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Freedom Story : Tamara Davis Uses the OPPT Fillings Successfully in Court

Freedom Story : Tamara Davis Uses the OPPT Fillings Successfully in Court
March 29, 2014

Way to go Tamara! THIS is how it's DOne!! ~BK

By Tamara Davis

UPDATE FROM TAMARA: see end of post

I have been testing the new system/new paradigm/common law that we live in by manifesting getting pulled over under the best circumstances, which unfolded for me beautifully… the incident: I was pulled over for a headlight out, and got a ticket based on the fact that my license had not been reinstated. I was driving without a valid license, purposefully.

There is a plethora of reading material I have attached regarding the foreclosure of the government corporations that should help others in their court cases; I have studied this material over the last year and intensely for the last three months. The education I was lacking was court procedure… and I did manifest that into my life quite quickly, and got a great education on how to get the court to listen and take the information on a bases that is not of ‘opinion’ but of ‘Law’. I humbly thank my friend Brino for the introduction to Randy. Had it not been for Randy’s 15 years of experience in the courts, I would not have the confidence to work within the boundaries of the court’s procedure and protocols.

In this day and age, if you are connected to the internet, you are living in an information age… ignorance can no longer victimize you; ignorance is a choice at this point. Yes, we all do have our responsibilities to ourselves and our families…. which is why I am DOing what I am DOing.. I have a responsibility to my family and friends, of whom I love very much, and hold space to see them thrive absent limits.

When 911 happened, that was my trigger.. I woke up. I had always had a nagging voice in the back of my head before 911 that “things were not what they seemed on the surface”. It took 911 for me to look closer… and when I did, I was in horror of what was happening to us as a people all over the planet.

I went into bank trade and finance. I decided I was going to help free myself and others, but no matter how hard I worked and closed deals, no matter how much time I invested with the bankers, I was not in alignment with them (my ideals were different than theirs = no match) and therefore the deals did not manifest into liquidity (they did not want to play my game). I realized I gave them too much power… and did not look to us… all of us, the 99%, who HAVE all the power we need to create whatever we want to create, so long as we can work together.

I did not waste my time with the banks, I was given an incredible insight to education that most would never get and I realized many things from my time invested:

1) We have been slaves… all of us, not just black people who were forced into slavery.. WE ALL, (ALL RACES) have been tricked/forced into slavery . Look up the word “Chattel” – that is a slave and within my motion to dismiss and my memorandum, all exhibits to support this claim. I have shown what banks hold our “collateral accounts”.

2) We have lived in a setting on earth where duality was supported by prime creator, therefore we needed a contrast (light vs. dark) in order to understand more deeply who we are, but now that time is behind us… unity consciousness energetics are here… and the time of duality, or divide and conquer are over-those energetics are DONE, all gratitude to Heather and the other former trustee’s.

3) It is not the amount of ‘time’ or ‘hard work’ that produces a different environment, it is a stress-free, imaginative, and loving BEingness (and commitment to the vision) that allows for the flow to take you to the next exciting moment and create what you imagine.

4) It has always- in ALL WAYS been us that have done everything… not the bankers/government officials. The bankers just rally, delegate, and create division; we have always done the “work”.

5) We are great masters of manifestation… we have mastered our “limits”, now it is time to master our “limitlessness”.

6) We are all love (including the banksters/government ‘agents’)… unconditional love and we are one.

In order for us to navigate this world there needs to be a system in which all measurability is the same around the planet… that is true equity under the Law. I no longer look to the old paradigm to make the changes that most of us want; I look to us. If we want equity under the Law, then we need to stand for it, we do not need to ‘fight’ for it as that will trap us in the same cycle of division and war.

So, I did stand, and here are my results. To most, that is what really matters in the end are the results. However, I will say that there is ‘gold’ in the journey/experience and that is for you to discover . In my case, it came out really well. I was aware that it could have turned out very poorly for me but I do have control over what I envision and that is my attitude; the love in my heart and my willful intent manifests what I create every day.

What I prepared and created for the court is what I am sharing with you in the event you need it:

1) Notice of a motion, 2) a motion to dismiss, 3) declaration of facts (both 1 and 2 only because I had sent a 1st declaration of facts by mail) supported by a 4) 28 page memorandum that covers law, code, rights, case laws, philosophy, ethics, quotes, legal definitions, valuable consideration and at the end of the memorandum are listed my exhibits (A-O) to be placed into evidence to include 5) 78 page essay, “Truth is the New Black” that describes why our courts are only a business, doing business on behalf of the states and banks.

I recommend the reading material and the portion of the One People’s Show on March 17, 2014 where I speak my Experience on the player —> .

00:00 R P

To hear the whole One People’s Show from that date visit this link

I have provided all information and documentation to understand the whole case. However, to put it in a nut-shell: I challenged the court on jurisdiction and on their own codes.

You see, the California motor vehicle code, states that a police officer may issue a ticket if only there is an accident (a damaged 3rd party), and if there is no damaged third party, then you are allowed to ask for a verified complaint (only a prosecutor can issue a complaint, not a police officer) from a Magistrate, which is different than the Commissioner. If you take a look at the ticket from the point of view of constitution rights, a right to travel freely cannot be converted into a privilege – the motor codes only supports the drivers licensing for those that operate vehicles for commercial use (doing business on the roads like a truck driver). I then discuss the foreclosure of the banks and world government corporations, as they have no jurisdiction to “try” me.

It is considered unconventional to mix subject-matters (codification and jurisdiction) but I did it for a reason – to uncover the flagrant extortion being exercised by our legal enforcement systems and how bringing attention to that extortion only supports why the old paradigm was shut down, and why a new paradigm of truth, transparency, liability, accountability, and responsibility are put in place of the old system. I support these counter-claims 100 percent by all the exhibits I list.

