO, energies are integrated into the Earth under the energy of the Lion, the Feline Energies of Sirius, which are fierce and proud and very “royal”. The “Gate” or “Stargate” is a period of approximately two weeks in which a vortex opens and a wave of intense Light from the Galactic Center is recieved on the Earth. This “wave” contains the new Light Codes for the Evolution of the Earth for the next year/cycle, and so it is known as the Planetary New Year. (explanation care of starchildglobal)

Calling it the Planetary New Year I also found interesting as it aligns with Jose Arguelles’s interpretation of the Mayan Calendar which incorporates a Day out of Time (25th July, my birthday) and the new Mayan Year Cycle starting on the 26th, the day the Lionsgate portal opens.

This year however this ‘Gateway” coincided with a rare celestial alignment, a ‘Star of David’ (Grand Sextile or Star Tetrahedron) alignment on July 29th, something that has not happened for 70 years. Not only that it was followed by a second alignment on August 25th. From my understanding (which I admit is limited) these 2 alignments were actually the Earth herself activating her own Merkabah (light body).

The time between these 2 dates was one of intense energy and transformation, not just for the planet herself but for us as well. This post is my attempt to share my own experiences during this time.

For me the first experience of note was on the evening of July 31st. I was on the Gold Coast for a meet-up with a wonderful group of people who gather each month under the banner of ‘One People Gold Coast’. It was late in the evening and my hosts and I were sitting outside sharing a wine and stories when we all saw a flash of light. The origins and source of this light could not be explained. The really weird part is that we all saw the light coming from a different point, including opposite corners of the yard and from inside the house.

It was one of those moments that is so strange you just have to calmly move on as no explanation can be found.

The following week I went on a 2 day road trip with Vera (McCoy from Morocco) all the way from south of Sydney to Woodgate Beach, just south of Bundeberg QLD. In Woodgate we met up with Muxi who we also met in Morocco, who had come over from Malta for a 12 day stay with ‘the girls’.

The morning that Vera and I left home for our ‘Thelma and Louise’ road trip I awoke with a congested head, not something I usually suffer from so this had my attention right from the start as an energetic shift/clearing. By the time we arrived in Woodgate I was a mess of phlegm and congestion, it wasn’t pretty.

What I though was going to be a holiday, a time of relaxation with the girls, turned out to be a very intense time of energetic shifts, deep insights, wild dreams and lots of expulsion, YUK.

One of the first things to catch my eye when arriving in Woodgate was all the signage mentioning Isis. Upon some research I found Woodgate is in the Isis shire. Sirius is associated with the Egyptian goddess Isis and is said to have been the most important star to the Egyptians. The story of Isis and Osiris was a great love story, a story of betrayal, of death and resurrection. My first connection to this ‘Lionsgate’ was made.

Basically for the next 12 to 14 days I felt like I was being physically squeezed, so uncomfortable was this feeling that I just wanted to get out of my own body for a while. I was saying things like ‘I am in the birth canal’ as that is exactly what it felt like. There was a sense of urgency to get on with my mission, whatever that is. I knew I was being prepared for something I just wasn’t sure what.

Since returning from Morocco my intent and focus has been on returning there to assist in establishing a community including a base with real studios for the 5D Media Network. So I was as surprised as anyone when on the last day in Woodgate I woke up and told the girls that the next place I am going is the US. No idea why, when or how, just that I am going and taking Vera with me. This was news to her of course but she is more than happy to come along. What has since evolved is The 5D Media Network Family Reunion Tour

Then came August 25th, the day of the 2nd galactic alignment, the closing day of these transformative energies. It was the evening of the 25th and I was speaking with Bob Wright on skype when I was washed over by a strange energy. What came out of my mouth next surprised us both. ‘Fuck it all’ I said. ‘WHAT‘ was Bob’s high pitched response. It felt like my light had just gone out, like someone or something had just scooped out my insides. I was a hollow shell, no emotion, no connection to anyone or anything, even myself. I could not even feel my own presence. If I had been capable of feeling fear in that moment it would have been terrifying, but I could not even feel that.

‘being taken ‘off-line”, ‘inner light going out’, ‘an ego death’, these all describe what i was feeling pretty accurately. I then proceeded to spend the night on a thought stream that was so negative (if I had been able to perceive negative and positive) and very unlike me.

*The world is fucked
*We don’t stand a chance
*I am full of bullshit, always have been and just surrounded myself with others who are just as crazy as me
*I am not making a difference, why am I bothering
*I am going to walk away from it all and get a real job
*My kids are going to just have to deal with this shitty world just like everyone else has always done.

While I was in this place of nothingness I was able to just observe these thoughts, I was not connected to them as I wasn’t connected to anything. I knew somewhere in my consciousness these thoughts were not true for me but I didn’t care either way. It is hard to put into words the ‘nothingness’ of this place.

