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AK: 1st South African One People’s Hearing - 2013.07.25

AK: 1st South African One People’s Hearing - 2013.07.25

A Public Court of Conscience under Common and International law

One People Public Notice:

Come One. Come ALL! Come and autograph your Declaration of Peace and Freedom!

This is a Family affair, take the day off!

Come and meet your first common law bonded public servants!

Learn how to become one too.

Hear the good news about the new system of exchange and what is being created for you!

Come request your international common law card now!

On the serious side, come and formally file your complaint. Your voice will be heard.

Send this out to other agencies of change to be there! Send this out to everybody!  If you want this then come.

Real Water, T-shirts, stickers, information e-books and oath documents will be available for donations. This runs on your charity, without you this won’t be possible.

Give freely in order to receive freely and with abundance.

When:                       25th July, 2013. Starting 9am onwards.

Location:                 Outside the front steps of the Constitutional Court of South Africa.
                                     Constitutional Court; 1 Hospital Street; Constitution Hill;
                                    Braamfontein; Jhb; ZA – The One People’s Court.

09H00 - 10H00     Arrival and settling in. Bring a camp chair, blankets and picnic.

10H00 - 11H00      Opening and prayer by Religious Tribal Elders of the One People.
                                     5 minute Introduction by each present Community representative.
                                     Tell us who you are and what your remedies and/or needs are.
                                     You will find a remedy. Come and network.

11H00 - 11H30        International Common Law Court of Justice Advocate convenes.

11H30 - 13H00       Question & Answer time regarding the new peaceful, positive system.

13H00                       Serving of PUBLIC Notices to Constitutional Court. Hopefully they
                                     will have the courtesy of sending representative out with a response to
                                     demands filed 30 days prior by GiftOfTruth United.
                                     Go to for ConCourt filings.
                                     A non-response will be proof of unjust administrative action.
                                     Failing a response, the Court will put the matter to referendum.

14H00 -                     Filing of charges/complaints with the International Common Law
                                      Court of Justice.

Finally, a new day has dawned. Spread the word. Inform all agents and agencies. No more fear. Get this press off to all media and public groups. This is for the One People. If you want this then support these Common Love Hearings. The next Hearing is in Cape Town starting 1st August. Enrico’s and Anthea Torr’s hearing will be convened. Get a group together and invite the itccs and oppt to convene your hearing.

Notice: Any violation of ITCCS Notices and/or Orders under International Common Law is a breach of numerous Charters and Treaties endorsed by Brussels, Dublin, London, Rome, New York, Vancouver, Amsterdam and South Africa.

Self-governed as bonded Public servant to the One People in Truth, Integrity, Responsibility, Accountability and Responsibility.

By Order: Brother Thomas
Advocate of the International Common Law Court of Justice of South Africa

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