I prove that:

Exhibit “A”

Government Corporation filings (all governments are corporations) Click Here

Exhibit “B”

Executive Order No. 13037, UCC Filings, that humans are capitol (chattel capitol) Click Here

Exhibit “C”

Westpac Banking Corporation owning chattel papers (holding chattel papers for Federal system) Click Here

Exhibit “D”

Power profiles of government corporations of Dun and Brad street (that all “courts” are divisions of corporations of “state”) Click Here

Exhibit “E”

STATE OF CALIFORNIA UCC filing (that the state of California is a corporation) Click Here

Exhibit “F”

California Commercial Code (the UCC is codified into the California code) Click Here

Exhibit “G”

Birth Certificate, directions on how to find the bank notes associated with the birth certificate’s number, and the legal definition of a certificate/warehouse receipt (where to find our chattels papers being bought and sold on the stock market) Click Here

Exhibit “H”

The former One People’s public trust Uniform Commercial Code Filings (Most all the OPPT’s filings out of DC records where all corporations, treaties, charters, banks have been canceled, and all is reconciled back into eternal essence; this is a lot of reading so it is broken up into 5 parts) Click Here pt 1 , pt2 , pt3 , pt 4 , pt 5 [These can all be found individually on the I UV site under the OPPT Absolute top navigation]

Exhibit “I”

The notice of I and the Universal Value Exchange (the new law) Click Here

Exhibit “J”

First Declaration of Facts by registered mail (my first declaration given to alleged government officials) Click Here

Exhibit “K”

First Declaration of I by registered mail (my first declaration of ‘I’ given to alleged government officials) Click Here

Exhibit “L”

Affidavit of Truth (paraphrasing the incident and the former OPPT filings) Click Here

Exhibit “M”

Declaration of Facts part 2 of 1 (updated declaration of ‘I AM’) Click Here

Exhibit “N”

Declaration of I AM, Declaration of Receipt of I AM, Declaration of Original Depository and Deposit of I AM, Declaration of Conversion by I AM (I AM is the new way of being and establishes jurisdiction) Click Here

Exhibit “O”

Receipts of registered mail to purported agents (I sent off 2 copies of notices to purported government officials regarding my governing status. I am not attaching this to the email)

This also includes:

1) My ticket.. (which shows the STATE OF CALIFORNIA in the left hand corner) This is who is really giving me the citation. Click Here

2) My contract that will trigger if I am pursued by the state Click Here

3) cover letter explaining the circumstances of the foreclosures of corporations guising as governments Click Here

My affidavit stands as Law if gone unrebutted after a given said time. I gave my affidavit to the commissioner at the hearing and considering the amount of material I had in my ‘play/tool-chest’ that I had brought with me, they made the choice to not mess with me. I knew too much and brought too much. I still drive without a license, and they know it and do not have the power to stop me. Of course, this is not about driving without a license, this paperwork should help in any corporate government circumstances that may arise for one while those corporate governments still try to hold on to the last bit of power they muster.

UPDATE From Tamara refers to this section:

In addition: while researching I came across some very interesting documentation… I have sent this over as well, as the last of my documents. While searching the Washington DC Gov. documents at the recorders office, I found a Clayton M. Bernard Ex., who filed all property/chattels inclusive of the One People’s Trust of 1776, under his name. GET THIS: This corporate fiction is dead, no really- he is dead, not only as a fiction, but also as a human being; you can find his death certificate…. yet this entity is claiming everything, the earth, the people on it, the trusts and the former OPPT. What I find interesting is how the UCC documentation tries to legitimize contracts at and prior to the US Constitution of 1776, when in fact all contracts to include our constitution have been fraudulent; most people are not a party to those contracts, only agents that sign and their heirs are a party to those contracts. I will leave it to you to think out why this finding is so very significant. pt1 pt 2 pt 3 pt 4

Keep this in mind- the court is only a business- doing business in a commercial arena. The court is De facto- ‘illegitimate law’ or seen by some as a ‘color of the law’ and ‘justice’ has been marketed to the public to make you think you have relief and recourse but it is the ignorant that bears the burden of this deception and the ignorant will pay by way of their labor. How many tickets in your life have you received for speeding or rolling through a stop sign? It is all fraud! – They can’t issue a ticket unless there has been an accident! So, then, why are we paying these fees?

I had a wise person give me a book a long time ago… “The Game of Life and how to play it”- emphasis on “play”. We have been taught that competition, war, and ownership are the ways that life must be lead as an adult to “secure” the future for our children and our heritages. We have been taught to look outside of ourselves for security, when really the truth of the matter is that security lies within.

We have exercise and exhausted all of these ideals, only to find…. that really there is no such thing as owning anything on the planet-we are stewards of earth, war is propaganda fed to us by the bankers and/or government agencies to rally most people who want peace, and competition allows corporations to rape the people and the planet of harmony and balance. Most corporations (driven by the boards and major shareholders) are notoriously psychotic, as they will stop at nothing to achieve the bottom line.

The corporation life is marketed to us that this is the way ‘modern way of living’. When if you think about it, there is no ‘living’ in it… only a very slow death of waking up every morning returning to work you hate in a small cubicle being a “yes man” to a superior who threatens your so-called security when you step ‘out of line’.

If you wake up and start to have real conversations with people, other than what happened on the game last night, one can see that most want a different, freer, more expressive life, and typically feel “caught” in a trap, so they succumb to the corporation game, as they feel as there is nowhere else to function, let alone “live”, in society.

This dream that we have been living is not our dream… we have been supporting someone else’s dream… Look within your heart, what do you envision that what will bliss you out- I bet there are many people out there in this great big world will resonate with you.

To my earth family.and beyond.. may your path be the path that leads you to bliss, may you wake up excited about the new day, and may you create absent limits….. blessings, peace, creativity, and unconditional love shall surround you… and know that whatever choices you make….. are perfect.

I stand on the shoulders of giants…. a humbly thank and give heart-felt gratitude to those that are known and unknown to me, that have taught me what I know through their offers to share knowledge. I am thankful to the ‘light’ and to the ‘dark’… and all those in-between… as….. all is one and one is love.


