Thursday, May 16, 2013

German Law Firm Recruits Official OPPT Representative

German Law Firm Recruits Official OPPT Representative
May 16, 2013

Below is an email thread which began yesterday with a wonderful woman named Roberta Kelly, who lives in Germany. Roberta reached out to share this story, in response to amessage I put out for bringing on guests for my new radio program that started today with Jake Ducey, the Be The Change Show. I think the awesomeness of this exchange speaks for itself. :) 

Much Love to you Roberta!...and BRAVO Dr. Wittmann! ~BK

Dearest Brian;

I greet you from the beautiful state of Bavaria . . .
from the city of Munich.

I truly, do not know where to begin to share the story
of my adventurous journey with OPPT and Co.
One fact, however, is certain . . . five months ago, my life
did a hundred and eighty degree turn and I haven't been
the same since. In absolute gratitude and love, without limit.

It is Lisa Harrison, I must thank, for my discovering you all in the
first place. (Will explain how, another time.) What I am bursting to
share with you now, is for your show . . . how Momma Universe, so graciously/abundantly,
acknowledged and blessed my BE'ing and DO'ing, with OPPT in Germany.

I am an African-American singer, who decided in 1972, to make a three week
holiday in Germany, and I'm STILL here!  For more info.(
Fast-forward forty years . . . after searching desperately in Google, for
an OPPT connection here, I finally came across a Law firm.
(Graf von Andechs - Dr.Andreas Wittmann)
In their advertisement, to my surprise, they mention OPPT, but they also mention you.
And when I read the name Brian Kelly, I screamed . . . "they know my brother,
they know my brother"!!(giggle)

Needless to say, I called them immediately. However, almost three weeks passed before
I received a reply.  To make a long story short . . . one of the attorney's finally
called to make an appointment with me, which lasted over three hours.  Two days
later I received an e-mail announcing, that I had been accepted in this Law firm,
with twenty offices spread over Germany, as their official OPPT representative.

Consequently, this coming Friday, the 17th of May, at 18:00hrs., in Munich, I will be
giving a two hour lecture on OPPT to seventy business men and women.  Dr. Wittmann's
plan is to take this "on the road" all over this country. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? (!!!)

Brian, I cannot find the words to express my genuine appreciation and humble DANKE SCHÖN, to
Heather, Lois-RIP, Lisa, Chris, Bob, Dee and naturally to you, and all those who
work behind the scene, for all you have so generously sacrificed for this planet, and ALL
the beautiful souls who are so Blessed to be alive at such a significantly poignant time
as NOW.

Eternal essence, without limit, in absolute truth and love . . .

r o b e r t a  k e l l y

My response:


Truth be told, reading your email brought tears to my eyes :) You are such an incredible Spirit! I am utterly speechless...which doesn't happen too often! lol What a gift you are to this world...and your music is so beyond beautiful.

I cannot believe that story about Dr. Wittmann! How cool is that!? First of all, I would love to have you on the Be The Change Show! Secondly, would you be okay if I shared your story on my blog? I know that many beings out there would be thrilled to hear about it! I could make his name anonymous if you'd like :)
Your energy is through the roof Roberta! I had such a burst of energy rush through me from simply clicking on the link to your website! I hope my response to your wonderful email makes your day just as much as your message made mine. This is absolute magic.....absent limits my dear friend.
In Absolute Gratitude, Love & Peace,

Then I received this back this morning:

Lieber Brian;

Yes, indeed . . . your response not only made my day,
you made tears roll down my face while I read it.
I hope you don't do that to all the women you meet!!(giggle)

You know, I am thrilled to know you would like me on your show . . .
how cool and off-the-hook is that going to be?!!
Brian, Will it be at all possible to
speak with you before?  If you call me, I can call you right back . . .
it doesn't cost me anything from here.

More good news . . . Dr. Wittmann has agreed for his
name to be mentioned on your Blog. He was surprised at first,
but when I forwarded our correspondence to him he relaxed.

Remember I wrote you yesterday, that 70 people had signed up for the lecture
tomorrow.  Well, my dear, in the last 24 hours 40 more have been
added and the day isn't over yet . . . I am anxious to see how many will actually turn up . . .
this is truly amazing, you have to know the German mentality, to appreciate
the significance of this.

My precious Brother, DO NOT EVER STOP BE'ING WHO YOU BE . . .YOU ROCK!!!

Eternal essence absent limit, in absolute love and truth . . . your sister,

r o b e r t a


  1. This is so awesome.. Germany is in the front of alternative medicin and also seem to step up the plate here.

    Thank you Roberta and Brian for sharing.


