Wednesday, April 17, 2013

POOF Interview -- Resurrected

POOF Interview -- Resurrected 
April 17th, 2013

Let the record show that I AM a self-proclaimed seeker of Truth. I desire for Absolute Truth to be known, not only for myself but for ALL. The backbone of Truth is Transparency. You can't have one without the other. The old adage, "for it is the TRUTH that will set us FREE," is more relevant now than ever.

One of the main reasons I started this blog was so I could have a forum to share what I know and have learned along the way, with ANYONE who is willing to listen. My hope is that readers walk away informed, inspired and empowered. Everything I post will be published with those three pillars weaved into the fabric of all the material.

For those of you who have been following my work for a while, you're already familiar with the interview  I did with a guy named Poof around October of 2012. This was actually a consultation, as I paid $50 for the service, which bought me an hour of talk time. Beforehand, I decided to record the call so that I could play back anything I may have missed to jog my memory.

All of the details of this story can be found on American Kabuki, here

For the sake of context, I will share a brief synopsis. 

After one of the most exciting calls I've EVER had, I realized there could be great value in releasing the content to the public. The sole objective being to provide hope and excitement for those who had been following the unfolding story. 

Within a few hours of the call, American Kabuki emailed Poof, informed him the call had been recorded and asked if it could be released on his blog. The reply was that the intel was for too sensitive at the time and the directive was to hold off for now, which we did. 

As an un-experienced journalist, I didn't see the harm in recording for personal use. Something I would steer clear from now. However, I have no regrets as it would later be discovered it served a much higher purpose.

Almost two months went by before Poof gave us the green light to release the call. The result was the video going viral on YouTube, receiving almost 8,000 views in less than four hours. It seemed Poof's intel was in very high demand. 

That's when the email came. It was from Poof, saying we made some folks in Hong Kong very unhappy with the release of the video and it needed to be pulled, or things could get ugly. Suffice it to say, we pulled the video immediately. 

Then, on December 26th, 2012, we received the following email from a woman named Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf ;)

From: Heather Tucci-Jarraf
Cc: "kauilapele" ; "americankabuki" ; Trustees ; Advisors ; "removingtheshackles"  
Sent: Wednesday, December 26, 2012 12:07 AM
Subject: (POOF) RE: time for the mystery of Truth to BE known

AK, KP, and "Poof" (cc to D, the Trustees and the Trust Advisors)

To all of you and each of you...I send my love, gratitude and appreciation.  In a few emails I send to you, I return some of the energy you so willingly share with others, including me.

Perhaps the attachments will shine some context on the "past" situation regarding Hong Kong's "order" and the "pulled" interview by the being known as "Poof".  Your energy on that matter served to protect the highest good of alll...whether you knew it doesn't matter, however, I return the energy by way of transparency...the major piece that made them nervous was the disclosure/admission of the timing the "money" China had printed and sent over to (former) US.  They used our presence, the foreclosure, and the inspection of gold holdings at BIS on October 22-24, 2012, to pressure the western half of the families (yes, they are all "related") to submit to unlawful and illegal deals to keep the Agenda alive by "shuffling the cards" to the purported Old Man's side of the family. 

It was actually General Wong...Wong Shui Lung, and other "interested parties" that were having "a moment" :)  General Wong is the former head of all Chinese Intel and when I met him last, he was number 3 in China, only under the Prime Minister...sitting under the Old Man's nephew... The attached Paradigm Report sheds a little more light on that "relationship" and maybe others. 

Then received this from AK:

On Dec 26, 2012, at 1:47 PM, American Kabuki  wrote:
To: Brian 

LOL!!! You brought down a (corrupt?) Chinese General! Don't feel bad about this, apparently a bigger purpose was working its plan behind the scenes through everything we went through!  :)

You can only imagine how shocked I was! Talk about taking a plunge down the rabbit hole!! LOL!

The rest of the email and many others that ensued that day can be read at the link above. 

So, why am I posting all of this today? Because in honor of Absolute Transparency, the time has come to release the data that was shared, once again. After all, it served a very good purpose the first time around. At the end of the day, it does not deserve to be suppressed.

However, this time, to honor Poof's desire to have his voice kept private, I am sharing the transcript only, as opposed to the audio YouTube link. 

Some people may not agree with my decision to release this and that's ok. Poof was never the one to tell us to pull it in the first place, it was this General Wong guy, who as far as I know, is no longer an issue. Considering this "interview" was actually a "consultation," which I bought and paid for, it makes the content my own to share if I so please. Sharing the transcript is akin to releasing copious notes, except there's no way I could type this fast! 

I hold the utmost respect and appreciation for Poof and his long tenure of committed work to this cause. I personally believe he has nothing but the best of intentions and I hope that one day soon the need won't exist for his weekly updates. 

