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Outfitting the Consciousness Clubhouse ~ One People Community Aouchtam - Prologue from Whitney

Outfitting the Consciousness Clubhouse ~ One People Community Aouchtam - Prologue from Whitney
March 25, 2014

A pure and beautiful take on the coming together of the Consciousness Clubhouse by Whitney. If you are feeling the call to play/participate in the magic being created here in Morocco send me an email at briankellysblog@gmail.com or visit www.opcaouchtam.com . Our numbers are growing rapidly...exponentially increasing the opportunity for growth and expansion. The only limitation being our collective ability to imagine that which we would like to create...let us work together to shed these self imposed subconscious limits and dream BIG! We are the ones we've been waiting for... <3

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Greetings Everyone!  I have been working all day on a post to show you what we have come up with here in Aouchtam for the Consciousness Club house.  It has only been four days since we signed the lease and the place is transforming!  The interior is being patched and painted, broken tiles replaces, weak pumps and water heaters installed new, beds being delivered.  The physical is transforming as well as the depth and richness of the story.  The house came with no furniture and some water pressure problems, but that was to be expected, it is not new and has definitely not been fully habitated in a while. It will take some time to outfit it for the community center.

This property is magical, it has established gardens, lots of hidden and interesting places and plenty of room for a co-creative space, a growing garden.  In addition it has grown our connection with the villagers.  The wife of the owner is Layla.  She is fantastic woman with two small children, speaks Spanish and some French. Her husband is from Spain and a very honest forthright man.  

We negotiate through our guide Yousef who genuinely has our best interests and those of the town as well.  In the last couple weeks as he, Brian, Jorge and Justin have gone to see the various housing available, has figured out the lay of the land.  He knows what is an acceptable price and for what conditions of the home. So the club house owners made us a fair deal on the property for it's uniqueness and are getting to know us when we come over every day to see the repair progress and image the possibilities and design.  We found out that their son has a heart condition and needs an operation that they can't afford, so the rent is a god send for them and Layla asked if she could provide any services like cooking and cleaning to make some money. Since we have so many people coming and going now from the apartments we know we will need cleaning, so we made a proposal to Layla to head up the move out cleaning and any other cleaning requests that might come and she accepted today!  This is building a community.

We want the flow of abundance to go into the people who live here and they want to offer us their services, we found this out as well, they are very polite people.  They will wait out on the periphery until you see them and invite a conversation.  The guards on the beach several nights ago, did the same.  They stood back a ways with a flashlight pointed on the ground until we went up to them. They were very curious to know our intentions and when they could see the loving intentions, they started opening up.  So they are waiting to be able to communicate with us.  Thanks to Harriet, we have a full library of to learn Arabic with!

Morocco actually wants us to be here.  Yousef explained this to us with very deep reasoning.  This was a forgotten place, behind in the times, we bring life, we bring possibility, we bring abundance.  We don't have work on ways to convince them that we have good intentions, they already know.  They are very excited about us being here and already anticipate us helping with some issues, like the water shortages, trash disposal, electricity, etc.  People are so connected here that everyone knows everything about everything that goes on and news of us is out. 

So as you see the fullness of what is going on is beautiful.  I have set my intention for the funds to come in to buy the house, which will secure it for the Sanctuary it is for the One People and enable Layla to afford the operation for her son's heart condition. It doesn't feel impossible because in US terms the price they are asking is nothing for a property as majestic as this one.

The people in this country are very good judges of character and do many things on each other's word.  It is important for them to be honest so that the others in the community will trust them.  Money is passed in a lot of what we would say tips, but I see it is all just a little appreciation here, a little appreciation there.  Yousef explained to me that he doesn't do anything he doesn't want to, so he lives sometimes large and sometimes not but never worries about it.  He despises people taking advantage of him, just as we feel the yuk of knowing that this world is set up to fed on us.

We have already seen the impact on the community, one of the two road side markets upgraded suddenly from a dirt floor and old plain shelves to a nice tile floor and newly painted interior with a shining smile behind the counter that I remember from the first day here trying to teach me the words for lentils and tomatoes. Now villagers are coming up to us to let us know where houses for rent are.  They want to know why we are here, the guard on the beach a couple nights ago was sure to ask, "what are all these people coming here for".  I showed him that we are all family and friends from different parts of the world, who have come together to be together with people they enjoy spending time with for a long vacation.  He leans in closer and says "there are many problems here" and I say "there are many problems everywhere in the world, we just want to take a break from all that, live and be happy" and he replies "you are welcomed in Morocco".

