Tuesday, April 16, 2013

UN-SWISSINDO - OPPT As I Understand It

April 16th, 2013

(Important Update: These documents were originally drafted in Indonesian and later translated into English by THEIR translation team. Therefore, much can be lost or confused in the translation. We admit much of it is not easy to understand).

Ask and ye shall receive!

This will officially be the first time anyone from the I U/V Exchange (formerly OPPT) Ground Crew has published any of the SWISSINDO information. Let me preface what I have to share today with a Skype chat I just sent to Heather a few minutes ago. 

9‎:‎25‎ ‎AM

Got a quick minute?

This just came through:

UN email from Mr. Sino.AS

My thought is to publish solely for the purpose of allowing people the opportunity to put to use their inner compass of resonance. Will NOT be saying we have agreed to any deal or anything like that...

After last night's show everyone knows where we stand on this new development. Transparency is my only objective.

So, in honor of this position and post, based on nothing other than total transparency, I will share the most recent communications and documentation received from our contacts at SWISSINDO. However, before I do so, I need to make a few things perfectly clear, considering this information will be scrutinized and dissected by a great many people just itching to make all kinds of assumptions. 

1. As stated above, We have not signed any agreement or agreed to any terms whatsoever
2. We have not yet met face-to-face with anyone from SWISSINDO, as of this post
3. We are still in the process of conducting an extreme level of due diligence. No documents have been finalized, so there is still work to be done before this is conclusive. 
4. There is much mention of dollar figures in these documents. This is NOT, nor will ever be about the money OR the gold. This IS about an energetic exchange. The implications of what this could all mean (at least on my end) have yet to be determined. So, I would rather not speculate. 
5. In a few places there is mention to the "New World Order" and "Committee of 300." What they are referring to is the shutting down of these systems and groups.
6. This whole process up to this point has been a journey of exploration. Any assumptions as to speculation of an agenda are merely that, assumptions. The best case scenario I will leave to your imagination. The worst case scenario, we walk away hands clean. 
7. Most important point: ALL IS IN PERFECT ORDER EITHER WAY!

It is important to note here that we hold the representatives from SWISSINDO and the Javanese culture in the absolute highest regard. They have shown nothing other than a great deal of kindness, compassion and the purest of intent. We honor their legacy and history of their ancestors, whose courage and determination made this great and worthy work possible. I am humbled by the opportunity to have had a chance to be part of a very pleasant and quite exciting exchange. 

What attracted me originally to this story was how, after months of rigorous study and due diligence on their end, they have given complete confidence and total credibility tot the UCC filings and all accompanying work the OPPT have put forth. You will see by the documents shared today that our mission appears to be one and the same; to free Humanity from tyranny and return ALL the people back to Eternal Essence. 

In order to fully understand and comprehend what has been unfolding, I'm going to include some back story, which can be found in these first few sets of documents. 

NOTE: It will take some time to go through all of this. Most of it can be skimmed through rather quickly. Some of this information has already been released on Facebook through the SWISSINDO side, so may be redundant. The most recent updates are the files at the end of this post. 

Paula's email at the very end of this first document is very important. With great transparency, it shows the very nature of our true intentions. 

This next document is the first one I received, coupled with the email exchange above. I am listed here as Media Contact for OPPT, which is how I got involved and the reason behind my publishing of this information today. 

This next document was a collaboration between SWISSINDO & OPPT to effectively communicate our common ground. 

These next three documents represent what we've received today. The UN order, bearing with it some of  the greatest implications. 


  1. In the top of this message Brian talks about "We".

    Oppt has dissolved itself.

    who is "We" ....????

    1. "We" simply refers to those of us who have been speaking directly with the representatives at SWISSINDO.

    2. And "those of us" that have been speaking directly with SWISSINDO representatives are people that were active in OPPT as OPPT is no longer active?

    3. By DEFAULT~ OPPT dissolved itself via foreclosure on all legal systems (I said this the very first video I watched- why do we need CN's if the system no longer "exists". D responded "Excellent Question I possed to Heather. It's mainly to notify the "workers" who haven't been told" & it is a "Personal Contract" which is the ONLY allowed contract) So, OPPT was fulfilled upon "unrebutted" claims, UCC files standing (before you say "I didn't get anything yet) ~ The purpose was to return everything back to creator and remove all systems of governance- but this is a MASSIVE world, a lot of people, and a lot of power brokers who are grasping at straws. Before a new house can be built on the same ground where the old was rotting & and is deemed irreparable- you must tear it down! Even destruction of a house and subsequent clean up takes time- and we are undertaking the tearing down and clean up of an an entire planet AND attempting to unite cultural, religious, ethnic, social, economic, and a myriad of other ideologies. Namaste and Lak'ech!!

  2. I don't get it... Who are these people and why do I care?

    1. ... why are you here if you don't care?