At one point I noticed there were tears running down my cheeks but I wasn’t crying as such and I felt nothing about the fact that these tears were there. I eventually went to sleep in this state of nothingness.

That night I had a dream, a very unusual dream for me. When I dream it is from my perspective, out of my own eyes so to speak. I don’t recall having a dream where I have observed myself ‘out there’. This was more of a lucid dream really, a very vivid one at that. I saw my face, my whole head actually, floating is a vast black landscape. Just a disembodied head, like looking at a wax work dummy of myself. I was able to get up very close and inspect this head and face. I knew it was me, my actual physical body (well head anyway), except for one thing. It was the ideal version of me. There was a presence with me, I didn’t see anyone just felt a presence behind me. I was inspecting this head and said, ‘yes, that’s fine. That will do’, giving it my approval. I then woke up.

The first thing I noticed when I woke up is that I felt something, just a little something. The nothingness was not so full. There was a little flicker of light deep inside. Just enough for me to feel a bit of relief, to be able to look back on the previous nights thoughts with some surprise and knowing that these thoughts do NOT represent who I am and how I really feel.

Over the course of the day I felt little lights come on, just flickers of connection and emotion. I was able to reach out to others whom I trust and know are able to read the energetics of what is going on (thank you, you know who you are) and with their help was able to feel like I was back on-line by the end of the day. Not whole or complete by any means, running in DOS mode perhaps, but online none the less.

What helped me immensely, apart from my family, was The Collective Imagination Show that week. I have to thank each and every listener who shared in that giggle fest of a show for your love, laughter and participation. Laughter really is the best medicine and Love really does make the world go round. By the end of that show I knew I was back online in a big way BUT, I was different. I am different and yet I cannot explain exactly how. I just feel different and my relationship to people and things that are (perceived) outside of me has changed.

I am back online but with a new operating system that I am still learning how to use and I LOVE each and every one of you.

Keep you posted.

In Lak’esh

Resting in Uncertainty

If words are but empty vessels, what meaning do you fill the word “uncertainty” with? My relationship with uncertainty was always one of distaste and distance. I prescribed to the idea that the more I controlled my life, the less chance uncertainty could creep in. Until recently.

Back in the beginning of the year, my neat and tidy life began to unravel; the beginnings of an even greater rumbling. I kept uncertainty at bay by attaching myself to the “new”. I wanted the new to become rooted in certainty as to avoid that fearful experience called “uncertainty”. I pushed to control things and ended up looking like one of those contortion artists, all tangled up within myself. I was able to maintain this unnatural posture by insisting with my sheer determination that anything is fixed. It now just shows me how scared I was of being in my definition of uncertainty - a dark room where I am utterly alone with doors that are all locked and I am desperate for light. Pretty much, it scared the bejeepers out of me!

I tried really hard to avoid it, but uncertainty and I were destined to meet face to face. I sit and write in the now of true uncertainty - raw and unfiltered. Except, unlike honey - the sweetness is not what hits your taste buds first. The initial wave that hit me was an awareness laced with panic. I’ve been plucked from my former life as I’ve watched it get jackhammered before my eyes. Shaking, I was pushed into the void and there was no way I could stop it.

I have been using all my tools to shift my experience of uncertainty - think positive, let go, go within, indulge in my favorite spiritual books. Yet, the shadow of that dark and scary room kept pressing upon me and would pop out of the bushes with a big “Boo!”. Then one day, instead of running and hiding from uncertainty, I decided to smile and welcome this “Boo!” from the bushes with a loving hug. The more time I spend in uncertainty, the more I have cultivated a relationship with it.

My experience of uncertainty has taught me that it’s not bliss nor is it scary - it is the fertile ground of all creation. It’s the lead in to experience yourself just as you are - which releases you into the pure vibration of creation. Uncertainty isn’t a monster, it was the energy I filled this word with; the energetic definition I gave it which made it appear scary. Just like fear, sadness or even joy - if we can drop our attachments to the stories and simply allow it to be - we can move beyond those self imposed energetic holds. 

With this shift of focus, I now see that my scary room cannot ever be separate from Source - it IS because it sits in the golden field of potential. When I focus on the dark room, I am limited and entangled. When I shift my focus to the field, I see that it encompasses ALL and never can I NOT be included in it’s vibration of Love. 

Do I still have moments where I’m in a dark and frightening room called “uncertainty”? Of course! But I now have the awareness that my energetic shift opens all the doors and I can ray out into the field of pure, unconditional love. There is great expansion in uncertainty. No doubt my experiences are unfolding elsewhere and there are others in similar situations of uncertainty. I decided to share my story because it connects me to all of humanity - in unity consciousness, we are one. Things are still uncertain in my life; I don’t know where I’m headed next or what will show up tomorrow. I still want the reassurance of “knowing”, but uncertainty keeps me in the now moment - always fresh, always expanding. So, I am learning to rest there through an energetic shift of consciousness and welcome all experiences as part of the Awakening. 


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