Friday, May 17, 2013

Lucas2012 – When Paper Money Becomes An Energy Love Exchange

Lucas2012 – When Paper Money Becomes An Energy Love Exchange 
May 17, 2013

Big thanks to Lucas for this beautiful and on point messsage! Here is the direct link to Lucas' blog:

I see printed pictures of faces and nominations.  I see paper rolls full of non-value quotations . It was never intended to be printed or used for control and domination. The exchange system got us  into money slavery. The exchange became a leverage for  debt for all to be. Those who transferred it forgot to give us all back.  They kicked our negative value right up our ass . Now they have to face value  that is red-hot from leaving nothing in the pot.

Our energy is going to free all from eviction. No more foreclosure nor any conviction. It is over with all that is just truly a fiction.  The start of a new old way will not happen to those addicted.  Energy equality does not value  service or matter.  It is for all humans for the better.  The most precious energy of all is called love. This is the only exchange for all from above.
Never more worry or cry about lack.  Time to check as your manifesting energy is back. No one will fail as all will find. The golden energy spark is shown to you as  the value inside.  It has been given to you  exclusively by source. It is for all to see oneness will be ours. Whatever will happen just keep in mind, the energy  that is yours is always  shared as divine.
There will not be any profit as also no greed. Know all is given to you as caretaker of the seed. The divine seed in you was sown long ago and it will  make happen the flow.  The blossom and fruits will show your hearts desire that heaven on earth will be acquired. Take you rightful place amongst all as you have become that energy exchange of love.
Love and Light,

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