Thursday, July 11, 2013

NSA Blackmailing Obama? Interview w/ Whistle Blower Russ Tice


NSA Blackmailing Obama? Interview w/ Whistle Blower Russ Tice
July 11, 2013

All signs point to the fact that what has been exposed thus far with the NSA is just the tip of the iceberg. Many readers have sent comments to me eluding to the idea that Edward Snowden cannot be trusted, citing various historical examples of his nefarious nature. From my vantage point, it matters not if Snowden has a checkered past. What IS important is that the NSA has been exposed on a global scale. This is not about Snowden. It's about bringing Truth to the light. The more data that comes out, the closer we become to the lid blowing off this whole story. We are close my friends. The Truth Will Set Us Free. ~BK

If you're just picking up on this story now. More data can be found here and here.


  1. Who is blackmailing the President?

    The SAME unelected punks That Be who are blackmailing BOTH Houses of Congress and the Supreme SOCIALIST Court!

    Their PUPPET HANDLERS are well known, The Cabinet, Czars, and ‘Chiefs’ all taking orders from the Great Seven of the Bilderbergers who in turn DICTATE to the Council on Foreign Relations, British Institute for International Affairs, Tri-Lateral Commission … and the general membership of Bohemian Grove!

    YES! The entire Lying Stream Media are infinitely complicit ….

    Colonel Robert F. Cunningham,

  2. I agree completely, but its tragic to see that even though these dark deeds are brought into light, The west is lost, wasted minds mainly, while our brothers and sisters across the oceans and mountains and deserts, have been driven to REVOLT! With a Passion tantamount to an emotion, I do not possess. I have not known the pain of companions slain for freedom of speech. Tear gas, and " civil disobedience" pale in comparison. I hope we as souls can help those who will be struck down by this quickening, culling and mind dulling machine. Red Rogue

  3. friendly comment, I think you mean 'alluding' not 'eluding'.

    Now we have janet Napolitano TAKING OVER the univ of ca school system - think of the implications in terms of immigration, their research facilities, medical labs, etc. dear lord help us,0,83979.story

  4. I have to agree, even if Snowden has a sketchy past, the exposure of the NSA is big because it is blatant evidence to people who remain asleep that there are more to 'conspiracy theories' that the Mainstream Media claims. The NSA scandal is a sign of the change in frequency that is occurring on this planet. There is a revolution taking place in the hearts and minds of anyone who is even remotely open to such change.


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