Tamara Marie from the family of the Davis tribe of Eternal Essence Embodied known as a fractal of the whole – Prime Creator/ I AM -

I need to make a public correction, Please post this below highlighted in purple, and thank you, BZ, in advance:

Correction: I made a verbal announcement at the end of The One People show on March 17, 2014 whereas, I stated that there was a Clayton M. Bernard Ex., who was claimed to be “owned” by HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, when in fact, it was Clayton M. Bernard Ex., who claimed to “own” HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN. It was my honest mistake, as I misread who the “secured party” was. Nonetheless: if you review these documents, you will see that there is “some ‘one’ or ‘organization’” out there, who has filed duplicates of what Heather was doing in 2012 with the former OPPT UCC filings but they did it poorly and in the name of a ‘dead man’ (no wet-ink signature can I find, etc…!) In addition, I have found Clayton”s death certificate, and I have also read where he was alive… however dead or alive, no organization under CLAYTON M. BERDARD EX. has actually come forward publicly to claim ownership of the One people or debtors.

In their UCC claims, they/Clayton M. Bernard EX. are legitimizing the contracts prior to the bank take over in the United States of America (which are fraud) and claiming ownership over the former OPPT and it’s actions and efforts, which would be of course, then claiming ownership over you!

This mysterious group is still… a mystery…as I have seen no Clayton step forward to claim ‘ownership’ yet, I am sure we will find out who and what is behind it… and all is revealed in perfection.

mea culpa regarding my misread… and my love to all in our creating of ‘ourstory-past-present-future-now’…. and it is done.

With respect, trust, and unconditional love…. your sister~of peace~

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QEG Open Sourced!!!

QEG Open Sourced!!!
March 25, 2014

WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! Here we GO!!!!! ~BK
As Promised, here are the open sourced documents for a quantum energy generator. This has been made possible by the people and for the people. It is freely given to the world.


An average modern household requires 5-10KW of power to operate.

A conventional generator needs 15KW to produce 10KW of power.

To produce these 15KW of power we rely on gas, diesel, propane, coal or other products that can be metered creating profits for the oil industry.

130 years ago Nikola Tesla invented and patented an energy generator. This is a resonance machine that only needs 1KW of input power to produce 10KW of output power. His patents are now in the public domain.

The Fix the World Organization has reproduced Teslas design with a few modern twists to generate the same results. Our Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) provides 10KW of power output for less than 1KW input, which it supplies to itself.

We have freely given this technology to the people of the world. We’ve open sourced a full set of instructions, user manual, schematics and parts list for any engineer to follow and reproduce the same results.

How the QEG works:
First we use a starting power source, such as an outlet or a crank to power the 1 horsepower motor. This motor spins the rotor in the generator core. The unique oscillator circuitry configuration in the generator core causes resonance to occur. Once the core achieves this resonance it can produce up to 10KW of power, which can then be run through an inverter to power the motor that spins the rotor. You can then unplug the motor from the original power source and the generator will power itself.

Cottage Industry Community Units specifically for the production of QEG’s are NOW developing in communities in 30+ countries. The People are making their own free energy devices.

The QEG belongs to humanity now. Many will make further improvements and we will all co-develop this practical bridge technology together.

The QEG: For the People and By the People

Fix the World is currently traveling to Taiwan, London and Morocco for the month of April to help communities build QEG’s. Everything we have accomplished has been made possible by the donations of people like you. If you would like to help keep us going, every little bit helps! Please consider giving back and making a donation of any amount to the Fix the World Organization. By Clicking here:

Outfitting the Consciousness Clubhouse ~ One People Community Aouchtam - Prologue from Whitney

Outfitting the Consciousness Clubhouse ~ One People Community Aouchtam - Prologue from Whitney
March 25, 2014

A pure and beautiful take on the coming together of the Consciousness Clubhouse by Whitney. If you are feeling the call to play/participate in the magic being created here in Morocco send me an email at or visit . Our numbers are growing rapidly...exponentially increasing the opportunity for growth and expansion. The only limitation being our collective ability to imagine that which we would like to create...let us work together to shed these self imposed subconscious limits and dream BIG! We are the ones we've been waiting for... <3

Links to the other parts of this post are found below. ~BK

Greetings Everyone!  I have been working all day on a post to show you what we have come up with here in Aouchtam for the Consciousness Club house.  It has only been four days since we signed the lease and the place is transforming!  The interior is being patched and painted, broken tiles replaces, weak pumps and water heaters installed new, beds being delivered.  The physical is transforming as well as the depth and richness of the story.  The house came with no furniture and some water pressure problems, but that was to be expected, it is not new and has definitely not been fully habitated in a while. It will take some time to outfit it for the community center.

This property is magical, it has established gardens, lots of hidden and interesting places and plenty of room for a co-creative space, a growing garden.  In addition it has grown our connection with the villagers.  The wife of the owner is Layla.  She is fantastic woman with two small children, speaks Spanish and some French. Her husband is from Spain and a very honest forthright man.  

We negotiate through our guide Yousef who genuinely has our best interests and those of the town as well.  In the last couple weeks as he, Brian, Jorge and Justin have gone to see the various housing available, has figured out the lay of the land.  He knows what is an acceptable price and for what conditions of the home. So the club house owners made us a fair deal on the property for it's uniqueness and are getting to know us when we come over every day to see the repair progress and image the possibilities and design.  We found out that their son has a heart condition and needs an operation that they can't afford, so the rent is a god send for them and Layla asked if she could provide any services like cooking and cleaning to make some money. Since we have so many people coming and going now from the apartments we know we will need cleaning, so we made a proposal to Layla to head up the move out cleaning and any other cleaning requests that might come and she accepted today!  This is building a community.