I will say, after re-reading this, I don't think the "guys in the rafters" have as much pull as they have led him to believe they have. As in all things, they hold one piece to the puzzle, but NOT the entire thing. Other than this "opinion" feel free to share thoughts in the comments below, as I would be happy to share more of what I DO know. 

My views and opinions have changed much since this was released. I have learned a great deal along this journey and it has been one heck of a roller coaster ride! I hold a space of Absolute Gratitude for every moment of it. I'm happy to share this information, once again, to honor my commitment to total Transparency. 

There are a few places in this text which will show as being [inaudible] which just means the transcriber couldn't make out what was said. In closing, many thanks to POOF for launching me head first into such a grand adventure!! Enjoy! 

Come on Absolute Data....let's get it on!! :)


  1. Brian,

    I remember that interview like yesterday and as you know by now nothing happens by accident.

    Thanx for sharing your spirit, love and not least your wonderful giggle.


    1. It seems like ages ago, doesn't it!? I had NO idea what I was getting myself into lol! Sending many thanks and blessings to YOU Oliver, eternally grateful for your support :)

  2. Thank you for more transparency Brian!

    Because I did hear the entire recording of you and Poof before it was taken down, I had connected the dots re money being sent to US. But because I do not follow all the international intrigue details (never knowing what to believe), I did not see that you took down "a (corrupt?) Chinese General!" - amazing - rofl

    Ultimately, I am looking forward to hearing the entire back story of last year so I can BE in further awe & giggles of delight!

    Many blessings of DE-Lights to you Brian, especially on your day of embodiment celebrations, with warmest alohas, Ginger

  3. Big Hugs to you Brian !!
    You are an awesome eternal essence...
    I have tears in my eyes, and chills up and down my spine....
    It's the best 'mystery' I have ever read....
    Thank you

  4. Brian, you said your views have changed since that release. Tell us how they changed...for the better...for the worse...tells us what you DO know.


    1. Poof seems to be very sold that his connections "the dragons" are the key authority in bringing forth all the global changes. They may have convinced him that is the case, but I don't believe they're quite as influential as they claim to be. When it comes to the dragon families, there are many groups, and their agendas range in scope. Until the shoe drops no one knows for sure who is who. Only time will tell my friend! :)

  5. Brian, thanks for posting that, it will be interesting seeing how this all plays out. One thing that came to mind while reading this was to do with the Dragons. Some of the standard conspiracy ideas over the years has been that the Dragons we see all over the place same as statues, coat of arms, logos, etc were related to the reptilians. I wonder if what they were really representing were the Dragons from China. Just a thought.

    1. Could be. There are many different factions of the dragons. No one really knows who is who at the moment. LOTS of speculation. I'm sure we will all know soon enough!

  6. Brian,
    It would be so awesome if you had your own daily Radio program !!

    1. You know, this is not the first time I've heard this request lol. Someone suggested the "Ask Brian Anything" show...its the "anything" part that is kinda frightening! haha

  7. So glad this came out now... With regards to "Money" and where we are all at in terms of our Consciousness, it seems QUITE IRRELEVANT.

    OK - so Here we are Moving from SEPARATION CONSCIOUSNESS (where ALL is compartmentalized) into UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS (where ALL IS PERCEIVED AS ONE).. ALL the GOLD, Prescious METALS, etc. are all PART OF THIS PLANET and ALL BELONG TO THE PEOPLE EQUALLY (UNITY). ONE person cannot mine the gold etc and then say "HEY, ITS MINE! I have it enslaved in a VAULT and so there!! HA! I'm MORE WEALTHY than ALL OF YOU."

    UUUUHH, right. Thats not how the new Earth OS (Operating System) 5D+ works.

    LOVE YA MAN! Oh, and I'm 20 days older than you.... heee heee. HAPPY POST BIRTHDAY!

    1. YESSSSS!!!! I share your sentiments exactly, Katie! Love your vision and your energy, keep it coming dear sister :) And Happy belated birthday to you, as well!

  8. Thanks for posting Brian....great interview even though I couldn't help but be impatient wanting more. I know we all feel the frustration of wanting our new world to begin NOW! It has been so frustrating to wait and wait and wait each day, week, month, year(s), feeling like it's been an eternity of waiting already!!!!

    1. When this kind of information gets out, and you KNOW what's going on, then time becomes slower and you notice other things aswell.


      LOVE TO ALL!

    2. Yes indeed, LET's GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!! Love to you both! :)

  9. Brian,

    I don’t completely get the General Wong scenario. This is what I do know.

