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Outfitting the Consciousness Clubhouse ~ One People Community Aouchtam - Part I

Magic is in the air as we begin to prepare the Sanctuary! 

The ideas are flowing to co-create a place, a Sanctuary, for those who stand in Appreciation, Abundance, Peace, Unconditional Love, Equality, Integrity, Authenticity, Oneness, Self Responsibility and Honesty to the best of their ability. For the sake of bringing in, grounding and growing organically a new way of life and new earth consciousness for all BEings on this planet.

This post will be in three parts since I got crazy adding photos!
Part II & III - Coming soon!

Lots coming together so fast here! I'm sure this post will result in many more BEings setting the intention for Morocco. If you are one of those folks please visit and click on the "New Paradigm Housing" link to fill out the form, so we can make all the necessary preparations ahead of time. Will be coming out with a post of my own in the next couple days....between the New Paradigm Housing project, the QEG launch, the café and now the clubhouse things are crazy busy around here, but we're having a ball so its well worth the effort! Much Love y'all <3

Sanctuary for the Expansion of Consciousness

We are grateful to have found such a beautiful place to co-create with.  This property is magical, it has established gardens, lots of hidden and interesting places and plenty of room for a co-creative space, a growing garden.  The property feels calm and peaceful.  I feel that this place is to ground the new paradigm energies and will focus my energy on keeping it a Sanctuary for the expansion of consciousness that we are here.

The intention for the energetic presence of the property is to be the grounding of Abundance, Peace, Love and the support of the Highest Excitement of all BEings here or otherwise.  We are all working out how to live our Truth knowing that there is no need to account for our Value to the world, all there is to DO is walk forward with the highest and best intentions as we bridge the realms of consciousness, grounding in new earth in a powerful and loving way.

Imagining this place has been so fun!  We can see so many uses for the One People Community, this post goes through the main areas with lots of pictures for you to see.

The gates open from a dirt road that is more of a dry creek bed.  In front before the gates looks to be a shelter for donkeys on the left and an enclosed small square of grass to the right.  The old iron gates sound out when you open them to a long driveway.  On the right of the driveway are trees and already cultivated gardens with established flower gardens near to the house.  On the left of the driveway are a series of small
animal enclosures with more flower gardens with walking paths closer to the house.

The home is quite and expansive.  The downstairs area has a kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. On the left from the Guesthouse is a two car garage we hope to use to kick of the QEG project.  The stairs lead up to a grand salon in two tiers.  The salon will be able to sit, hopefully, fifty people for group meetings, conversations, meditations and whatever we can have fun with.  Up a couple steps from the salon is an area we plan to create a "group co-creative space" with tables for laptops and bookshelves with space for people to store their personal items.

To the left of the salon is a room we intend to be the shared healing room and a bathroom with tub and shower.  Across from the computer area is another small room we plan to use for an office and sound room that will be shared by everyone regardless of the project.  Our idea with the shared space is for the resources to be available to people to come and co-create together on all the projects from local community development to Fix the World.  There is a nice large veranda off the salon we will be putting areas for meeting working together outside.

The next set of stairs leads up to a residential floor with a kitchen.  This area will be a private residence for those stewarding the property.

There is a beautiful flow to the space, in that it encompasses wholeness and provides space for countless creations.  We see many hands co-creating this space together with imagination and fun.

My Souls highest and best 
excitement flows into this place

Salon will be a big circle of couches for group conversations!

This place is so very special, 
we are grateful
 to have the opportunity
 to be stewards
 of this land
 for ourselves and
 for the One People.

Salon and Group Co-Creative Space

The Grand Salon will serve many

~ Welcome Center for the One People Community Aouchtam and New Paradigm Housing 
~ Group Co-Creative Space
~ Consciousness Club House for Inner Tech Expansion
~ Fix The World and New Earth Projects 
~ QEG Development Facility
~ Community connection point and planning center
~ Healing Arts and Space

Group Shared Bathroom
~ Salon and work space
~ Guest House
~ Potential Outdoor Hostel and Laundry 
~ Healing Room
~ Gardens 
~ Mediation and Peaceful areas
~ Group Meeting Conference and Community Kitchen for Special Events

Figuring out layout and design

Group Shared Bathroom

In this place it is known that you come standing in your own power.
All are Equal, we choose to serve each other as a gift of the heart.

Welcome Center

The Sanctuary will be a greeting and orientation spot for those moving to or visiting Aouchtam. Brian, Jorge, Justin and Yousef have teamed up to help travelers find accommodations and to smooth their transition into Aouchtam. 

Visit the One People Community website at

Since there are no hotels in Aouchtam, the team here has worked very diligently to find potential accommodations to create the very best situation for each individuals needs.

Group Co-Creative Space

Imagine long tables with laptops and coffee cups on the top level of the Salon filled people who are active in co-creating the new earth paradigm:

5D Media Network -
Brian Kelly's Blog -

Lisa M. Harrison -

Stillness in the Storm
Justin Deschamps and Julian Robles -

5D Design House 
Jorge Ojeda Cortez -

Project XIII
Caleb Skinner -

Removing the Shackles

American Kabuki

Bill Ferguson -

Fix the World Projects

Continued in Part II - Coming soon!

 Many hands will create this space

Should you feel led to give a heart based donation of your energy into the Community Center please send it via Paypal.  
In gratitude and appreciation, Whitney  

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