Thursday, September 5, 2013

And So It Is...

And So It Is...
September 5, 2013

This is a transcription of Bob's incredible meditation, which was hosted on the 5D Media Network last week. When I shared the link to the audio, which can be listened to hereI put a call out to have it transcribed. A big thank you to the three, very quick responses I got from Bernard, Aeyrie and Cindy for taking the time to put this together. At this pivotal time in our human evolution, such a powerful message needs to be shared. I've listened to it in audio form four times already. For all those who prefer to read, it is my pleasure to offer the transcription here below. Enjoy <3 BK

If everyone can just find a place, whether it be your sitting chair or your lounge chair, your bed or your stool, a place that you can relax and forget all that is.... pressures and stresses  of the day

Focus to just breathe.
And with each breathe you are releasing the stresses, the worries and cares, the fears and angst and all the things that hold you back from simply being.
In each breathe feel the energy flow through you,
invigorating your heart, pulsating with life, love and light.

Yes, in this space, in this silent stillness, we are connecting one to another.
It is in this space that we will take a journey together;
a journey that began many millenia ago,
a journey that we are now ending now.

It was a journey into separation: an experience of who we are through who we are not;
an experience of contrast that has been so long;
an experience that lead to what some would call isolation, loneliness, contrast and duality.

We want to connect now...with our beginnings, for the earth wish to join us in this global doing, for it too remembers the time when we were here all together in this place.
It remembers the journey of separation.
It remembers the pain. It remembers the suffering, It remembers the calling out, “Help us!”
And today we are journeying to release this past.

For in our journey we have discovered something, something that we are reluctant to accept; only just beginning to accept now...
An acceptance of our own true selves, a knowing of who we truly are.
Many of you have looked up to the skies
and you have seen the heavens and the magnificence; the galaxies, the stars of the universe.
And I tell you that those were put there as reminders of what it is you can do.
Many of you will find it hard to believe that you have done this;
That when you look upon the skies and you look upon creation that you are seeing your own handiwork.
We placed it there for you so that you would know of your own true greatness.

With in the separation you have lost that remembrance; you have forgotten your own handiwork,
And you knew that whoever it was that placed that there, must be so great, so awe-inspiring
so filled of love and wonder; so beyond your comprehension.
But yet I tell you it was you all along.

When you think back through history,
of all the wars and anguish, understand that you are dreaming of yourselves as your own ancestors.
It was you who was there, who did all of those things.
It was you who was there who forged that journey.
It was you who was here now as we close this journey. 

Understand that all that is, that is absolute, is within you.
When you look at the greatness of the heavens, you need no more than to look inside yourselves and see that same greatness there.
It is in yourselves.  It is in your DNA... wondrous it is and magical
and it is that power that we invoke now.

Feel it in every breathe you take.
Feel it in every pulsating beat of your heart.
Feel it in the empty space,
in the molecules between,
in the particles that make up the dust in the air.
Feel it all around you everywhere.
...the presence of the ABSOLUTE,
for today we will show you who YOU truly are.

Many of you have been seeing the troubles:
the worries of the hungry ones,  the ones who are sitting in anguish and suffering,
and your heart goes out to those: the mother who can not feed their children and the father who can not care for those he loves.
And you heart goes out to those who are suffering in war-torn countries,
who are crying out for peace; for they are with us now, too.
Your hearts of compassion go out into the offices of those who you call “the powers that be”,
who are sitting there now, wondering, “Why? “What is happening?” “What is happening to me?”,
who are in fear of what they don't understand.

And many of you are seeing visions of what it is that can be.
You are seeing visions of community all living in unity,
where there is no more hunger and there is no more war; where there is  no more suffering,
where there is beauty all around!
You are seeing the network of people working together in unison and oneness of intent.
You are seeing a world of the future that you envision.
And you are seeing a world of abundance and peace, prosperity and love.

And when I tell you that you are receiving these visions
from yourselves, from your future selves.
You are receiving these visions so that you will know that you have already made it;
You have already discovered your absolute power;
that you are transcending time and space in this moment, right now in your dreams.
You are receiving messages from yourself that tell you,
“I have made it, so you shall make it!”
But you don't understand how. 
It will happen in this moment,
in the moment that you understand
that a man, a human being can speak with the voice and authority of the Prime Creator himself.
When you can speak with conviction without doubt, without fear.
When you know absolutely who you are; that it is you who have created all of this.
When you can say without shame in the streets before your fellow man,
“I AM GOD ALMIGHTY and so are YOU”.

When it is no longer crazy to say such words, to make such claims,
so shall it be.
For the knowledge of the Absolute has always dwelt within You..
For You have always known of this greatness.
This greatness that You dream of; dare You claim it for yourself?
I know many of You are ready; I feel your presence now.

And I ask You to join me with the earth
for she too is ready; She too is ready to birth this.
She too is ready to join in this intention
To send out the absolute word, that IT IS DONE! 

No more shall we allow the pain and suffering to hold sway over those who choose freedom.
No more shall we allow the heartache and sorrow of those who have not to serve those who have.
No more shall we allow the separation and division of our brothers and sisters, through religion through ideals, through beliefs.

No more shall they be allowed to take away that which is our inheritance: our absolute creative power.
We claim that in the here and now; for all those who are ready to participate in this great doing.
We send out our intention, our absolute word,
 that no more shall this paradigm that has led to separation be allowed to hold sway.

We shall send out a wave of compassion; a wave of transfiguration
that shall transform all those who touch this energy into the absolute knowing of who they are.
until the absolute awakening of their true power.
Until that time we will hold them in compassion, and until that time we will hold them in comfort.
And we bring forth the absolute technology within ourselves
so that we may have and we may share “the absolute” with all we touch.

And understand that it is incontrovertible,  it is incorruptible; that those words that go forth from our mouth shall not return to us without having accomplished its purpose:
it shall circle the globe and infuse the very light, the very air, the very dust, the very ground.
And it shall be, for it is already done, from our future selves; they are giving us,
they are giving us the knowledge....

And so IT IS.

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