We want the flow of abundance to go into the people who live here and they want to offer us their services, we found this out as well, they are very polite people.  They will wait out on the periphery until you see them and invite a conversation.  The guards on the beach several nights ago, did the same.  They stood back a ways with a flashlight pointed on the ground until we went up to them. They were very curious to know our intentions and when they could see the loving intentions, they started opening up.  So they are waiting to be able to communicate with us.  Thanks to Harriet, we have a full library of to learn Arabic with!

Morocco actually wants us to be here.  Yousef explained this to us with very deep reasoning.  This was a forgotten place, behind in the times, we bring life, we bring possibility, we bring abundance.  We don't have work on ways to convince them that we have good intentions, they already know.  They are very excited about us being here and already anticipate us helping with some issues, like the water shortages, trash disposal, electricity, etc.  People are so connected here that everyone knows everything about everything that goes on and news of us is out. 

So as you see the fullness of what is going on is beautiful.  I have set my intention for the funds to come in to buy the house, which will secure it for the Sanctuary it is for the One People and enable Layla to afford the operation for her son's heart condition. It doesn't feel impossible because in US terms the price they are asking is nothing for a property as majestic as this one.

The people in this country are very good judges of character and do many things on each other's word.  It is important for them to be honest so that the others in the community will trust them.  Money is passed in a lot of what we would say tips, but I see it is all just a little appreciation here, a little appreciation there.  Yousef explained to me that he doesn't do anything he doesn't want to, so he lives sometimes large and sometimes not but never worries about it.  He despises people taking advantage of him, just as we feel the yuk of knowing that this world is set up to fed on us.

We have already seen the impact on the community, one of the two road side markets upgraded suddenly from a dirt floor and old plain shelves to a nice tile floor and newly painted interior with a shining smile behind the counter that I remember from the first day here trying to teach me the words for lentils and tomatoes. Now villagers are coming up to us to let us know where houses for rent are.  They want to know why we are here, the guard on the beach a couple nights ago was sure to ask, "what are all these people coming here for".  I showed him that we are all family and friends from different parts of the world, who have come together to be together with people they enjoy spending time with for a long vacation.  He leans in closer and says "there are many problems here" and I say "there are many problems everywhere in the world, we just want to take a break from all that, live and be happy" and he replies "you are welcomed in Morocco".

And all this is going on with the expansion of all the layers and to set the energetic background I wanted to say some words as a prologue to the post showing all our ideas and invitations to co-create, and my prologue went about five hours over one paragraph. Hah!

The Sanctuary comes with some new friends!

I've come to a stand in life, here I AM, I can be no other.  For all moments before this one, my life has been, one step after the next step, to this moment.  When I Know in my mind, body and soul, with no doubt, that the only thing for me to DO in this life is to follow my highest and best excitement at every moment of now with no attachment to the outcome.  Even if I don't know what IT is, I can Feel for the better feeling and let that show me the way.  This way, all things are taken care of in the natural organic flow in unconditional love according to the most valued principles of appreciation, compassion, harmony, abundance, oneness, freedom, self responsibility, respect, transparency, trust and integrity.  In this I am relaxed and tranquil and for this I've shed ways of thinking, pounds, miles and boarders, limits and expectations. 

In my journey there is nothing else to DO here on Earth but to Appreciate the Experience and the highest and best good is the growth and expansion of my soul as there is nothing outside of me that is not first perceived by me. Then expands from my heart out through my physical body spilling into this world. I spill out abundance.

Therefore the Earth renews and refreshes herself because I see it as so.  My life is loving and fun because I see it as so. Others are abundant, healthy happy and free because I say, IN my Universe, IT is SO.  And because I declared it from the very source of me, claiming my free will, it shines out of me into my body, and my body becomes SO.  I shine it out of me and my emotions, thoughts and feelings become SO.  When you know this, you can stand and chose what you shine and forgive yourself for anything you shone in the past because the only thing you really can do to remedy all the Bullshit, is to start NOW shining out love and compassion, forgiveness and allowance to yourself and then it will shine to others. 

All experience before now, no matter how you felt, perceived, thought, intended, give you all the answers you need, you need only to look at them, see them for what they taught you, appreciate the value of the experience, release it and move on. Because the only thing to do is start looking at things in a new light, it does not matter what the other shines at you, only what you shine out of yourself.  Now you are empowered to take up the controls in your own cockpit and drive your own change, drive your own flavors and textures, emotions and feelings.  Hummmm, what do you want next?

All I experience is My own choice, on some level, whether I know it or not and I can trust that, because this Universe is based on Free Will and now that I realize I have Free Will, I can use my Free Will, knowingly and intentionally to create my world around me.  I can choose how to feel about it, in fact I take full responsibility and liability for my intentions, thoughts, feelings and actions which color my perception, because it is the place I perceive From that matters. Looking at the world in love and no strings attached in full heartfelt appreciation for the beauty of the bouquet of BEings around me.  The love I see between people is breath taking, the intricacies of personalities and preferences is rich and full of flavor.  My own personal movie is a masterpiece of conscious perception.

All in the Universe is connected through the energy of unconditional love, each of us is connected to the other. If every thing I perceive first came from me, then all you out there, are really me. And if I am Responsible for the creation of my thoughts, feels and intentions because I know that the world I live in reflects my chosen perception, I would really want to wish everyone the very best.

To know this and wish each other the best in our journeys is beautiful and exquisite.  I have no need or wish to control or take from others, judge or place limits on them so that I can have their experience.  I like mine!  We all came from the same source and that source is inside of me and you, equally. Source wants ALL sorts of experiences. Somewhere on the path between me and source, which is inside of me, I am experiencing everyone else experience so there is no need to see someone else's journey as better or worse, it is all equal.  I come to know myself through my relationships with all of you. As I see the wonder in you, I see it in myself.  Because I have the Free Will choice and can chose what I prefer.  I shop for flavors by spending time with you and expanding my perception through seeing you more clearly.  You show me, what I am creating. I'm so very appreciative!  Thank you!