    2. These people love GOD, CREATOR, CREATION and their "wealth" be it tangible or intangible spiritual wealth has been passed down since the beginning of time. "Spiritual Wonder Boy" or KING ASM for example- heirs to ancient wealth that can only be verified by the possession of a "ring", a very ancient ring that I believe reads Alpha & Omega. The reason you and most of the people don't understand is because these people, their situations date back to Ancient of Ancient days. The lies and deception on the people of this world is akin to movies such as "Lord of the Rings, the Matrix, the Mummy, and Davinci Code". You, me and the world have been living under a "veil" to keep our eyes closed and our hearts decieved. In many respects, the Golden Age spoke about in the bible was the return of Christ- but there again if you understand the bible you know that it is in code- Metaphor, Parable, Astrology, Numerology, History; past, present, and future events. Cross referenced with the Torah, Book of the Dead, the Emerald Tablets, Quran, etc, etc, etc, etc... you "see" that all of them have common threads of extreme truth. These "people" hold a very ancient key. If one follows them, digs deep, read back years of their efforts... you still only scratch the surface but now is their OPPTortunity to prove their absolute care of Humanity and LOVE FOR CREATOR. "ye shall know them by their fruits". WE OPPT refuse governance, banking systems, etc. I think that Paula, above letter; spelled that out. Namaste, Shieena

    3. thanks for the very long description, but the first question still has not been answered who are these people? And a question from me - how have they got into the position of allegedly representing me? I haven't given anyone my consent to represent me.

    4. No one represents you my friend...other than you. Who everyone is in this cosmic symphony, and what their intentions are, will soon be revealed for all to see. Until then, its all up for speculation! :)

  3. Finally had the time to go through this Brian and am just as in-awe-smacked as I was when I read the first oppt doc announced late December, as somehow, I instantly knew in my heart what it was. And the energy of these documents feel essentially the same.

    Thank you so much for making everything completely transparent! And the deeply respectful communication that always includes Mother Earth and Father Sky creators, brought a tear from my heart. Within the Pacific Islanders, it is Papa (Mother Earth) and Wakea (Father Sky) that is always acknowledged most deeply. So I was very very moved to see them being acknowledged here as part of everything we are doing now together.

    I look forward to being able to see future communications,
    in Absolute Gratitude,

  4. Why is the world elite exempt, why are you dealing the the World Banks and the Federal Reserve of the US? What is the standing army of 12 million all about. This doesn't make sense.

    1. Yes, I admit much of it is very confusing. More details that explains what is transpiring will be released soon. In the meantime, its best to fall back on faith that everything is under control and will be well. In fact, I KNOW it will :)

  5. Hi Brian,
    Thank you to you and Heather for making all of this available. I have read it all somewhat quickly (took about 2 hours) and I have two responses. First is one of gratitude, awe, and hope that this will be a key piece of bringing freedom to us.

    The second is a feeling that I'm watching some sports game and I don't know any of the rules. I know it is partly the translation and partly the legalese and jargon that is confusing to me. Will there be a play x play at some point?

    I am cautious about seeing the World Bank and the Committee of 300 as part of the implementation of this. Did I get the right impression? Are there people in those organizations now who are in alignment with the OPPT objectives?

    I see that OPPT is sometimes referred to as One People's Public Trust and sometimes One Person Public Trust. Is that a translation issue?

    I feel giddy at times that I am privy to, and party to such a monumental change on this planet; in this universe. I get the giggling :-)

    In gratitude and love

    1. As far as I can see that appear to be in complete alignment with OPPT objectives. A play by play will most definitely be coming. This post was not meant to be a complete discourse, so I fully understand it all can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. "One Person Public Trust" is just a translation slip. We are definitely in some exciting times! Thanks for the support Anaya!! :)

  6. I don't understand much of the language used in the Documents, but I do understand the Name of the Project "New World Order" ???
    See Page 4 of the "Swissindo Instruction-germany Comptroller" Doc.
    Also on page 20: "Acte final of the Absolute Title, New World Order"
    Just tying to understand.

    1. Will have a whole separate post that explains all of that my friend. I assure you this is not some ill advised attempt to peddle another illuminati agenda. The ones still in resistance are very concerned by this new development. Much more to this unfolding story will be released soon.

    2. Brian, can you just explain it quicky and simply now? Thank you

  7. Thank you for this publication
    hopefully this can be one of understanding, one view, and one vision, to rebuild this world system.

    A change is certainly not easy to be created without the cooperation and understanding of the same.

    SWISSINDO OPPT are combined to create this change, real change towards heaven to man on earth. between the creator and executor could be in line and in tune, we realize the mother earth to father sky into, a real god throne of heaven.


    1. To the Revered Alang Jr.:

      My vision is to live in a world where FREEDOM for ALL is not just an idea but a reality. It seems we share the same mission: bringing Heaven to Earth. Through cooperation and understanding we WILL rebuild a new world.



