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David Wilcock New Update 7-14-13..."Financial Tyranny Collapsing at Free Fall Speed" (or, "2013 Is Indeed the Year of the 'I-Told-Ya-So Party'")

David Wilcock New Update 7-14-13..."Financial Tyranny Collapsing at Free Fall Speed" (or, "2013 Is Indeed the Year of the 'I-Told-Ya-So Party'")
July 14, 2013

A big thanks to Kauilapele for putting the highlights together for David Wilcock's new piece. I haven't actually had a chance to read it yet, but it sounds like its a hot piece. Enjoy! ~BK

[Here is a link to pre-order David's newest book, "The Synchronicity Key".]
This new article by David is one I have been waiting for. I’ve sensed something would be coming out soon, as my website checks increasingly have been to Divine Cosmos the past few days.
This article is full of information that to me is so very valuable, as it ties together so many of the “events” and information that are coming out at this time.
It’s happening, baby… and we’re all part of it.
  • Your vindication has only just begun. 2013 is indeed the year of the “I-told-ya-so party” — and we’re only halfway through it so far.
  • The main focus of my work in the last two months has been to integrate an astonishing range of data showing how a systematic, coordinated effort is being made, behind-the-scenes, to tell us the truth.
  • The “burden of wisdom” that we have been carrying, thanklessly, for so long is now starting to be shared by everyone on earth.
  • …if you think that most of the “new information” is over and done with, and life will just go on, all I can say is: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
  • …a positive international alliance is orchestrating this ever-increasing disclosure of new information — behind the scenes.
  • I do believe that this opposition group is very important, has humanity’s best interests in mind, and can ultimately help us form a fairer and better system.
  • The truth has always been available — at least most of it. The real test, from a psychological standpoint, has been whether you can handle the truth.
  • …we are now living through one of the most exciting “plot points” in a story that was written long before we ever got here.
  • The Cayce Readings often said “Jesus is the Pattern” — and now, it appears that we have figured out what they actually meant when they said that… The crucifixion and resurrection story is a very powerful, visually and emotionally compelling embodiment of the underlying pattern of initiation we all must go through — at this time in history.
  • …DNA — and human life as we know it — is a galactic template, written into the basic energy of the Cosmos itself on a quantum level.
  • The Law of One series gives us several critical clues revealing that Jesus became aphysical embodiment of the mind and personality of our galaxy.
  • The Law of One series does indicate that we will decisively move into “fourth density” some time approximately 30 years after 1981. They also say it will take 100 to 700 years for this transition to fully complete.
  • There is indeed a great script — an overarching Story — behind the events that unfold on earth… Once you understand that we are continually moving through a series of plot points, all the fear about where our current history is heading can be eliminated.
Financial tyranny is now crumbling apart so fast we can barely keep up with all the new information. Thousands of years ago, the “what”, “when” and “why” of everything we are seeing now was predicted — by ancient cultures spanning the globe.
In a three-hour Russian TV special, one-hour radio show, and a bold new article, David Wilcock explores the fulfillment of this long-prophesied shift in human consciousness!
[Some additional updates may appear on or around Monday, including more graphics and "pullquotes" to spruce things up a bit -- but the text is here now.]
For those who were following the story, the Mayan Calendar seemed to be a huge disappointment. At first.
Nothing appeared to have happened on the all-important date of December 21, 2012 — even though grandiose-sounding prophecies concerning this window of time appear in over 30 different ancient cultures.
I review some of the key points of this story in the free OM Times article and one-hour radio show linked in this piece.
The biggest thing that happened to me in December 2012 was that I was filmed twice — by a top Russian TV network.
These interviews were soon featured in six hours of prime-time documentary footage on REN-TV, which was all built out of my epic ebook, Financial Tyranny.
These documentaries aired on January 16th and January 30th, 2013 — and electrified the Russian public. The truth was right there — on prime-time broadcast television.
Now, you can watch the three-hour series’ conclusion — with complete English subtitles — and help blow the lid off of the greatest cover-up in human history.
Was this a mere coincidence? Or was it a blatantly obvious political move against the Establishment — and its control of the media, not to mention the world’s gold?
Now, six months later, the hidden truth is being revealed so quickly that our team is spending hours a day just identifying, documenting and archiving all the new information.
The story is literally evolving on a day-by-day basis. It’s hard to know when to stop and write about it, because new information is coming in so fast we can barely keep up with it.
This is no time for laziness. Things are moving far too quickly to even afford to take a single day off.
Priceless, astonishing new information is rising and falling like a furious tide — crashing against a rocky shore. Up and down. Up and down.
If we don’t grab each new piece as soon as it surfaces, it can disappear on the very next wave.
Read more at…


