Friday, July 12, 2013

Rumor Mill: Republic Treasury Note ACT

Rumor Mill: Republic Treasury Note ACT 
July 12, 2013

This document is in the process of going viral across the internet at the moment. I have not researched it enough to say whether I think it's the real deal, or not. I leave that to everyone's own discretion. When I have more time later I will dissect it and do some digging. It could be big. It could be nothing. Time will tell.

very interesting...

Hi All...

If I am reading this right there are a few things going on that may perhaps may make this the best July ever.... What I am reading into this is the cabal crooks that have been involved in our Rebublic UNITED STATES Treasury are either gone or going and perhaps this is what is going to turn the country back to we the people. ...

Whatever way? Please take a look at this document it really sounds like something We can believe in.
All the disinformation regarding the RV the little one keep posting is total nonsense.... They are all full of it up to their (employee of the corporations) eye balls.
We may be seeing something soon...
Please pray that the Black Panthers are turned around and sent home as the District Of Criminals are trying to use them to ignite race wars. All of our black friends that I speak to are really against what these folks are up to.

Sincerely Anonymous 2,


  1. Why would we want to go from a Federal Reserve Note to a Treasury Note? A note is a note is a note, etc. Notes are debt. I am a creditor thank you. Sounds and looks bogus. Just another plot to fool and deceive.

  2. Hi Brian,

    Please check the source of that article. Published by Cambridge University Press, an outfit located in... India. What would they know about US Treasury Notes? And what is the intent before that article?

    I'm all in favor of spreading info. It still needs to be investigated beforehand.


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