Tuesday, May 7, 2013

American Kabuki: The Fuse is lit

The Fuse is lit
by American Kabuki

The fuse is lit
The old ways no longer fit

Sparks fly down human cordite

Eternal Essence is not finite

Dreams fuse with waking
and my soul is not quaking

Somewhere ancient memories collide
and I'm shifting 

All roles played
not one piece of knowledge delayed

No up or down
No ownership of man by some banker clown

Not one piece or person missing
Turn and look and see them kissing

No nanotech disease
No more egos to appease

A bow and turn
the roles played we all learn

Stage props leaving
Knowing replaces believing

Clouds of thunder
bonds of chains burst asunder

Lightening crosses the sky
ancient artifacts fly

Somewhere ancient memories collide
and I'm shifting 

No us vs them
Just joy in every human gem

No earth quarantine or ET
Just we BE

No ascended
or descended

No Angel
No angle, 
no carrot left to dangle

that will be our business
Perfect harmony with Eternal Essence

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately AK has his "comments" still turned off so BK hope you don't mind me commenting on AK'S post here in your new "pad", which Rules:)

    -AK I don't even "use" beautiful, makes me feel guilty.





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