Friday, March 7, 2014

Morocco: Going to Aouchtam- Are you Coming?

(View from one of the condos for rent in Aouchtam)

Morocco: Going to Aouchtam- Are you Coming?
March 7, 2014

Well, I wasn't planning on publishing the site we're working on yet, because it's still under construction, but it looks like D beat me to the punch, so might as well just get it out there! Was thinking she was going to share with just a few of her contacts and within minutes, I kid you not, she sends me the link to this blog post. Thanks D lol.

It's all good, the only part that's been finished thus far is the form to fill out if you have an intention of coming to Morocco (Lisa and Julian are working on the rest now). There is a lot to manage on the backend to ensure we have all the necessary accommodations lined up ahead of time, so when more arrive they have a nice bed to sleep in and warm shower to soak off all the travel in ;). We have about 14 of us here now and we're expecting 22 or so more just in the next month! It's a lot to manage, but SO worth it.

It's important everyone knows we're in the very preliminary stages of the creation process. We'll be publishing an article in the next day or two, similar to Hope's release, called "Managing Expectations for Morocco." Getting acclimated within the community is far from an over night affair. It takes time to integrate and a considerable amount of care and respect for the people of this land, so as not to overwhelm them too much too soon with our presence. This is not to say we have to wait before we begin creating here, it's simply a disclaimer for potential travelers to know this venture is a marathon, NOT a sprint. There is no need to rush. The adventure and the joy will come in the process of creation, not the destination.

If you are already planning on coming, whether it be this month or sometime down the track, please take the time to fill out the short form. It will make things much easier to coordinate for those of us taking the reigns on the "welcome to Morocco!" phase of this monumental DO'ing. As D said, SUPER EXCITED! We are the one's we've been waiting for, and we're done waiting! ~BK

We are on our Way to Morocco!!!!   I want to send a huge THANK YOU out to everyone who has donated funds for us to get there- we have received enough to book our air fare to get Back to morocco and we will be leaving in the next couple of weeks.  Now comes the packing and sorting and making lists of what to bring with us, what to ship :blankets, towels, extra clothing, pots and pans and kitchen wares, books, toys, - for the community in Aouchtam.  

Nick and I are also considering gathering up supplies- house hold goods, construction materials etc...- in Canada and shipping a container from the Toronto area to morocco as well. 

In the mean time- while we get ready to make the big move over to Morocco again, I may not be around as much as usual as I have a LOT to get accomplished in a short amount of time.  But we are all incredibly excited and eager to get there and get working.  We have buildings to renovate and build, exciting things to create, and fields to plant and a LOT LOT LOT of DOing to DO!

Brian and Lisa and Bob and the team over in Morocco have just moved ot the Aouchtam village and are getting things sorted out- making arrangements for places for people to stay and houses to rent while we get our feet on the ground.  They've put together a basic website for the Aouchtam- still under construction at this moment but soon to expand.

The next thing I would like to talk about tonight is coming to visit the community in Morocco.  Brian and Lisa have created a form for people to fill out if they are coming to morocco, either to visit or to work on and in the community.  We as that everyone who is coming to visit/work/share please fill out the form so that arrangements can be made and places organized for people to rent, etc....  As we are in the very beginning of setting things up, there is a lot of stuff to get organized and worked through, and it is important that we know when people are arriving and how long they are staying.   You can fill in the form here:

I would also ask that all the amazing people who've been emailing and skyping me to tell me they are coming, or that they want to help out in the community, please fill in the form.  One of the most important things we really need to know right now (in my opinion, lol) is how many people are coming and what their skills are, or what they want to DO.   This is so important for us as we're moving the the various planning stages.   So, please, even if you've already sent me or Lisa or Bob or Brian or Heather or Bill a private message, or email or skype call about what you want to and can DO.... please fill out the form for us, lol- that way no one is forgotten, lost, inconvenienced, or left out!

At this moment, I'm not all that helpful in getting information out, because I'm not there, lol.  As soon as my feet are on the ground, there will be a LOT more information and communications that I will be able to share with everyone.

..... I am SUPER EXCITED!!!!!


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