Tuesday, July 2, 2013

American Kabuki: I UV Inchange Introduction to Accessing Value

This is video version of the audio interview aired last night on Lisa M. Harrison's "The One People Show". 

The first set of documents are scheduled to be released the evening of July 2, 2013 during Lisa M. Harrison's Collective Imagination Show.  The video says they were to be released last night (the interview was pre-recorded) but that wasn't possible last night.

This is the initial release of documents, the process will become more refined over time as to how to implement the documents, so don't freak out over banking concepts that are unfamilar to you as how to do this. We have lots of people who are very good at breaking down these processes into easily understandable language like what was done with the Courtesy Notices.  This will come in time. This is, after all, a people driven project.

Lower bandwith version of the video below
 for those with slower connections:

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