Now you Know the very best thing, you could do for yourself or anyone else, in this world, is to support their free will choice for their highest and best excitement and let people do their own thing. We move about and run into those who we feel best around and hang out because it's fun. If the only thing for me here in this earth, is the experience, then it's much more fun to play together, there are so many more juicy opportunities for co-creation.  

This is what is happening now in my journey.  I appreciate you I value this and the excitement draws me to happiness, joy, love and fun.  

Nothing else makes sense, from here I can be NO other. 

I Love You, I Bless you. I wish you the very best according to your choice!  And I am excited to create with those who wish to play!

~~Whitney Fisher

Continue on to Part I

Part I
Part II
Part III

 Many hands will create this space

Should you feel led to give a heart based donation of your energy into the Community Center please send it via Paypal.  
In gratitude and appreciation, Whitney  

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Outfitting the Consciousness Clubhouse ~ One People Community Aouchtam - Part I

Magic is in the air as we begin to prepare the Sanctuary! 

The ideas are flowing to co-create a place, a Sanctuary, for those who stand in Appreciation, Abundance, Peace, Unconditional Love, Equality, Integrity, Authenticity, Oneness, Self Responsibility and Honesty to the best of their ability. For the sake of bringing in, grounding and growing organically a new way of life and new earth consciousness for all BEings on this planet.

This post will be in three parts since I got crazy adding photos!
Part II & III - Coming soon!

Lots coming together so fast here! I'm sure this post will result in many more BEings setting the intention for Morocco. If you are one of those folks please visit and click on the "New Paradigm Housing" link to fill out the form, so we can make all the necessary preparations ahead of time. Will be coming out with a post of my own in the next couple days....between the New Paradigm Housing project, the QEG launch, the café and now the clubhouse things are crazy busy around here, but we're having a ball so its well worth the effort! Much Love y'all <3

Sanctuary for the Expansion of Consciousness

We are grateful to have found such a beautiful place to co-create with.  This property is magical, it has established gardens, lots of hidden and interesting places and plenty of room for a co-creative space, a growing garden.  The property feels calm and peaceful.  I feel that this place is to ground the new paradigm energies and will focus my energy on keeping it a Sanctuary for the expansion of consciousness that we are here.

The intention for the energetic presence of the property is to be the grounding of Abundance, Peace, Love and the support of the Highest Excitement of all BEings here or otherwise.  We are all working out how to live our Truth knowing that there is no need to account for our Value to the world, all there is to DO is walk forward with the highest and best intentions as we bridge the realms of consciousness, grounding in new earth in a powerful and loving way.

Imagining this place has been so fun!  We can see so many uses for the One People Community, this post goes through the main areas with lots of pictures for you to see.

The gates open from a dirt road that is more of a dry creek bed.  In front before the gates looks to be a shelter for donkeys on the left and an enclosed small square of grass to the right.  The old iron gates sound out when you open them to a long driveway.  On the right of the driveway are trees and already cultivated gardens with established flower gardens near to the house.  On the left of the driveway are a series of small
animal enclosures with more flower gardens with walking paths closer to the house.

The home is quite and expansive.  The downstairs area has a kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. On the left from the Guesthouse is a two car garage we hope to use to kick of the QEG project.  The stairs lead up to a grand salon in two tiers.  The salon will be able to sit, hopefully, fifty people for group meetings, conversations, meditations and whatever we can have fun with.  Up a couple steps from the salon is an area we plan to create a "group co-creative space" with tables for laptops and bookshelves with space for people to store their personal items.

To the left of the salon is a room we intend to be the shared healing room and a bathroom with tub and shower.  Across from the computer area is another small room we plan to use for an office and sound room that will be shared by everyone regardless of the project.  Our idea with the shared space is for the resources to be available to people to come and co-create together on all the projects from local community development to Fix the World.  There is a nice large veranda off the salon we will be putting areas for meeting working together outside.

The next set of stairs leads up to a residential floor with a kitchen.  This area will be a private residence for those stewarding the property.

There is a beautiful flow to the space, in that it encompasses wholeness and provides space for countless creations.  We see many hands co-creating this space together with imagination and fun.

My Souls highest and best 
excitement flows into this place

Salon will be a big circle of couches for group conversations!

This place is so very special, 
we are grateful
 to have the opportunity
 to be stewards
 of this land
 for ourselves and
 for the One People.

Salon and Group Co-Creative Space

The Grand Salon will serve many

~ Welcome Center for the One People Community Aouchtam and New Paradigm Housing 
~ Group Co-Creative Space
~ Consciousness Club House for Inner Tech Expansion
~ Fix The World and New Earth Projects 
~ QEG Development Facility
~ Community connection point and planning center
~ Healing Arts and Space

Group Shared Bathroom
~ Salon and work space
~ Guest House
~ Potential Outdoor Hostel and Laundry 
~ Healing Room
~ Gardens 
~ Mediation and Peaceful areas
~ Group Meeting Conference and Community Kitchen for Special Events

Figuring out layout and design

Group Shared Bathroom

In this place it is known that you come standing in your own power.
All are Equal, we choose to serve each other as a gift of the heart.

Welcome Center

The Sanctuary will be a greeting and orientation spot for those moving to or visiting Aouchtam. Brian, Jorge, Justin and Yousef have teamed up to help travelers find accommodations and to smooth their transition into Aouchtam. 

Visit the One People Community website at

Since there are no hotels in Aouchtam, the team here has worked very diligently to find potential accommodations to create the very best situation for each individuals needs.

Group Co-Creative Space

Imagine long tables with laptops and coffee cups on the top level of the Salon filled people who are active in co-creating the new earth paradigm:

5D Media Network -
Brian Kelly's Blog -

Lisa M. Harrison -

Stillness in the Storm
Justin Deschamps and Julian Robles -

5D Design House 
Jorge Ojeda Cortez -

Project XIII
Caleb Skinner -

Removing the Shackles

American Kabuki

Bill Ferguson -

Fix the World Projects

Continued in Part II - Coming soon!