And all this is going on with the expansion of all the layers and to set the energetic background I wanted to say some words as a prologue to the post showing all our ideas and invitations to co-create, and my prologue went about five hours over one paragraph. Hah!

The Sanctuary comes with some new friends!

I've come to a stand in life, here I AM, I can be no other.  For all moments before this one, my life has been, one step after the next step, to this moment.  When I Know in my mind, body and soul, with no doubt, that the only thing for me to DO in this life is to follow my highest and best excitement at every moment of now with no attachment to the outcome.  Even if I don't know what IT is, I can Feel for the better feeling and let that show me the way.  This way, all things are taken care of in the natural organic flow in unconditional love according to the most valued principles of appreciation, compassion, harmony, abundance, oneness, freedom, self responsibility, respect, transparency, trust and integrity.  In this I am relaxed and tranquil and for this I've shed ways of thinking, pounds, miles and boarders, limits and expectations. 

In my journey there is nothing else to DO here on Earth but to Appreciate the Experience and the highest and best good is the growth and expansion of my soul as there is nothing outside of me that is not first perceived by me. Then expands from my heart out through my physical body spilling into this world. I spill out abundance.

Therefore the Earth renews and refreshes herself because I see it as so.  My life is loving and fun because I see it as so. Others are abundant, healthy happy and free because I say, IN my Universe, IT is SO.  And because I declared it from the very source of me, claiming my free will, it shines out of me into my body, and my body becomes SO.  I shine it out of me and my emotions, thoughts and feelings become SO.  When you know this, you can stand and chose what you shine and forgive yourself for anything you shone in the past because the only thing you really can do to remedy all the Bullshit, is to start NOW shining out love and compassion, forgiveness and allowance to yourself and then it will shine to others. 

All experience before now, no matter how you felt, perceived, thought, intended, give you all the answers you need, you need only to look at them, see them for what they taught you, appreciate the value of the experience, release it and move on. Because the only thing to do is start looking at things in a new light, it does not matter what the other shines at you, only what you shine out of yourself.  Now you are empowered to take up the controls in your own cockpit and drive your own change, drive your own flavors and textures, emotions and feelings.  Hummmm, what do you want next?

All I experience is My own choice, on some level, whether I know it or not and I can trust that, because this Universe is based on Free Will and now that I realize I have Free Will, I can use my Free Will, knowingly and intentionally to create my world around me.  I can choose how to feel about it, in fact I take full responsibility and liability for my intentions, thoughts, feelings and actions which color my perception, because it is the place I perceive From that matters. Looking at the world in love and no strings attached in full heartfelt appreciation for the beauty of the bouquet of BEings around me.  The love I see between people is breath taking, the intricacies of personalities and preferences is rich and full of flavor.  My own personal movie is a masterpiece of conscious perception.

All in the Universe is connected through the energy of unconditional love, each of us is connected to the other. If every thing I perceive first came from me, then all you out there, are really me. And if I am Responsible for the creation of my thoughts, feels and intentions because I know that the world I live in reflects my chosen perception, I would really want to wish everyone the very best.

To know this and wish each other the best in our journeys is beautiful and exquisite.  I have no need or wish to control or take from others, judge or place limits on them so that I can have their experience.  I like mine!  We all came from the same source and that source is inside of me and you, equally. Source wants ALL sorts of experiences. Somewhere on the path between me and source, which is inside of me, I am experiencing everyone else experience so there is no need to see someone else's journey as better or worse, it is all equal.  I come to know myself through my relationships with all of you. As I see the wonder in you, I see it in myself.  Because I have the Free Will choice and can chose what I prefer.  I shop for flavors by spending time with you and expanding my perception through seeing you more clearly.  You show me, what I am creating. I'm so very appreciative!  Thank you!

Now you Know the very best thing, you could do for yourself or anyone else, in this world, is to support their free will choice for their highest and best excitement and let people do their own thing. We move about and run into those who we feel best around and hang out because it's fun. If the only thing for me here in this earth, is the experience, then it's much more fun to play together, there are so many more juicy opportunities for co-creation.  

This is what is happening now in my journey.  I appreciate you I value this and the excitement draws me to happiness, joy, love and fun.  

Nothing else makes sense, from here I can be NO other. 

I Love You, I Bless you. I wish you the very best according to your choice!  And I am excited to create with those who wish to play!

~~Whitney Fisher

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 Many hands will create this space

Should you feel led to give a heart based donation of your energy into the Community Center please send it via Paypal.  
In gratitude and appreciation, Whitney  
Paypal: fisher.whitney@yahoo.com

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