  1. I hope you've had the chance to read this. DW shows strong support for Keenan. Keenan referred to Heather as a "sick bitch who wants to hurt our children" in a post on JHaines6's blog. In DW's last article he strongly supported Fulford who has been writing a bunch of nonsense lately.
    Why post DW's stuff when he clearly backs Fulford / Keenan?
    It is important to note that Wilcock refuses to address the validity of OP despite hundreds of requests on his blog. He denounced Nesara as a fraud but won't denounce OP. Either OP's or DW's credibility is going down the toilet here. I am determined to find out the truth and I am leaning toward OP since DW won't address the issues.
    Thanks for all you do making the OP stuff easier to understand.

  2. While I appreciate your concern Haydn. I don't see it that way at all. David Wilcock puts out some very amazing material. I'm not going to stop posting him just because his opinion doesn't match mine when it comes to Keenan, Fulford, or anyone for that matter. I respect EVERYONE'S opinion, whether or not its different from my own. We All have a role to play in this. I can't prove Keenan is a CIA punk just as much as he can't prove Heather is a "sick bitch," all of these judgments are simply inflated opinions. I have no attachment to credibility, if someone wants to say "i/we have lost it" that is also an opinion. There are enough people who support mine and OPPT/TOP work, for people to come and go and it not to be too big of an issue. So long as I/we continue to operate in full transparency and act in the highest good of all that is, I/we have absolutely NOTHING to lose. This is not about ego. This is not about winning or losing. It is about exposing Truth. And if I feel DW has anything to say which helps support that cause, and I believe his heart to be in the right place, then I will continue to publish his work. Thanks so much for your message. Love and light to you my friend. Brian

  3. Thanks for your prompt reply Brian. I found the message below posted on a forum and think it sums up perfectly how I feel about your response.

    "Spiritual ignorance passes for deep knowledge these days. Can't make silk purses out of pigs' ears. Love deals in truth. Only truth. All truth. Love exposes error and falsehood. It has to, if it's the real thing."

    And my personal favourite as a coach of elite athletes,

    "Not all truth is kind. Kindness isn't always true."

    Best wishes with your work I hope it turns out to be true.


  4. I have attempted to send this message to you two times previously and something takes place and it gets wacked.
    I just listened to David Wilcox on CoasttoCoastAm and much of what he said rang true to me…But his putting value in Gold has led me to believe that something is just not right with his message. That it is just another distraction by the forces of darkness that are using him as a tool.
    The goldsmiths and money changers have been a plague on mankind from as far back as we have a record.
    What he is predicting and projecting continues to allow the banksters, thieves and robbers to continue to rob, steal and plunder mankind under another name.
    What is your definition of value? In your new world how is value created?
    Is he for in essence continuing the current monetary system, with just a change in players? Who might in reality be the same just under another name?
    Is he for Glass-Steagall or for Wall Street? Does he understand what it will really takes to fix the current system?
    It cannot be fixed as it has to be replaced by returning to the Hamiltonian Bank Credit System of our Constitution.
    Creating a future cannot be done with gold and silver.
    Creating a future cannot be done with the current corporate debt system of the Federal Reserve Banking System or any system of another name that functions just the same.
    What is the difference between an animal and a human being?
    Gold and Silver, Paper and Wood are just different forms of fiat currency. The difference is the faith and credit of the American people that is attached to them.
    Understanding that government credit issued to create a future in accordance with the general Welfare should be hts key to learning about the American System of Physical Economy and where the error is in his prediction


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