 Many hands will create this space

Should you feel led to give a heart based donation of your energy into the Community Center please send it via Paypal.  
In gratitude and appreciation, Whitney  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

QEG Announcement: Help Bring Energy and Hope to Morocco!

QEG Announcement: Help Bring Energy and Hope to Morocco!
March 13, 2014
It brings me great joy to share this exciting announcement with the world! About a week ago, Hope rang me up on Skype to share the news; The QEG project was moving forward and the village of Aouchtam, Morocco had been selected as one of  two locations to receive a Quantum Energy Generator as a gift for the community!
The villagers here don't know it yet, but their lives are soon about to change. With Hope and FTW, releasing Free Energy to The People has never been about control, greed or profit margins, it's about assisting Humanity in freeing ourselves from tyranny and improving the quality of life here on Earth by getting the technology into the hands of the people who need it most. This campaign and the intention to release all the plans, open sourced on March 25th, (just two short weeks away) are proof of that pure objective.
Up to this point, this has all been made possible by YOU. The many of you from all around the world who have contributed your energy into making this dream a reality. What is about to transpire here in Morocco is just the beginning. Soon, developers, engineers and distributors from over 20 countries will have at their disposal all the necessary plans and blueprints to assist in providing QEG's throughout the world. No more waiting folks, the future is here NOW!

As Hope mentions below, the QEG is already bought and paid for but funds need to be raised to get her and the FTW development team out here to assemble it. If they don't book their tickets now the prices will go up and they may not be able to come. Please help us to make this happen, every little bit counts! On behalf of the whole crew here and all the villagers, we THANK YOU for all of your support!

We have some very exciting news to share and we need your help! Fix the World (FTW) and the One People Community (OPC) of Aouchtam Morocco have joined efforts to help a village in need. This is an altruistic and humanitarian effort to help transform an entire village of people that need it the most. Thanks to the success of our campaign, FTW has been able to donate a Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) to the village! The generator will be used to pump water from the town well and supply 300 people with running water.


In addition, The One People Community of Aouchtam is now acquiring the warehouse, the tools, the engineers, and the people necessary to create their own cottage industry community unit (CICU) for QEG manufacturing and production to supply North Africa with QEG’s. This will completely transform the economy of the entire village, who are now living in poverty. Less than 50% of the people living there have electricity.


The QEG has been paid for by the beautiful friends and supporters of FTW, and true world change agents. The teams needed in Aouchtam are assembled. Everything is ready!

We have an urgent need to help pay for the travel expenses to get the QEG consulting team to Morocco. The trip will take place in April, but we need the funds to book the tickets NOW or else the price will go up and we may not be able to go. Anything that you can contribute quickly will help us get to Morocco so that we can ensure running water for the village and a successful CICU startup. This is just the beginning; we are creating our beautiful golden age on Earth by making a difference for people who need it most.

$6,460 needed for traveling Expenses for 3 people:

Airfare $5,000 3 Round Trip tickets US-Tangiers with Baggage.
Accommodations $400 Shared rental arrangement 3 people for 2.5 weeks
Meals $250 Meals at ($10-12) a day for 14 days
Car Rental/ Taxi $210 Rental Car for 7 days at $30 a day
Gofundme fees $600

Total: $6,460


Thank you so much for you help! We can’t do this without you and a new spirit of service to humanity!


Meet the village of Aouchtam:

Aouchtam Morocco is a small village overlooking the south western Mediterranean coastline towards the southern edge of Spain. This quant town is soon to become a nexus of consciousness, one amongst many that are emerging all over the world.

Aouchtam is home to a humble resident population of several hundred villagers whom are warm and welcoming. The Café and small market mark the village center. Economy functions mainly on tourism during the summer months and with a very simple life dominating the rest of the year. The people are traditional and down to earth. Life is very simple for some, using donkeys to pull water from the wells scattered throughout the town while others have well water pumped into grand houses over looking the sea.


Men can be seen herding goats up into the hill side or down by the beach. The sound of the sea can be heard 100 feet into land. A local baker, a women of traditional Moroccan descent, beats a simple wheat loaf out onto poly-ethylene patio tables serving a bakers bench and revealing the industrious nature of the people here.

5 Times a day the song of the Muslim call to Prayer can be heard throughout the valley. While being warm and friendly to each other in some instances, there are still cultural norms and traditions. Public affection between couples is looked down upon while friends and acquaintances can be seen walking down the street holding hands. Many of the women wear traditional Arab dress, while the men brandish western skinny jeans with bleach patches stylistically emblazoned back to front. The burka, a type of robe or shall with a hood is a standard amongst the men; a sort of ‘full body hoody.’

The Local school is housed next to the Café. The children there are bright and seem eager to soak up the wisdom life has to offer. The roof of the school leaks heavily due to civil engineering issues, and the main road up to the mountain homes is a semi level creek bed.

While Aouctham may have what the world would call “poor living conditions” – with some living in stone huts and straw shacks nestled into the hillside, nothing about the demeanor of the people speaks of unhappiness. Crime is low, the people gather to help each other in many ways. There is a general feeling of contentment with life exuded by the inhabitants.

Please see the following schedule below for QEG distribution and HopeGirl availability:

-The QEG will be open sourced by March 25.
-Full sets of documents including guidelines for how to start your own CICU will be published on the Fix the World Website by March 25.
-HopeGirl will be presenting the QEG to the world at the Alchemy Event Conference in April.
-HopeGirl and the QEG team will be traveling for the month of April and will have limited availability during this time until our return in May.
-Pre-orders for a limited number of QEG’s will commence in the middle of May.
-Consulting services to assist CICU start up’s for QEG’s will commence in the middle of May.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


March 12, 2014

Just got this from Heather this morning. Haven't had a chance to go through it all yet. All the new documents can be downloaded direct from her site. ~BK

Here are a few comments from Justin:

I haven't had a chance to dig into all these documents yet, but when Brian and I were reviewing them this morning, they were clearly for dispelling any Tacitusly acquired consent of the former systems. In other words, the former systems Presume 12 essential Presumptions which they use to assert your incompetence and nearly all of the legalese and actions of the court act within this scope.

