Friday, May 17, 2013

Energetic Event Coming May 20th...?

Energetic Event Coming May 20th...?
May 17, 2013

I received this message today from my dear friend in Orange County, Katrina Troolines. At the time, she requested I not share the content. I have now been given permission to share here on the blog. I am not one to get too caught up on dates. However, considering the quickening of global events, all the anticipation behind the I U/V and Project XIII launching, combined with all the crazy X-class and M-class solar flares, there's definitely a build up taking place, which appears to be growing considerably in momentum. We all know what happens when you blow too much air into a balloon...sooner or later that bad boys gonna burst! Many times what occurs with these cosmic/astrological events is that the stage gets set energetically to allow physical changes/manifestations to occur within a short period afterwards. I offer no speculation as to what may or may not transpire over the course of the next few days, but I highly suggest keeping your eyes and ears open! 

Side Note: This does seem to correspond with the same time window of Sophia Love's post from a few days ago, which can be read here. 

Thanks for the heads up on this one Katrina! ~BK

Greetings Brian,

I am sending you time sensitive information about a cosmic occurrence that will take place Monday (5/20/13) which feels and sounds to me like the Absolute Data Wave that Heather et al have been forecasting.

I received permission to send to you (for your ears only) the download for an audio of Star Genisis's (Elias Lonsdale) first in a series of five teleclasses in which he shares that Uranus's, undetected until minutes before this recording, false pictures are BE'ing stripped away by Pluto when they go "squared" this Monday... He is picking up that this will mean that "we cannot perpetuate false images" any longer. (click the word "download" after my full name and phone number below)

Elias is an ancient/future master servant of the wizardry of the stars...some forty plus years. He is the author of multiple books yet lives a humble life outside of most technologies in the rain forests of Hawaii.

If this speaks to your eternal heart, please take a listen. The Uranus squared Pluto is in the first (20) minutes, however the rest may speak to you as well. I will send you a YouTube link with just the first (20) minutes with the Uranus squared Pluto info for this Monday by the end of today, if you feel called to share with anyone else.

When the vision came to me to ask for the publisher's, DOliv (as in DO live), permission to send you this audio (the teleclass series is a paidfor sharing) I envisioned Elias sharing live what he is BE'ing downloaded from the cosmos about this on the very same day it's occurring (5/20)..... Who knows, I am just DO'ing what is calling to me.

No worries if this doesn't speak to you. We are ALL experiencing it whether we are conscious of it or not. My inner core is simply telling me to assist with the connection.

My heart sings with all that we are co-creating together...

In Absolute Joy & Gratitude,
eternal essence embodied as Katrina

The Power is in This Now Moment...
and the Power is the Eternal You...and Unity!



  1. This truly explains so much to me. I can see all these effects going on in my life as I allow my old tired and dis-eased body to be replaced. I have claimed my own personal sovereignty, I claimed my freedom, I AM the Master of My Ship - ONLY! Now I step into my role as a Healer having learned intimate knowledge of pain and (mental) torture! I moved back to my 'hometown' in Feb and in doing so I claimed a 'whole new life' - an so it IS. -m. xo<3

  2. Brian...where is the dowload under Katrina's name she mentioned?

  3. It's the same audio that's in the YouTube :)

  4. Thank you Brian.

  5. Brian,

    Loved your "Morning Brew" with Jake show the other morning! Regarding "energy events" just wondering if the Unrebutted filings/statement to Elizabeth Windsor of Brian Go-Lightly Marshall play into any of the disclosures coming? He's You Tubed if you search him and I actually originally came across his You Tube late last summer before finding Heather's UCC Filings on the SEC website. Now there's a video that links with another OPPT video & He calls out Everyone precisely in the chain of Slavery. Curious of your/OPPT's Knowledge of his claim?

  6. Thank you for sharing this Brian.

  7. Pluto aka The Phoenix, The Womb and Tomb of Creation
    Uranus aka *~ Lightning! ~* The Great and Sudden Awakener

    "...why does Uranus not do what it is supposed to?"
    Interesting question ~ however, that question echoes a desire to be in control.
    That is why it is The Awakener: because before THE AWAKENING, we did not know.

    Pluto is the One that strips you down to your Naked Soul.
    Pluto, in Capricorn (Structure, Patriarchy - *ahem* - authority, government, etc.) is being stripped. It is being torn down, and shall be replaced by the Organic Phoenix of itself.

    Uranus is in Aries: The Self. The Spark. The Start. The Individual. The Ego
    That is what is being awakened: By Awakening the Individual, The overlording self-appointed authority naturally falls away...

    Here is more on this current square...

  8. I have not checked in here for some time because I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are really great quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend.


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