    General Wong was an Intel contact (according to the Paradigm report)

    Heather’s quote: “the major piece that made them nervous was the disclosure/admission of the timing the "money" China had printed and sent over to (former) US. They used our presence, the foreclosure, and the inspection of gold holdings at BIS on October 22-24, 2012, to pressure the western half of the families (yes, they are all "related") to submit to unlawful and illegal deals to keep the Agenda alive by "shuffling the cards" to the purported Old Man's side of the family.”

    I remember Heather saying in the past that the above info gave them (trustees) the missing piece to the puzzle, a piece they needed to move forward.

    My comprehension of Heathers comments is- that because of the foreclosure and gold inspection the western families were pressured to do some unlawfull acts.

    Why is that so significant EVERY thing they did/do is unlawful?

    How does sending Trillions of dollars to the US from China, shuffle the cards in favor of the Old Man?

    Why did AK tell you that you had ousted General Wong, How does this information implicate General Wong, when General Wong was previously an intel source for the trustees?

    What am I missing here?

    Is Poof’s contact General Wong or someone under him?

    Is General Wong playing both sides here?

    Was that transfer of trillions, to back their (ptw) new money system?

    Was General Wong using the trustees for the old man’s agenda?

    1. General Wong "was" an intel source for Heather and the Trustees, but he was playing both sides. Greed got the best of him. He wanted to retain control of a vast fortune of wealth. Hong Kong wanting us to pull the Poof interview, is the move that revealed his agenda.

      Poof's contact is NOT General Wong, as far as I know.

      As far as I understand, the transfer WAS to back the new monetary system. No one knows whether or not that story is legitimate or just smoke in mirrors.

      Lots to sift through here with this interview. The truth will be brought into the light soon enough :)

  10. Hi Brian, very good timing on the posting of this interview by the way. There has been a lot of talk about revaluations and nobody can connect the dots on the stalemate. This really is not so shocking to find an alliegence between Dragons, Galactics, and other white knights who follow the direction of the Ascended masters. And everyone should be very clear that 1000 year old Dragons are instruments of Ascended Masters. Let me go out and just say what is obvious... There will be no revaluations until there is a collective humanity decision (reaction) based on the disclosure hearings in Washington next month and after the Sirius movie is absorbed. This will either be an invitation by humanity to come and play, or not. We have already agreed to meet these folks, the only caveat that many of the actors may not like is that we made a stipulation for full transparency, good, bad or otherwise. This is the wrinkle not anticipated by all, because we never asked for it before, we believed everything before, and accepted their power and wisdom as being for the betterment. Well fast forward a few thousand incarnations of imperfect data, lies and figuring out things the hard way. Not so easy to manipulate once you have access to full data anymore is it? Unfortunately even Masters and Dragons may have outstepped their original mandates as they promised our souls they wouldn't have in the beginning. There is a slight element of fear that they may have to answer for shaping many destinies of men, but at the same time hiding behind free will and the law of allowance to excuse abstaining from events such as 9/11. All should understand that it was our plan along with the Creator to unfold events this way, there will be a critical mass of enlightened souls, there will be no harvesting of 30% ascenders. The golden age was allowed to be delayed by 12 years, so that only a small controlable percentage of ascenders were harvested, where as if it had commenced earlier the multiplication of free time would have many more reaching critical mass. The Dark was used by the existing light hierarchy thinking we would split our resolve and not love each other enough to see this though. All tests are passed now play by our collective rules- So be it.

  11. BK we need to creat a flashmob for russel brands fb page and fx show pg w perfectly insightful sound bites that wil make himl want to invite u or heather to the mainstream platform he has bc he is all about transperncy and releasing the truth to the public to free humanity from the insanity and sooooo n alignment w the oppt energy...mayb u can coordinate w the bridge crew for nxt weeks shows to litht bomb his will get his and his follwers attn whi r obviously waking thanx to him and his fearless show topics. <3

    1. Great idea, but I checked and it doesn't look like he allows comments to be posted on his page.

  12. Hi Brian,

    I have read the resurrected interview with POOF yesterday. Thank you very much for publishing it here again as I wasn't able to listen to the you tube video last year because you (AK & you?) pulled it back - for certain reasons, which you have explained thoroughly by publishing it here now - after few days.

    When I read the passage "Friday, the 13th", the movie "Da Vinci Code" played by Tom Hanks came in my mind again, as the "Templars" their history and their purpose as well as Opus Dei was explained in this movie. Dan Brown, the author of the book, has done a good job and made some thorough research.

    I watched this movie (Da Vinci Code)again as well as the movie "The Book of Secrets" played by Nicolas Cage. There are so many movies helping us people to wake up and realize the truth behind the curtain of the slavery system DEBT.

    To everybody who are not yet familiar with the agenda of the dark cabals and their slavery system, I highly suggest to watch the movies "Da Vinci Code, The Book of Secrets" as well as the movie "International" played by Clive Owen. They reveal some truth.

    I send you love and light



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