Therefore, dispelling your incompetence and explicitly stating your intention to NOT consent, helps dispel any consent that you may have given in the past due to your inaction; or that was acquired via Tacitus Procuration..

I have not tried to use these yet, but I understand the underlying conceptual basis of our "legal system" and explicit statements always rebut unspoken presumptions.

A Warning: Using this document is more involved then just filling in the required data and handing them in. These documents assume your Sovereign status, and if you act as if you are still 'a ward of the state,' and consent to their offers to Contract - which could happen if questioned in court, or later charged with a complaint you then accept by not rebutting - deflates the effectiveness of your actions; and reveals to the Court that you are NOT actually Sovereign. A Sovereign "knows who they BE" and ALWAYS acts accordingly. And when you KNOW WHO YOU BE, you are untouchable, even without having to file a single document.

Therefore, you must have KEY KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING, or Intrinsic knowledge of what you're doing, why you're doing it, and why it is effective; and maintain this KNOWING in all your DOING. This is how to become 'untouchable' in the system. For it is designed only for non-sovereigns, or wards whom are incompetent and lack that knowledge. - Justin
[6:49:54 AM] Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf: DID ANOTHER DO'ING.....
[9:13:36 AM] Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf: [9:09:11 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .:
[9:09:21 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: (heart)(music)\o/(heart)
[9:09:27 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: NICE!

Here are the actual Documents that Heather published recently. It looks like there are 8 new Documents all related to rejection of alleged Jurisdiction of court case, debt or judgement:



"The journey to clean up the former systems was actually the journey to remembering I AM. ALL the answers to all questions be within the inbodyment I AM. I AM looking "back" over every NOW moment when I thought I did not have I AM conscious within...all is perfect and perfectly done by I AM. I AM IN LOVE and grateful for the experience I AM. Former systems, thank you and now go in peace." - Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, I AM.

With ALL I AM, these documents are created to assist the inbodyments I AM to honor the choice of the former systems to transition in peace by making it visible in absolute context of the service it provided I AM....the allusion of not BE'ing I AM." - Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, I AM.

I AM, dealing with a purported (judicial) matter that was presented from within the former systems before being conscious of I AM...(lol...putting parenthesis around any words, is legal code for "I didn't say it" while still making your audience perceive them...oh the lack of responsibility one injoys as an (attorney)...or a (judge)...or a...well, the point is made...but "not said" ...tee hee):


(...I AM pretending these example documents purported to be a judicial order have the name "Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf" and not "Paolo"

Download PRAECIPE_for existing purported judicial case (DOC)
Download REJECTION LETTER_purp judicial order for alleged debt and financial instrument (DOC)
Download Examples of REJECTIONS BY I AM (PDF)

I AM, dealing with a document purporting to be a (complaint and subpoena) matter that is presented from within the former systems:


Download REJECTION LETTER_purp complaint_court (DOC)
Download REJECTION LETTER_purp summons_court (DOC)
Download REJECTION LETTER_purp complaint_plaintiff (DOC)

(...NOW, I AM pretending these example documents are purporting to be complaints and subpoenas with the name "Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf" and not "Paolo" x 2)

Download REJECTION LETTER_purp summons_plaintiff (DOC)
Download Examples of REJECTIONS BY I AM (PDF)


I AM, dealing with a document purporting to be a (debt) matter that is presented from within the former systems:

(...I AM pretending again...that this document purports to be a ...LOL!!!!.....a "DEBT"!)

Download Examples of REJECTIONS BY I AM (PDF)
Download REJECTION LETTER_alleged debt (DOC)

(...just in case I AM loose formatting with open office...)

Download REJECTION LETTER_alleged debt (PDF)

Issued pursuant to and governed by I AM, eternal essence, in body, Ref. No. IAM-hatj-07301972.

Rec. No. 2013032035, restated and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full



Sunday, March 9, 2014

The ABOLITION of WORK - Modern Economies are nothing but Slave Plantation​s: Un-Consent from Modern Slavery with this empowering Truth

The ABOLITION of WORK - Modern Economies are nothing but Slave Plantation​s: Un-Consent from Modern Slavery with this empowering Truth
March 9, 2014

Truth be told, I haven't actually read this article yet. I'm actually sitting here with Justin in Morocco now though and he says it's "solid gold," so I'll post and read it later ;) ~BK

This post is an absolute GEM to help us realize our modern systems of Business, Economy and life in general, are setup to ensure most of us work so that a small population does not have to. But rarely are you told the whole truth on the news, in your city counsel meetings or in your state senate.

In other words, we are sold a line of BS from modern society, wherein we feel obligated to work a job to "earn a living." While existing on Earth does require creative energy on your part, to think you must slave away at a passionless job for your entire life, so that MAYBE one day you will be able to finally do what you want is the "american dream" or "dream of modern society"; a scam meant to benefit a few at the expense of many.

The fact is, the vast majority of the population of Earth has bought into this system hook line and sinker; and the people who benefit are the sellers themselves. 

But let me ask you, do you really feel like this dream will ever come true?

The sooner we Un-Consent from this farce, the sooner we can take up our FULL creative powers, and start living our highest passions right NOW. This will mean having to deprogram yourself, and others because as you begin acting within this new consciousness, you will challenge others who have accepted the old beliefs. 

'Misery loves company' perfectly describes how people who have bought into the system, will attack you, give you guilt trips and generally try and make you feel like your abandoning your obligations and responsibilities. And this is why gaining key knowledge and understanding, the Intrinsic Knowledge, will empower you to transcend the old dependencies you have in others acceptance of you. For is it really true that the 7 billion people who live on earth are forever doomed to toil and debt slavery as the system will have us believe? 

