Sunday, July 27, 2014

Jake Ducey -- Even In Doubt Tour

Jake Ducey -- Even In Doubt Tour
July 27, 2014

Here I sit at a campground in Spain with Blue Star "Deerwomon," Whitney Fischer, Darius Wright, and Sonja Knutsen (my room mates and Moroccan family), wondering how in the world I got here and what I did to deserve to live such a great life packed full of adventure and excitement...? The short answer is, I followed my heart. I listened very closely and IT let me know when it no longer resonated with the life I formerly led before taking such a huge leap of faith into the unknown. I didn't know how I was going to do it all, pay for everything, or even if it was possible. But, being the risk taker I AM, I took the jump and as always landed perfectly on my feet. That's not to say it hasn't been without it's fair share of challenges but that's a story for another day.

This particular story will be focused on my great friend, and huge inspiration on my life, Jake Ducey. If it weren't for Jake, I likely would have never had the complete faith to embark on the adventure that is now my everyday life. Jake is on a mission to change the world and inspire many people to take the same leap that I did, and I'm certain he will do just that, as the Universe has a funny way of supporting projects that will help awaken humanity to the awesome powers and forces we all have living dormant deep within each of us. If this video inspires you please support Jake, but more importantly look within yourself and find that place that's ready for a change, and then ACT! We are ALL  powerful co-creators of our own existence, it's time we start acting accordingly ;) That means facing our fears and finding our purpose. Nice work Jake, best of luck to you always brother!!

P.S. the media blackout will be ending this month in August. Stay tuned for updates from The One Network,, as radio shows will be back online soon and lots of great information and stories to share! Miss everyone so much!

This is the first blog post I ever published, called "Love What You DO" dedicated to Jake Ducey. Very inspiring stuff, I highly recommend it :)

Join us... We're here to Inspire the world to face their fears and find their purpose.

What is this all about???

The Even In Doubt Project is a cross between an inspirational speaking tour around America/Canada, an online media movement of web-shows/podcasts/blogs, as well as an eventual socially-conscious television show for Millennials, directed by 4X Emmy-Winning TV Producer Brian Gadinsky, and hosted by, Jake Ducey.

The mission is to inspire the world, especially younger generations, to take a leap in pursuing their purpose, living their passions, and creating global change change, even in total doubt.

And, in that process, we believe there's a HUGE opportunity for each of us to create a better world together...

Please help successfully launch a global movement to inspire our generation to find the courage to face their fears, follow their dreams, and make a difference, even if at first they don't believe they can do it!

Why is this so important?
Everyday millions of people are limited by doubt. What could be more important than a multi-faced media movement to show the world that Even In Doubt, you can achieve incredible things, and touch the lives of countless people!

Imagine what the world would be like if countless people, especially the younger generation, could see that their doubts don't have to stop them! Imagine how quickly the world would change if millions and millions of people realized that they were as capable as some of the greatest influencers of human history....

'Do you have ANY experience with this kinda stuff?'

Since 2013, Jake Ducey has given over 100 public speeches, including a noteworthy TED Talk with tens-of-thousands of views.

Amish Shah, the online-expert of this movement, has 20 years of experience creating some of the most successful brand launches on the internet.


TV Producer, Brian Gadinsky, has won numerous Emmy's for his work.

Your contribution will help directly with…
· Scheduling the physical tour, setting speech and media bookings through America and Canada for 2015.

· Creating/producing, and launching the weekly video series.

· Marketing/PR team for both the online and physical tours through 2015.

· Some initial travel expenses.

· Blog and website development.

Who is Jake Ducey, anyways?
Jake Ducey is a hard-nosed, goofy, long-haired 22-year-old kid, setting publishing records, and helping to usher in a new-era of young difference-makers.
Ducey is a world-traveling, won't take 'no' for an answer, 'down-to-adventure' and 'sleep outside kind-of kid,' who believes in the good things coming!


Music by Nahko + Medicine For The People

Song title, "Aloha Ke Akua "
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