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Injustice, The ‘For Profit’ Court System

The fifth version of the Injustice Society.
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Injustice, the ‘for profit’ court system
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Look familiar? Look closely, the characters should remind you of recent Hollywood theatrics.

Apparently it matters little what country or jurisdiction the injustice stems. It is pervasive.
It is the paradigm of a broken system and the catalyst for change.

The alphabet soup trolls trashed the momentum of change like The Occupy movement, Egypt, Arab Spring.    OPPT got the ball rolling again  last year on filing UCC documents that foreclosed on the broken  ‘system’ of Injustice,  yet the trolls are hard at work to destroy that energy.

Now avatars are flying in on red beeshons of Spirit. It is called the Human Spirit. It is called courage in the face of adversity. One such avatar, Miles Julison,  known to the  I/UV ground crew, was kidnapped in January and in never faltering on asserting his rights was miraculously released in May only because of that.  He knows who he IS!  It was certainly no action on the part of the court appointed public defender who takes credit.

I urge you to find your voice and support him.  He and others in similar situations have the heart of an Avatar.

However, the wheels of injustice continue to roll despite this avatar’s herculean effort to keep up for the record who he is and is now coming up for trial next week. You see, the prosecutor cannot afford to lose. That is loss of money and gain of liability for the cost of the case. Courts are not halls of justice, they are banks (Black’s law Dictionary) and business models.

I was there in court to watch the hearing the other day. I was riveted for seven hours of the theatrics, while others in the back fell asleep from the babbling attorneys.

One does not learn these theatrics in law school; this is something one gets on the job.  Though I chose to not finish law school with a JD, I settled for a masters in Law and Ethics instead. I chose not to go the way of the BAR.  My Spirit protected me from that fate.

I settled for an out-of-state university that I had to commute to, which has a decent law school and a program that allowed me as the first woman to graduate from their pilot program on law and ethics. I had great law professors. It is how and why I knew what was going on in the courtroom.

My perspective in this post is my opinion on what I observed that long grueling day. All players, except for Miles, were bulldozing forward to prosecute his fiction as though it was the live Being.  He refused to acknowledge that he was anything other than who he is. He was ‘off script”. It annoyed the hell out of all of them. We all know we are Eternal Essence Embodied, or as the pope declared, Divine Spirit Incarnate. Get the picture?

The avatar Miles, endures what Kiri has yet to suffer, as her journey is just beginning and hitting Matrix nerves.  His duress has been quietly ongoing for over 42 hearings and pretrial in less than two years. In his wisdom, to his credit he did not seek publicity and therefore any negative feedback. Brian’s blog of July 19th spells it out in an interview with Gwen and Ryan.

He can now use your voice of support! It is time.

It is critical not to focus on what the charges are against him. That does not matter as much as the blatant disregard for the living being over the fiction. I can tell you it was clear to me in the courtroom babble that he didn’t harm another person. Despite Mile’s submitted discovery questions, Show Cause filing, and other requests, there is nothing on record sworn under the penalty of perjury of any ‘alleged’ injured party as of this post as far as  I know.

It is fascinating to watch how the actors are proceeding against his fiction as though it is his Living BEing, divine Spirit incarnate, or Eternal Essence Embodied with live blood coursing through his veins. They are desperately trying to make it seem as though the fiction and the live being are the same. They are compelled to it to show justification for what they do.

It is happening in New Zealand too. it happens almost everywhere. It is the old paradigm of the controllers.

Don’t you get it?

These are actors in full costume in the theater of court. it is their job, their business to put people away. Their loyalty as officers of the court (bank) is to the broken system not to the people.  It’s a money-maker on both sides of the court room. It is not about justice. It is a monetized debate session.

Proceeding without proper jurisdiction is a violation of the person’s rights. It is happens even though on record rights are preserved. It is a ‘word game’. Words are the tools; they are veils.

These courtroom actors are all straddling the fence by allowing their live embodiment become one with the [person] fiction. They expect all others to do the same; to be compliant. Those who do not, like Miles, are branded uncooperative, crazy, subject to psychological evaluation under extreme duress,  incarceration.

The prosecution is steam rolling forward in default and the court is allowing it. Is it because the playacting takes place on their stage? Of course.

Everyone faces this potential in the world we are in now. Injustice is the norm not the exception. I have a post titled “Cast the first Stone” on evil of the private prison systems.

What I found admirable as I observed the hearing is Miles’ unfaltering courage to uphold his ‘knowingness’. Whether that helped him to withstand the abuses and demonizing his character, or that  he remains in his own theater and does not under any circumstance re-contract. It  is inspiring to watch.  I’ll bet Kiri inspires others too.

I saw him stand his ground politely yet firmly even though federal marshals were called to throw him into a seat when He chose to stand and be heard. I watched the judge gavel him down and scream at him continuously as Miles voiced ‘on and for the record’, ” I  reserve all  of my unalienable rights without prejudice”, in his refusal to contract into in their theater.

It is truly humbling to see and from which to learn.

It reminds me of the movie Avatar when the bulldozer knocks over the Home Tree for the unobtainium ore buried underneath. You do realize the symbolism of that as the ‘life force’ that guarantees wealth,  the earth, as a dying planet needing it for continuation equates to what is happening to us all. It’s a great metaphor. Read ‘D’s latest RTS post

What is happening to us as our own life force is sucked dry from the enslaving establishment  and ruling fascist police state? Think about that.

Brian’s post has the address and contact information . I reiterate below what Miles asks you to say without embellishing.

“I understand the prosecution, the DOJ, is in default and will not answer any discoverable questions, under penalty of perjury for case 3.11-cr-00378-si. I understand he has reserved and asserted his unalienable rights, without prejudice and the court appears to continue moving forward. I and hundreds of others have been alerted and are contacting the judicial oversight committee, BAR association, Oregon Congress and State representatives and YOUR insurance carrier. What principal of law are you using to proceed? “

Thanks for the support and stopping by.

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