Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Removing the Shackles: UPDATE May 7th: RV and NESARA and TANSTAAFL

Removing the Shackles: UPDATE May 7th: RV and NESARA and TANSTAAFL 
May 7, 2013

Check out D's post here.

Well my friends, it's been a long time since I've given an update on this topic of the "RV", and things are jumping like crazy right now, so I am going to give you some of the information that I know and my thoughts that go with it all.

The Disinfo Mill is spinning like crazy and the past week there has been an insane amount of ridiculous rumours and gossip and out right lies being spread like rancid peanut butter. We've always known that the closer the "RV/New Financial System/Nesara" gets, the more bullshit would be laid down..... and this past week has been a doozy!!

I want to clarify a few points that really need to be hammered home here on the topic of the Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong (and many other currencies).

*YES there ARE tiers. Anyone who tells you differently is an outright liar or a complete moron who's only intel is coming from a magic 8 ball.

* Yes, tiers 1 and 2 have turned in their Dinar and have nice fat bank accounts with a lotta zeros..... which they can't touch until the whole shebang goes live. This is to try to prevent double dipping..... yea right! who are they trying to kid!

* Yes, there have been a whole bunch of arrests, especially in the past week- but NOT 2000 bankers (I haven't been able to confirm anywhere near that number)- and not just bankers either..... and a few people sorta disappeared for a few days. They weren't on vacation. (Geeee I'm glad I wasn't in that "special interest" group).... buhahahahhahahahahah!!!!!!!

* Several things happened last week to stop the RV from going live. I've verified two of them for certain- last tuesday and last Friday. The "Bad guys".... ok that's a misnomer, lol, let's call them the "loosers" are doing everything they can to stop the "winners" of this round of financial warfare from taking over. They don't like that they've lost their power and they'll resort to just about anything they can to stop the steamroller from rollin' on through, even though they know there isn't a chance in hell that they can stop it.

*speaking of "bad guys", a certain shrubbery lost everything in the family greenhouse..... they tried every angle they could to get their golden ticket to Wonka's pushed through the various groups in the land of slot machines..... but in the end they got a big fat zero and not even a chocolate bar as a consolation prize. They're still tryin', but the guys monitoring all these events have their number and no matter how many disguises they put on, they still ain't getting a golden ticket. I know that I'm suppose to be all love & light and stuff..... but I just can't stop giggling.

* There are certain so called "gurus" who are running around bad mouthing various people, screaming outrageous lies about the groups. There is one that is basically freaking out like a dime store hooker that's run out of bath tub meth. This person in particular is making a complete ass of herself and has insured that the hole she's dug is so freakin' deep that she might end up in china way before she ever get's a chance to cash in her Dinar. Don't poke the "hillbilly" honey, 'cause you don't know who he might really be! Moron.

* All the things that needed to be done to make the RV "Live" seem to be done. (in some instances, again and again and over again, lol). Everything is lined up. We're being told by ALL sources that this is it. Will there be another delay? Another crash? Another all out brawl at the OK coral? Could be. But I do know that those on the top rungs are SERIOUSLY pissed about the delays and are making some very heavy threats. So..... we'll have to see what happens over the next 24 -48 hours or so. Or less. Like I said: We wait for the Call.

* When the Studley/General64 Email- THE Email- goes out I will let everyone here know immediately that it's about to be sent. Anyone that comes into any of the chat rooms or intel rooms etc.. saying "Studley is sending out the email in 2 hours"... let's just say that a certain person might strangle them with the power cord from his computer.

So...... The one thing more that I want to talk about is NESARA, and all the hopes and dreams that a lot of people have that include sweeping strings and trumpets sounding on high and a chorus of "Hallelujah". I've been saying for months that NESARA has been turned into a cabal control mechanism, and it has become very very apparent in the past few weeks just how little of the original NESARA will actually make it's way out into reality.

The "New" Financial System that is about to be rolled out globally is nothing more than a change of management. The "New" financial system might be under new ownership, but other than a fancy new logo and some spiffy new uniforms.... it's still the same old game. I'm not asking anyone to believe me. I'm not asking anyone to jump on my band wagon.... I am asking you all to watch very carefully. Watch what you SEE and what you do NOT SEE. Listen to what you are being told, then think about what you're NOT hearing! I'm not being jaded or pessimistic- I am giving you my opinion based on all the information I've had given to me. I have spent the past few months reviewing intel and information that is so ridiculously dirty that it makes the concept of a whole new financial system run in transparency look like the biggest lie ever perpetrated on the people of this planet. Murder, bribery, blackmail, money laundering, and outright theft. What a great way to set up a new system, eh?

It's just new management. That's it.

Anyway my friends, things are about to get very very exciting. You are most likely about to get overloaded with a whole bunch of information and misinformation and a lotta bullshit.

and then..... SPEAK OUT.

This event is part of the Grand Finale. This part- the RV etc- is the grandest contrast ever to be seen and once it's live.... the FUN really REALLY starts!!

Final notes:

- when you get your email, call the 1-800 number and make your appointment- do NOT delay, because there will only be a set amount of time to exchange at the group rate. If you wait around for the fanfare and trumpets of ANNOUNCEMENTS, there is a good chance that you'll miss out on your group rate. Trust me on this one: Follow your INSTRUCTIONS. That's it. Stupid Simple.

