Monday, May 6, 2013

Westpac Bank Rep Admits Knowledge of Bank Foreclosures

Westpac Bank Rep Admits Knowledge of Bank Foreclosures
May 6, 2013

Thanks to Valentina for sharing this story and Lisa Harrison for bringing it to my attention. It's only a matter of time before ALL 7.5B of us KNOW the TRUTH. Bring it on baby! ~BK

Valentina posted in The One People - Melbourne

6 May 13:56

Here is one for you Oppters.. I was just in the Westpac Bank, i had to put some money in credit card (yes i would love to give them a CN for it and close it, but with traveling and having to hire car they wont take cash only credit card) Anyway when i paid, the teller said 'Review' came up on her screen for my acc and she passed me on to speak to someone else, i was curious and interested cause i knew i was going to mention the foreclosures - been wanting to for a while... So we sit down and she looks on computer screen then says that i am eligible for another credit card and i said 'really, even with the collapse of the whole financial system and foreclosures on all banks they are still offering extra services', she was taken aback and very surprised when i said it but she did say 'yes', i then asked her if she was aware of the foreclosures and again she said yes, i know.... So guys they all know even your local suburban bank outlets.. i finished by telling her i will wait to see what happens because i feel lots will very soon.. ♥


  1. This is totally brilliant!!!

    Here's hoping more and more banks start to admitting they know!!!

  2. Valentina :
    I will wait to see what happens because i feel lots will very soon.

    Someone in the know:
    If very soon means next spring..than I agree..

  3. Someone in the 'know' who represents one bank...or all of them ?

  4. Citibank knows about the Oppt in mckinney Texas, off of eldorado. Very nice bank manager has heard bit knows very little about the Oppt. I will be having a meeting with her soon, also I asked a constable today if he has heard of Oppt and he hadn't bit he is very interested in learning more, he wants to have lunch someday and discuss more details, folks these are clear indicators of the momentum we have all created way to go troops love and light always. Your brother Jason

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