    2. http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2013/04/19/neil-keenan-update-oppt-breaks-peace-declares-military-arm-keenan-survives-poisoning-attempt-notifies-authorities-of-oppt-incitement-of-indonesian-rebellion/

      So, here we go again. Seems we are no longer in a truce with Keenan. So sad that this last struggle for freedom has to be so difficult.

      We are all ONE and I will continue to hold that space in this forever NOW moment.

  8. Could you explain what SWISSINDO is?

    Found this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Arcv74-c9qE

    Is that related?

    I see a general problem in clarity. To little explanation in a simple langauge about all this and OPPT in general. This is very important.

    1. To answer your question will require much more than I can respond in this little reply box. There will be another post revealing much more of this unfolding story very soon. This post was meant to simply pass along information.

      In short: SWISSINDO represents Indonesian Royal Families. More to come.


  9. What is IBM Redbook logo doing in the background of the last document?
    With unlimited money avalilable there should be no need to copy a registered trademark.
    Go to http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/ open any pdf redbook and see for yourself.

    I read it as new world order implementation. One world currency, king of kings, one world military...

    Smells fishy.


    1. Good question Boris, I passed that one along.

  10. Hi Brian,
    Thanx for DO'ing, I also went through this quickly less then 2 hours. Seems like they are reaching out even though they reference the OPPT differently as OPPT Calgary says above.

    Is it possible to get a better picture of the pyramide in the top middle of the docs? It get's a bit blurry. I felt it to be very interesting to read the different levels that are explained on the pyramide but could not make out what it said above the banks.

    Thrilling to see were this ends, be alert but open..

    Love and light

    Oliver aka McCroft

    1. "Be alert but open" I LOVE THAT. My position exactly. Unfortunately, I don't have a clearer copy. I'm certain much more on this story will be released VERY soon.

  11. This is transparency and the communication from the OPPT to them is very clear. It is not so clear coming from them. The UN I assume meaning the United Nations. They are not the good guys based on past experience. I sure hope you are not being lead down a treacherous path.

    Much love,

    1. ...it is only a treacherous path when you run down it blindly :) Not what is happening in the slightest. We will all know what is happening with this development soon enough. Much Love, Brian

  12. Hi Brian,
    I found this post with a message from Paula Humphrey
    In the message Paula attached a video by the UN-SwissIndo Television News. In the video the Director of Joint Communications reads off a list of payments made to or by a long list of payees.
    I also noted that the video in Paula's message was posted by Alang Jr who has posted a comment above.
    I saw this same Director of Communications in a video on posted on Divine Cosmos in fall 2011 or early 2012. I've looked and I can't find it today
    In that video he also read out a long list of payments to various payees.
    I'm wondering what the connection is.

    1. It is ALL connected...all the dots are being made clear NOW. Stay alert but open :)

  13. @Anonymous on April 17, 2013 at 1:08 AM

    A reply to your request of a simple explanation of OPPT.

    Brian is right, he cannot explain the OPPT in few sentences. Take a look at this link: http://understandingtheoppt.info/index.shtml
    Understanding the One People's Public Trust, A Beginner's Guide to the OPPT, in which OPPT is explained in simple terms so that a simple man without knowledge of terminologies in law can comprehend what this OPPT is all about. He has also added the "Update" button for new informations.

    In my opinion, Tom (who provided this website : http://understandingtheoppt.info/index.shtml) has done a great job to help those who are new to this OPPT issue. You will learn much in short time.


    1. Brian, just an observation, OK? Keenan says he has the original documents for the Soekarno Trust. I believe, from what I can understand, that the above documents are from a micro film. So that would mean they are not the originals. Forgive me if I am wrong, but if this is true, then seems there may be a problem.

      Hope I am wrong. All will be revealed when it is time, right?

      Enjoy your time off. Sure hope the show Monday nite is not taken down so we can party together. Miss your giggles. Love you

    2. "All will be revealed when it is time right?" ABSOLUTELY ;)

  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3vjxgxiNJ0
    **This caught my attention because he talks about his UBS account having an amazing amount in it. I read every page of the swissindo info and it has enough UBS in it that I thought others may want to listen to someone else speaking of it as wel**
    This was in the 'about' section of the video...
    Adnan Sakli is the recognized global underwriter. He is demanding change and integrity from the worlds leaders. This informal chat is part of an ongoing stream of information about the reality unfolding around us all. This time is a short window of opportunity for the politicians and bank people to come on board and get with the program of being a force of good for the people - or leave. To the people... wake up to the window of opportunity to get out of fear and recognize your power to organize and run your own lives.

    Since november 2012, a dialog has been ongoing to inform about the reality of the economic structures that lie hidden behind the commercial illusions used to enslave us all. Learn about the history of the world you don't learn about at school or in the news - and the prospects for the near future.