I have realized that there is no logical, or intuitive sense to 'earning a living' and moving into that consciousness was one of the most empowering experiences in my life.
- Justin

Source - Nexus Illuminati

by Bob Black


ARBEIT MACHT FREI - WORK MAKES ONE FREE - entrance to Nazi concentration camp at Theresienstadt, GermanyNo one should ever work.

Work is the source of nearly all the misery in the world. Almost all the evil you'd care to name comes from working or from living in a world designed for work. In order to stop suffering, we have to stop working. 

That doesn't mean we have to stop doing things. It does mean creating a new way of life based on play; in other words, a ludicrevolution. By "play" I mean also festivity, creativity, conviviality, commensality, and maybe even art. There is more to play than child's play, as worthy as that is. I call for a collective adventure in generalized joy and freely interdependent exuberance. Play isn't passive. Doubtless we all need a lot more time for sheer sloth and slack than we ever enjoy now, regardless of income or occupation, but once recovered from employment-induced exhaustion nearly all of us [will] want [to] act. Oblomovism and Stakhanovism are two sides of same debased coin. 

The ludic life is totally incompatible with existing reality. So much the worse for "reality," the gravity hole that sucks the vitality from the little in life that still distinguishes it from mere survival. Curiously—maybe not—all the old ideologies are conservative because they believe in work. Some of them, like Marxism and most brands of anarchism, believe in work all the more fiercely because they believe in so little else. 

Liberals say we should end employment discrimination. I say we should end employment. Conservatives support right-to-work laws. Following Karl Marx's wayward son-in-law Paul Lafargue I support the right to be lazy. Leftists favor full employment. Like the surrealists—except that I'm not kidding—I favor full unemployment. Trotskyists agitate for permanent revolution. I agitate for permanent revelry

Friday, March 7, 2014

Morocco: Going to Aouchtam- Are you Coming?

(View from one of the condos for rent in Aouchtam)

Morocco: Going to Aouchtam- Are you Coming?
March 7, 2014

Well, I wasn't planning on publishing the site we're working on yet, because it's still under construction, but it looks like D beat me to the punch, so might as well just get it out there! Was thinking she was going to share with just a few of her contacts and within minutes, I kid you not, she sends me the link to this blog post. Thanks D lol.

It's all good, the only part that's been finished thus far is the form to fill out if you have an intention of coming to Morocco (Lisa and Julian are working on the rest now). There is a lot to manage on the backend to ensure we have all the necessary accommodations lined up ahead of time, so when more arrive they have a nice bed to sleep in and warm shower to soak off all the travel in ;). We have about 14 of us here now and we're expecting 22 or so more just in the next month! It's a lot to manage, but SO worth it.

It's important everyone knows we're in the very preliminary stages of the creation process. We'll be publishing an article in the next day or two, similar to Hope's release, called "Managing Expectations for Morocco." Getting acclimated within the community is far from an over night affair. It takes time to integrate and a considerable amount of care and respect for the people of this land, so as not to overwhelm them too much too soon with our presence. This is not to say we have to wait before we begin creating here, it's simply a disclaimer for potential travelers to know this venture is a marathon, NOT a sprint. There is no need to rush. The adventure and the joy will come in the process of creation, not the destination.

If you are already planning on coming, whether it be this month or sometime down the track, please take the time to fill out the short form. It will make things much easier to coordinate for those of us taking the reigns on the "welcome to Morocco!" phase of this monumental DO'ing. As D said, SUPER EXCITED! We are the one's we've been waiting for, and we're done waiting! ~BK

We are on our Way to Morocco!!!!   I want to send a huge THANK YOU out to everyone who has donated funds for us to get there- we have received enough to book our air fare to get Back to morocco and we will be leaving in the next couple of weeks.  Now comes the packing and sorting and making lists of what to bring with us, what to ship :blankets, towels, extra clothing, pots and pans and kitchen wares, books, toys, - for the community in Aouchtam.  

Nick and I are also considering gathering up supplies- house hold goods, construction materials etc...- in Canada and shipping a container from the Toronto area to morocco as well. 

In the mean time- while we get ready to make the big move over to Morocco again, I may not be around as much as usual as I have a LOT to get accomplished in a short amount of time.  But we are all incredibly excited and eager to get there and get working.  We have buildings to renovate and build, exciting things to create, and fields to plant and a LOT LOT LOT of DOing to DO!

Brian and Lisa and Bob and the team over in Morocco have just moved ot the Aouchtam village and are getting things sorted out- making arrangements for places for people to stay and houses to rent while we get our feet on the ground.  They've put together a basic website for the Aouchtam- still under construction at this moment but soon to expand.

The next thing I would like to talk about tonight is coming to visit the community in Morocco.  Brian and Lisa have created a form for people to fill out if they are coming to morocco, either to visit or to work on and in the community.  We as that everyone who is coming to visit/work/share please fill out the form so that arrangements can be made and places organized for people to rent, etc....  As we are in the very beginning of setting things up, there is a lot of stuff to get organized and worked through, and it is important that we know when people are arriving and how long they are staying.   You can fill in the form here:

I would also ask that all the amazing people who've been emailing and skyping me to tell me they are coming, or that they want to help out in the community, please fill in the form.  One of the most important things we really need to know right now (in my opinion, lol) is how many people are coming and what their skills are, or what they want to DO.   This is so important for us as we're moving the the various planning stages.   So, please, even if you've already sent me or Lisa or Bob or Brian or Heather or Bill a private message, or email or skype call about what you want to and can DO.... please fill out the form for us, lol- that way no one is forgotten, lost, inconvenienced, or left out!

At this moment, I'm not all that helpful in getting information out, because I'm not there, lol.  As soon as my feet are on the ground, there will be a LOT more information and communications that I will be able to share with everyone.

..... I am SUPER EXCITED!!!!!

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