Thursday, April 25, 2013

Morning Brew with Gwen Caldwell Interviews Brian Kelly April 24

Morning Brew with Gwen Caldwell Interviews Brian Kelly April 24

A big thank you to KP for putting together the Mp3's together! Mahalo Brother!


Complete show:

Topics Discussed:
  1. Brief History of Paradigm Report & OPPT
  2. Point those needing additional info on history of OPPT to
  3. False Flag Attacks
  4. OPPT Show will now be 2 hours every Wednesday starting at 8am pacific time (looking for people who would like to share their stories live on the air. If interested email me at 
  5. Our experience with Courtesy Notices
  6. (Part 2)
  7. SWISSINDO explained, from my perspective. Clearing up some of the assumptions and criticisms
  8. Disconnecting from the drama  Witnessing events as a "conscious observer"
  9. Provost Marshals explained
  10. Questions from callers: Who is Charley Miller? What's the status of Caleb's project, Project XIII? When and what is The Finale that Heather mentioned in a Skype room? 


  1. I caught your show live. You never cease to amaze me at how you can explain things so good in such a short period of time. Thanks for continuing to help me fully understand all of this. It is so great for me to be a part of this incredible team. I love being in the ever present NOW and observing and watching as our freedom unfolds minute to minute. Thank you Brian, again.

    1. Much Love to YOU Linda, for your support!! So grateful...

    2. Been IN from the start! No going back! Love this discussion Brian and Gwen - awesome information and never gets old.

      haha, the jig is up, they know we know they know we know...they know :) so far, all our CNs are successful in that, no news is good news!

      much love to you both - and love you are continuing this show - much needed to keep people growing! xxoo

      diane armitage

    3. YES! what you said Brian about noting can dismantle this at this time! I feel too this is 'the' design all is happening as it should be! FLAWLESS!
      I too love watching this all unfold.

      diane armitage xo

    4. Thanks for getting it Diane! All IS well and all will BE well...there can be no other way. Much Love to you! :)

  2. any way to package the mp3 as a zip file so it can pass through a company fire wall?

    it would help some of us that are blocked from d/l mp3 at certain locations.


    1. Hey Robert. Unfortunately, I ship these over to my buddy KP and he does it for me. For the next one, which we're recording tomorrow, I'll see what I can do!

  3. The excitment grows by the day.. TY Brian and Gwen!

  4. ((((((((((((hugs Brian)))))))))))))))))

  5. Brian,

    Is there a FAQ page somewhere --with list of major OPPT-OP websites -- and easy to understand Facts -- and-- simple downloading info of CVACS and Notification papers-- with the unfolding His-Herstory of this brilliant New World-Life Enhancing Paradigm??

    For instance--which website has the complete info for anyone to easily download the all important CVACs and Notifications -- to stop our corrupt govt/corps/financial debt-enslavers, ASAP!

    The metaphysical foundation--Creator to Creation inherent bond is vitally important.

    A glossary of Terms that brilliant Heather uses would help, as well:)

    A FAQ page will definitely help to awaken the rest of 'we the people'. Thanks so much!

    1. I think the best sites I've seen are and

      Hope that helps! :)

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