- Do NOT NOT NOT give your Dinar to ANYONE except the bank. I don't care what guru they say they are.... do not give your currency to anyone except the banker who's in charge of handling your account. Sheeesh people! Please stop being so gullible!

lastly, and most importantly:


You want to buy some fancy toys, fine. But this is the time to PROVE that you have what it takes to be a Human BEing, instead of a Human Sponge. You got yourself a prize? Now it's time to step up to the plate and DO something with it!!

TANSTAAFL my friends: There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.


  1. D is stating to write like Poof - in cryptic. I do wish they would both stop trying to demonstrate their creativity, and strive more to communicate effectively and transparently.


  2. Hi Brian, thank you for your hard work in keeping us all posted. I am a bit confused, are there two financial systems being implemented with only BEing of Truth? Also regarding the email, is that going to be sent to all of the world's citizens or select few? I'm trying my hardest to sift through all of the True information and disinformation. It's a bit overwhelming. Love & Light to All!

    1. I'm not sure which email you're referring to...

      Yes, I realize much of this information can be very difficult to understand. In all honesty, I'm no pro on this whole RV mess. The problem is you can't re-valuate a currency unless there are hard assets to back it...that being the ingredient that is lacking at the moment. For me, it's best to watch this whole development the same I would an action packed thriller movie...totally detached from how it ends, but on the edge of my seat the whole time! Much Love! ~BK

  3. I truly do not get D's post. Either you're "in the know" on the RV and you're automatically with the OLD PTB & Drake & Nesara Blog & the "dinarians" and waitin for the new greed maze to begin or you're 100% behind the System Shutdown perpetrated by the OPPT & ONLY "Down" with their plans to take out the PTB that would just offer the world a new "PHONY" system??? Which is it D? No One that is watching ALL Heather's HONEST TRANSPARENT HARD WORK could even "suggest" that the PTB will successfully "trot out" another veiled Ponzi! And, the only people suggesting the Provost Marshalls & Gen Dempsey won't "Do their Jobs" are the Major Fraud families. I Know that Dempsey has been "slow to move" but as an American I have to believe the military (albeit slowly) does the "right thing" here. Therefore D darling don't "Hedge" & I know you've been saying the New Ponzi would illuminate the "greatest contrast" and I agree, but giving it ANY hope is like "Hedging" that goes with indecisiveness & deception & I know you're not about that dear. I believe in you. Get the Heather Jersey on and take out their "middle linebacker"!!! INTEGRITY OUR ONLY WAY FORWARD

    1. Great post.

    2. I agree with you on the Transparency part. D gets a lot of information from a lot of various sources. Certain of those sources, make her promise she won't release too much info, or else they stop feeding her the intel. So, I don't believe her intention to be lack of transparency. Fact of the matter is, these RV guys have been saying "it's gonna go through in 24 hours...it's gonna go through in 48 hours!" for months now and nothin's happened yet. I fall into the category of, I'll believe it when I see it on this one. :)

  4. any 2nd Ponzi that fills consumer bank accounts will prolong the DEATH of the GREED MAZE & It needs DEAD NOW! No MORE Talk of "Higher UPS"!!!

    or 1st 2nd & 3rd "tiers"

    1st tier = my furry bunghol

  5. Hi Brian~ seems only you allow comments~ I cannot understand why AK and RTS still have their pages locked down unless they get so many a day they are unable to review for integrity~ but ya know what? With so many "friends" I am sure if any of you need help "administrating" all you have to do is ask~ I know. Haveoffered my help so many times that I finally gave up. Anyway~ I wanted this comment on D's page~ The Rhetoric is so interspursed along with attempts at humor that anyone in the middle was left confused by the time finished reading. Those who are deep in understanding probably got their chuckles but outsiders may have even found some of her verbage offensive and egotistical. "Morons" was just one. Just my humble opinion~ to reach those just opening their eyes; her article sent them somewhere else.

    1. They stopped the comments b/c there was just way too many to keep up with :) D can be a bit rough around the edges but that's what makes her D! Deep down she is one of the most kind heart'd, compassionate, generous people I've ever known. Definitely the kind of person you want to have on your side if the shit ever hits the fan! LoL! ;)

  6. D,

    There has NOT BEEN A FREE LUNCH IN 100 YEARS!!!So, that "phrase" is
    complete snobbery. After These "Families" raped the rest of our "Families" for their "Transfer Paper" Funny Money ripoff Game with the "Green Light" from our UNINFORMED GREAT GRANNIES (I Refuse to call MY Great Granny DUMB!Especially when NO INFO Was READILY AVAILABLE to Her in 1913)But REALLY That "Green Light" WAS GIVEN By Greed-Filled POLITICIANS of 1913 or 1871 OR Even Waterloo!(take your pick)Makes NO ONE Stupid OR LOOKING For a "Free Lunch", OK? It makes the WHOLE WORLD VICTIMS, LEGITIMATE Victims! Unless your last name is Aldobrandini or Breakspeare or Orsini I DON'T Want to hear "Free Lunch" ever again. NO One would after 100 yrs of getting
    Corn-Holed call it a "Free Lunch" they'd call it a schtu-ping. This whole thing ENDS REAL Quick when the Families mentioned above sense their own schtu-ping about to be delivered. I worked for one of those families and NOBODY Deserves it More than THEM. We'll refer to "IT" as THEIR "Free Lunch"


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