Sunday, May 12, 2013

Updated w/Transcript: Bashar on Future Economy Predicts U/V Ixchange

Bashar on Future Economy Predicts U/V Ixchange
May 12, 2013

Thanks to Martin for the pointer to this Bashar video (only 3 minutes). If you're not familiar with Bashar, I highly recommend his messages, they tend to be highly enlightening and much of the time incredibly relevant to what's happening in the world. This is most definitely one of those occasions. He actually uses the phrase "Universal Exchange." Enjoy!


I received this message today on Facebook:
Brian, can you PLS post the transcript?? Team Dark (TD) always reveals the truth behind the One Peoples work when they scramble to remove video's like this, after being mentioned on both shows it was posted on numerous websites...only to be removed w/in 24hrs. Thanks TD, way to go!! Just like poker, you revealed your hand once!! Been watching this play out since Jan and you never fail to frown, wince and even drop yiour cards when profound truths are revealed by the OP hosts...hey TD love you guys, thanks for the tip off!! Brian and the 5D media ROCK! TY!!

Ask and ye shall receive :)

"The idea of economies on your planet will be altered to a slightly and then more radically different form. At first your planet will seek way to create some form of Universal exchange that will work for all people in all countries. And then it will shift into another standing that economy needs to be based on the resources of the people themselves rather than on some artificial basis. And then as your planet’s technology begins to discover the idea of free energy and how to transform energy and matter then it will find it has abundantly everything that it needs and will not really require an economy as such anymore. People will then be allowed to do whatever they need to do that excites them for there will be the power and technology to create whatever it is you need at any given moment. Even though we understand that the program on your planet that you call Star Trek is a story, it does contain a lot of the intuition of the kinds of reality that you can generate on your planet. One of the reasons why these stories are created out of your consciousness and why they become so popular is because you sense that that is the general direction you are heading in." 
- Bashar


  1. Thank you Brian for posting this! Love to Bashar and Darryl for sharing such relevant information at this time. I really needed to hear this right now, it is absolutely fitting in both my life and my hope and faith for the world.

    All my friends think I am a little loopy when I talk about a cashless/moneyless world coming. They all worry about an economic collapse which will render the world in chaos. I personally believe that We, the People will come together for the good of the whole rather than pit ourselves against one another. This gives me more faith that I am speaking the truth. Love & Light!

  2. For the "Universal Exchange" among peoples, founded on a "resource based economy" - see "OPPT-In" and the "ZEITGEIST" movements. Become a "Wayseer", "UPRISER", "RiseUp" and join "THE ONE PEOPLE". It's all happening ! (Just google them) Cheers !

  3. Awesome! I love Bashar, relate to him, his perspective and attitude, far more deeply than can explained by 'normal' means. EXCELLENT post!

  4. *Sparks*-of-*Eternal*Essence*-connecting-to-a-*Grid*of*Light*
    *We*BE*One* - *We*BE*Free* - *We*BE*eternally*INternally*IMpowered*


  5. Would love to hear but it say's the video is private?

  6. that all great, im a trekkie, but i now know the origional star trek was a vechile for social engerning for the rand corp-cia mk ultra black op dept. just sayin :)

  7. When was this video originally uploaded, Brian?

  8. Video is Private and not viewable!


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