Sunday, April 28, 2013

Why Are These Astronomers Dying in Pairs??

Why Are These Astronomers Dying in Pairs??
April 28, 2013

I'm not sure what to make of all the Nibiru (Planet X) talk, but I still find these deaths in pairs to be far too coincidental. I stumbled across a similar story a while back of an article detailing a high quantity of highly mysterious deaths of microbiologists from all over the world over a very short time frame. A google search for "microbiologists mysterious deaths" brings up quite a few results for that story. ~BK

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  1. Hello Brian,

    I have done a little research regarding Nibiru and lots of info came about when you posted the info about Malik Hughes being from planet Rizq. When I entered his name into a search engine I got several websites which state that the anunaki are from planet Rizq. And that nibiru is a planetoid, they built which is in a elongated orbit in our solar system. According to those sites this massive ship that is bigger than earth is called niburu. Here is the website where I got the information.

    This is a very good website to find this kind of information but as always use your discernment.

    There are lots of theories regarding Nibiru and this one from the bibliotecapleyades website sounds the most plausible.

    Thanks for all the info you post. Keep up the great work!


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