Monday, July 1, 2013

RTS: Are you Ready? Tonight on The One People's radio

Are you Ready? Tonight on The One People's radio
July 1, 2013

Are you ready for it!?

The recording of the 1 hour and 26 minute interview that I did today with Lisa, Bob and Heather will be played tonight on the One Peoples Radio show!!! ........ regardless of the technical difficulties, lol.

I have spent the past 7 hours trying to upload the video of the interview (that I created my self with only one small bit of help (lol)) to youtube- only to have it fail after 3 hours when my computer ran out of juice because I didn't' notice that the power cord wasn't plugged into the wall properly (don't even go there), then the remaining 4 hours attempting to send the audio file to several people via several different pieces of technology.... I am currently sitting in Heather's hallway, hardwired to her modem and we are about .......


I was about to type that we are about 95% done uploading in my final attempt to send it to BZ to get it onto You Tube, and then I glanced at the page and it's now saying:

"Sorry there was a problem with your file transfer. Please try again"


Well I was just ranting to Heather about my horrific day so far and she just smiled and winked and said "Everything happens exactly as it should for a reason"

... apparently the reason is that this video/audio is NOT to be heard before the show tonight.

Normally I'd be seriously pulling my hair out right now, but ... BUT... Lisa ALSO recorded the interview and is uploading it to the radio show right this very moment, SOOOOOoooooooo, tune into blog talk radio show tonight to hear the the WHOLE story, and the archives will be available after the show tonight- and to download. Tomorrow we will get the You Tube video up so that it can be shared everywhere.

Heather is currently working on the final pieces of the Template for I UV INchange -we both have had serious technical issues today, including her laptop refusing to boot up! It's all good though and we are pounding away to get this tipping point moment ready to go.... 90% sure we can get it done by the end of tonight..... another all nighter for us again.

The article I wrote this past Saturday "The Tidal Wave is Coming!" has gone viral across the internet, facebook, and many websites in multiple languages across the globe. Because of this, many many people have only just discovered the OPPT UCC filings, and many of them have no previous exposure to the true corruption of the system, and the theft of their value. During the interview with Heather, we went back and gave a brief synopsis of the Who, What, Where, Why, When and How of the OPPT filings, and I UV INchange and What is happening today. Heather fully explains HOW the Value system works, did work and how it will work now.

This interview is not to be missed!

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