  2. Wow! Too bad her lecture will be in German, I'd love to hear how it goes. Will be looking forward to hearing Roberta on your new show Brian ;) Awesome news!

  3. So let me get this straight...a german law firm is taking up cases and using the OPPT UCC filings to fight for their clients? If yes then that is super-cool!

  4. This is absolutely wonderful news. We never know what impact one eternal essence can do. This is just one more fabulous story to the BEing and DOing that is The One People. Thank you Brian for sharing with us.

  5. Dear Brother Brian, This is what happens when you create and hold the space for infinite possibilities!Awesome!
    Only love Brother!

  6. Roberta

    ich liebe dich! Your action is nothing short of amazing.

    Shake that ultra conservative tree thoroughly darling.

    Best wishes form a fellow German (Down Under)

  7. you know what that means Brian we're going to have to start looking for law firms in the States to represent the one People brother if one law firm will represents the one people then why won't they all represent the one people ? that's without a doubt incredible news thank you for sharing that with us

    1. I'm confused. "Law firms?"
      As far as I've heard, we are returning to common law.

      Forgive me, I am new to this site.
      I thought in a post from April, Brian said the OPPT was defunct.

      If anyone can explain?

  8. These Germans are frequently out front on things and they had their conquest by the House of Rothschild already. Those filings stand unrebutted and will catch & drag them down even if we are all going to suffer with their "me me me" temper tantrums and watch their "slow bleed".......a bloodletting is a bloodletting by weapon or leeches:)Remember Lake Lacrimose in "Series of Unfortunate events"

  9. Love to hear.. Go neighbour of the Netherlands!!!!!

  10. Wonderful news! Could you please come do lectures here in The Netherlands too? :D

  11. Fan...Tast ...ico!
    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful

    More and more peoples BEing and DOing, is now
    multiplying and comming into a HAVEing ...
    congrats to the German Lawfirm that is far-thinking
    and far-sighted and heart-centred to
    make the move
    and good on you Roberta for your DOing

    Love and Light is raining down on everyone

    Big Hugs, and huge grins and giggles
    to everyone ...
    Sophia: Newsome commonly known as ...

  12. I would like to offer my help to give lectures in the Netherlands about One People. Just contact me through the Dutch One People forum at and contact Star4freedom. Then we can see how we go from there :-)

  13. Firm website

  14. Hello, we are from Germany and have already made experience with the law-firm Graf von Andechs. Since February 2013 they help us clearing those german tax-paying-issues, using the OPPT UCC registrations. We met two representatives of Graf von Andechs yet and both were sending out vibrations of love and truth - really nice guys! It feels great to have some professional backup while using the OPPT-Tools!
    Thank you Brain and Roberta for your great article!

    Love to all of you guys & ladies! :-)

  15. Roberta, you are a beautiful soul! Thanks for being here in germany with us in those times. Another light to look upon in the dark.

  16. I love it to ready here this beautiful news from germany where I live too. My heart gets full of good energy and give me the power to go ouer way together all over the world. We are a small group using CN'S since over a month. Up to now it is a hard way, because all instituions are writing back, UCC is not for us. So we have writen lots of letters and invoices. To hear from Kanzlei Graf von Andechs give us more hope and to find it here is beautifull. Thanks to all of you. We will not fall and do our work as peacefull as we can to build a new world for Be'ings and Do'ing. We are all one.

  17. After reading this article and then visiting purported attorney website; I am struck by the lack of any individual "name" of ANYONE -- let alone an attorney. After Google Translating to English; all methods of contact lack any "person" name- in other words, we have the name of a Law Firm, a list of "special areas" of practice, a generic contact form, names of countries of practice but not one physical address (only a phone# and a PO Box). So I Googled the above Attorney Name provided and took my search back to 2009. The only connected website to the Attorney is a YouTube page created in 2011- videos indicate a regular "truther". I then searched the website creation date- 2012. Does this seem a bit odd? If my research is incorrect feel free to correct me. I am for absolute "truthful" transparency. The only reason I went to this extent is because I got the feeling that someone is looking to make money off the OPPT public- under the guise of a reputable law firm- attorneys that know the system and understand OPPT and will kick the butt of the system for unsuspecting and desperate humans. Please, please Brian research this and if this BE the case~ remove the post.

  18. very suspicious. Are some law firm in the guise of helping people tries to make money ? If they gave you this information for free, don,t try to charge someone to help them. If you broke your chains of slavery for free don,t charge others when you help them.

  19. This information only i needed...!!!
    Great explanation you have been given in this article by you...!!!!
    Thanks for sharing...!!!

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