  15. For someone who reads as much as I do, I found the OPPT written communications/paperwork difficult to understand. English is only a second language to me, but I read an average of 65-70 books a year. I read anything and everything I can get my hands on to make sure I know both sides of any equation. I take note of quirks in spelling, wording, etc. (researching them further), to make sure I do not miss any nuances of this language which is foreign to me. OPPT reminds me of my home's deed/ownership paper. I made my final payment to the bank and expected them to send me a paper saying I finally owned my home, free and clear, or something that simple, but I got this paper which I could not understand leading me to question whether it says I own the house or not. I sent it to a lawyer who confirmed that it shows I now owned the house. Which part of that says it....I do not know. Now, why can't Heather and company get rid of the verboseness and state what they have to communicate simply? Is it because they intend to confuse? I do not have a law degree, but I am far from being uneducated. This new development must be why if all these organizations have been foreclosed upon, nothing has really changed, as far as we can see. Maybe we should all be paying more attention to Neal Keenan than to the group of Heather Tucci-Jarraf. I hope AK elaborates on this as well. Talk about resonance....this one never resonated fully with me, but I doggedly followed it out of curiosity and hope that it is what most people hope for (complete freedom).

    My love around all of you,

    Cecille Chan

    1. I know much of it is hard to understand Cecille. Most of what Heather wrote for the UCC filings was not meant for public consumption, it just worked out that it received much public attention. Now she writes in a fashion that requires the words to be felt with the heart and not read with the mind. At first this frustrated me, now I've learned to appreciate it, because I can feel the intent of the messages. All will be made clear soon enough my friend, in the meantime watching and observing without attachment or expectation is the only way to go :) My Love to YOU!

  16. Greetings All and thanks Brian for all of your BEing and DOing. I've benefited from the information you and others provide on a regular basis. Since I'm eating from this plate, I thought I'd add some food to it. This SwissIndo development has me feeling thrilled, curious, and confused so I thought I'd do a little research on the net to see what I could discover about Indonesia's wealth. I was looking specifically for something that predates recent discussion. I wanted more than what's on wiki...seek and 'ye shall find"; so here's an article I found that represents a compilation of articles written about Indonesia's wealth, royal families, etc. prior to the OPPT/SwissIndo discussions. It's lengthy and you'll have to use your own research and resonance skills to vet it. Very interesting reading...


    1. Thanks for the link my friend! Will take a look at it and if it's concise enough will probably post :) Gratitude!

  17. Hey Brian.... on the 13/14 show it was talked about, briefly, using v.c and then your signature... do you know any more of this..?? Thank you,

  18. Hi Brian, many thanks to make all this publication available for everyone. Would you like to give a further information specifically about the "micro film". How did they get it and How we ensure that is content the truth.
    Appreciate for your vie and comment.
    Have a nice evening

  19. Many thanks Brian for making this great publication available for all of us across the world. Would you like to extend some further clarification on the micro film specific subject. 1. How does it looks like? Is similar with the regular micro film we found in General Library? or something else 2. How we are able to ensure that all information in the micro film are truly valid or original? What are the criteria to justify 3. Can the current global financial system foreclosure immediately, providing that we have to follow what it has been said in the micro film. Appreciate for having your personal answer and again many thanks again for responding my inquiries, Cheers - Jonathan -

  20. That I DO;
    Uphold the Universal Law of the Creator that ALL actions are permissible, without limits,
    except abrogation of free will choice of another embodiment of eternal essence.
    Establish, maintain, serve and protect ABSOLUTE and ETERNAL PEACE ON EARTH,
    the right of free will choice, the equity and the abundance of the One People;
    through the Universal Value Exchange❶ and CVAC SYSTEMS of ASSISTANCE5;
    by execution of Military Order UCC 20120960746, and
    as expressed by the CONSENSUS WILL of the ONE PEOPLE, in future moments of NOW.

    That I AM;
    Protecting with and by my BE’ing eternal essence without limits,
    DO’ing always for the greater good of the One People and the Earth.
    Serving in THIS and ALL moments of NOW, henceforth for ninety days, provisionally renewed three
    times or by alternate mutual agreement with the STEWARD of CVAC SYSTEMS of ASSISTANCE.


    Thumbprint…………….. Day Month………………………………………….. Year…………………………………………2013
    It is my understanding that the above is the contact this agreement aand it is to be signed and thumb printed and im a bit concerend about this "Uphold the Universal Law of the Creator that ALL actions are permissible, without limits,
    except abrogation of free will choice of another embodiment of eternal essence.". In my understanding that this means we nullify our rights to free will to worship another "Eternal Essence". Does this mean we have to deny any existence of Christ by signing this agreement?
    Is this a pact with lucifer? which the NWO worship?


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