Monday, July 22, 2013

The Natural Process of Creation...

The Natural Process of Creation by Mary Jane Banks

A void filled
A canvas painted
A problem solved
A duality resolved
A union of opposites
Achieving a composite
Creating anew

And hence 
Pushing through
Former barriers of reality
To a new modality
Or thought, or form
That over time
Becomes the norm

To be reborn
Again and again
Over and over
Coming up clover
As the new energy
Demands exposure
Of anything unreal 

It peels 
Back the curtain
On the artificial version
Of the life you’ve been living
Carelessly giving
Your power away
But no more

Delve down to the core
Find your true essence
That inner presence
And let it shine forth
Own your true worth
And enjoy the freedom
To reign over your kingdom

It lives 
So begin
And learn by doing
No more chewing 
On the past 
and what went wrong

Sing a song 
Of the now
And you’ll learn how
To create at will
Such a rare thrill
Prime the pump
Get ready to jump

Feel your talent
And live hell-bent
On staying focused
Create a locus
Of clear intention
The reinvention
First of yourself

Gain that wealth
Then share it with all
Who can heed the call
For the collective rebooting
At the end of the looting
The director’s yelled “cut”
No “and,” “if,” or “but”!

Copyright 2013 Mary Jane Banks

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