Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Awakening of Glenn Beck -- Real or Show??

The Awakening of Glenn Beck -- Real or Show??
July 10, 2013
First of all, I want to apologize to all of my loyal readers for not doing much posting over the last few days. If you've listened to Monday or Tuesday nights radio shows, you've heard me talk about being with my family to share in the last moments of my grandmother's life, before she makes her glorious transition to the other side. At the moment, she's still hanging on but we were told by the Hospice nurse this would most likely be her last day. I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. I will update everyone with a post when she finally takes that last breath and I have a bit of time to process this whole experience. Sending Love and Light to you all <3 ~BK

This video of Glenn Beck below is about a month old, but I'm sharing because based on the amount of hits it hasn't received much fan fare on YouTube. From a state of somewhat disbelief in what I was seeing, I watched it for the first time yesterday. This was put out after Glenn made those very open and public statements that a whistle blower was coming forward and his testimony would "divide the nation." Either Glenn had a change of heart and is going through his own massive Awakening process, or the whole spectacle is for show to bring in ratings. Another option is that he is a walk-in soul and has been taken over from a higher aspect of himself to assist in ushering in the light. Whether it's genuine or BS is beside  the point as far as I'm concerned. The message he has to share is profound and will do all those who watch it a lot of good. I can't imagine how shocked his fan base must have been as a result. Watch it for yourself, and you'll see what I mean ;)


  1. You find the most interesting content. I'd have never seen this, and so many other things, had you not shared them. It WILL be interesting to see how this plays out; if Beck was, in fact, genuine, or acting his way towards higher ratings. I choose to believe and put my energy behind the former.

    What do the rest of you viewing this think?

    1. I believe that Glenn was recovering from vocal cord problems. He was having that problem a week or two before he shared with the cards. While giving his vocal cords a small rest, he also knew that people would pay more attention to his thoughts. I truly believe that Glenn is a man of great moral character, wisdom and truly lives in his HEART for others. What he is today he is tomorrow and the days after. I have watched and followed him since the days of CNN, FOX and now his own network. Almost everyone at FOX thought he was crazy when he anounced that he was leaving for Dallas and to start his own network. Had he done the same when he left CNN they all to the person would have called him nuts as well. We need leaders with steel back bones who stand for all of our Constitutional Rights and have a HEART for all of mankind who care to treat others with respect and love. Yes,history will prove that Glenn Beck is an exceptional person and will truly give (sacrifice) himself for all GOOD people of the earth. It'smy opinion that if we lose our Constitution, America is lost and then we enter into another period of DARK AGES and there will be no place to run to for freedom as we have known it to be. I am 75 years old, I know what freedoms I have enjoyed, there are too many to mention. Stand always for your rights and stay STRONG against the EVIL! Encourage your elected offical to stand strong with a steel spine for principles and not care what others think of them and we will win!
      "Because without America there is NO Free World"!
      God Bless All,
      Bob Williams

  2. watched this a few weeks ago, and it's very moving. I am unattached to the intention or outcome of this video, but it feels to me like it's a step in the direction we are wishing for....Mahalo <3

  3. I saw it earlier, not long after it came out, I think. My guess is that it is genuine. If it was a publicity/ratings stunt, I think it flopped badly, given the number of views. It is also a complete about face on his general approach to things, as near as I can tell, which would be a complete shocker to his audience, and probably piss off a certain group of them.
    I also put my energy behind it being genuine. If it is not, I would say it has backfired on him (as so many have said, the energy is not there to support deceit and lack of transparency any more).

  4. I wanted to thank you, Brian. This morning I was pondering the idea that humanity is all angels... We just forgot. This was a confirmation.

    Yes sometimes these messages can come from some very strange places!

  5. I was with my mother in hospice for 14 day as she saying goodby to this side. I was with her on her last earthly breath. When I was with her by her side time stopped, there was no time. Eighteen hours seemed a blink of an eye. You are honored to be part of your grandmothers life and being able to attend her last moment on this side. Love and Light for the grieving to come. It gets better!

  6. Hi Brian, Aeyrie Silver Eagle here. Glenn Beck was so far off my radar I had to Google him to find out who he was and understand what all the fuss was about! After looking at the video my "world-class" B.S. detector and gift of Sight indicate that Glenn is being sincere. I am also perceiving that there has not been a walk-in. He has undergone a good old-fashioned Awakening ala Saul on the road to Damascus. He has silenced himself with the medical condition to a) prevent himself from speaking any more foul things and b) because he regrets so many of his actions he is literally speechless with remorse. When he is further along the road to reconciling his past errors he will regain his voice. It is very difficult to do such a complete about-face in private, never mind doing it so publicly! This is requiring of him extreme and very uncommon courage. I commend him, and fully support him energetically as he steps up to do some really hard work. It was difficult and very sad for me to read so many vicious comments people left. I wish him the very best, and complete success on his journey. One day, hopefully soon, he will be doing good things with his voice and celebrity. Blessed Be!

  7. Hi Brian... Nup. Fake. My blog also received a lot of hits when I covered this subject :) People are fascinated with him :-o Please Search: glenn beck on my blog for a few articles. The article received 400+ Views on a small unknown blog. Thanks Brian <3

  8. I'm not sure for what benefit G. Beck would do this if it were "fake". I'm not his biggest fan, in fact I'm not a fan at all... I've been aware of him since his days at CNN then on to Fox and ultimately his own independent network. He has caused a lot of controversy and created a lot of fear and hatred. I hope this is a sign that he has come around, finally, and is ready to BE and DO for the good of all. It's been said, "With great power comes great responsibility" (Spiderman's Uncle? Lol...). I hope he takes that seriously.
    Thanks Brian ;)

  9. Hi Kelly, The benefits of a fake 'transformation' stunt: (1) It keeps people interested in Glenn Beck's show for another day while his voice recovers; (2) It keeps his ratings up; (3) It keeps people talking about him; (4) It keeps people speculating about him; (5) In short, it buys the Fox network time (ka'ching, ka' ching) and (6) keeps him in the public eye exactly where Fox wants to be... Right in Your Eye... (7) taking up your time and (8) harvesting your precious energy in speculation about Glenn Beck. Now, whether You realised it or not, that's a whole lotta $$$$ benefit for everyone all 'round... except Joe Public of course.

    'They' have just harvested you and put up a barrier that (9) distracts you from looking at the REAL issues at hand, such as the millions of people STILL living in tent cities in the US as a result of the sub-prime mortgage collapse and how the banks are STILL getting away with it, and the US supply of armaments to Syria... and why it's so important for the US to make sure that the next Egyptian president is prepared to dance to the tune of the US... Oil, Oil, Oil, out through the Suez Canal, so you've got to control the area. Syria is a part of that story too :-/

    The Glenn Beck story is just a distraction to all of the very newsworthy issues bubbling to the fore. There's so many other things going on atm. The world is approaching the tipping-point. There's not very long to go now : ) Glenn Beck serves the network, and the network undoubtedly (10) recompenses him handsomely. Now that's quite a lot of BENEFIT... Would you not agree ?? And I don't even know the 'inside' deals going on. This is just from someone scratching the surface. There will be MANY more benefits, besides... Of that you can be sure... expense accounts, free lunches, football/ basketball tickets and private boxes to everywhere... many, many unseen benefits. Please learn to ask the correct questions instead of taking everything at face value. You KNOW there's corruption and crookedness to the core throughout US politics and media. Why do people not ask the questions nor choose to see what's going on just beneath the surface ?? ie: business as usual :-/

  10. Genuine or fake doesn't necessarily matter. Even if it's fake, it will be like any Cabal-directed activity: It's going to wake up people who are sleeping.


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