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AK: The Zap Report 7-14-13

I am not going to comment a whole lot on this one, its ZAP's own viewpoint with interesting data.  I do think ZAP has very good intentions.  I hope he checks out the links to the OPPT on this blog.

We've said it many times before that "the divine plan" is not the same as "the absolute plan" or "eternal plan" of the Creator Source.  There's a reason they use that term over and over again. The "divines" are a type of being (most likely 5d-6d), some human in origin, some not, who have mixed character attributes (quite like most humans). They are not without ego or institutional inertia against change.  They appear to like making others feel less important than themselves, which is comical because they see themselves as being lesser than the angels, yet angels never believe any created being to be lesser than themselves, they serve all in complete understanding of the oneness of all.  Some day the divines will share that perspective. Hopefully soon, for their sake.

Some (not all) divines are identity thieves stealing the persona's of various past great humans, or even posing as Archangels in sincere and unsuspecting channelers.  The worst offenders in that regard are being dealt with in those realms and this.  Most turn to the light when faced with that choice.  There's been a huge dropoff in the volume of bogus channelings of this sort as a result.  

St. Germain, for example, is currently incarnated as a rather humble human being, Great Eagle. The bankers and Chinese and various US intelligence agencies know that too.  So whoever is posing as St. Germain in channelings is not St Germain.

The divines have been in control of this planet for a very long time, and they have played humanity against each other, altered and damaged the Earth's akashic records, and also manipulated both negative and positive ETs to maintain their energetic harvesting of the planet and its people.  The BIS bank is the energetic interface to them.  

Just because they call themselves "divine" does not mean their plans are the Creator Source's plans.  They are particularly fond of calling their boiler plate templates of control (which they use over and over) "the divine plan".  They never call it the "Creator Source's Plan", perhaps because they know better than to do that...and be that obviously arrogant.  "Divine" essentially means "almost god-like",  and can mean and malevolent yet powerful being, but most people on the street take it to mean a direct endorsement by the Creator Source.  It is not.

 I don't know if ZAP's use of the term "divine plan" is accidental or purposeful so I won't imply motives to ZAP. I sense his motives are honest and well intentioned.  Could be just a poor choice of terms.  It does have a meaning to those of us who have been dealing with this banking stuff however. -AK

Greetings and salutations,

This past week was a very busy week behind the scenes as we read in the newspapers that the FDIC voted to accept the Basel III accords. Everyday bit by bit the pieces of the puzzle lock into place. Yes, I agree with you it's never as fast as we would like to see it happen, but please remember a lot of these events are first time occurrences in the history books. Now let's get some answers from ZAP.............

From ZAP..........


Interesting week it has been. The rot that ate the foundations is being replaced by new concrete foundations, and our mother and her kids are about to take a deep breath and breathe.

All is poised now, and the countries have agreed to move forward now with speed, and install the new global financial infrastructure. This is by needs, a very complex process, and fraught with the usual amount of bugs that such systems have, particularly when the bugs are the terminally greedy folk that prey on a consistent basis.

However, as with all redundant systems whose time has come to pass away into shadows of years gone by, and dissolve into a grey formless and forgettable vapor, the cabal is vanishing into the ethers to be replaced by a strong and healthy system that actually serves the needs of the people in all countries: the divine plan.

I guess we can say that we are fortunate to be living at this time to witness such an event. Sure…but how about being part of it in much greater definition than just sitting back and straining at the thought of millions upon millions to fall into your lap, and what you can do with it.

Well, last week, the doors opened on a funding mechanism that has nothing to do with anything other than providing those that have been waiting with a venue for future funding. The response was wonderful. Hundreds of emails with various project ideas came forward, and the majority were truly inspiring as of spirit from unique methods of housing for seniors, to innovative water generation devices for kids in Africa. It was good to see.

I asked Susan to give a helping hand with all the submissions in organizing them with the help of some really good software that tracks each project, and is used by large trusts and foundations to perform their projects. Remember this is the first time this is being done, and that is why the time lag of 30-60 days before contact and first fundings can possibly take place. Logistically impossible even if trillions were available in the account. The infrastructure has to be put into place, otherwise the whole thing will become a morass of question marks if you get lost in the filing, and will not serve the needs of the projects.

But, we have put the right business people on this that have sufficient computer know-how to examine this software and see if it is appropriate for the need vis-à-vis other database software…this is specialized for this kind of work. there have been offers of help ranging from people that have had experience handling trust/foundation fundings, 501.C 3’s, to retired business plan writers that offered to come help with sorting through the projects, and seeing what is missing in the plans and budgets.

To you all, thanks much. we are grateful for any assistance as it is not about the money, but people now. There is enough money for everything, but people?....well, without people, you have nothing.

So again, thanks. the project intake website will be up soon (again a month or two when the fundings will go live), and proponents of various projects will be listed, and people would be able to connect with them through secure email at the website. simple stuff really, but a central point of convergence for services etc.

But, the people that have waited for the changes, and F&P, and RV, will be in a unique position shortly. The rumors out there have it that the banks have no money, are on the verge of collapse, the bubble will bust, the sky will fall, and the little strange snail that was saved by an act of congress (or whatever it was), will die.

Well….yes. the banks have no real money to speak of having stolen most of it over time. sad. but the money on the ledger and off-ledger accounts is there. Once it is backed up by metal, it can be put into the system and back into circulation. Otherwise, it is a ledger entry, and not usable money. we are speaking of Q amounts that are not usable, but can be.

So the moment an off-ledger account is backed by metal (gold, silver, etc), it has value, and can be put into the system as live money. In 10 minutes or less. That’s why no money to see or speak of to all who look. Very insightful of those that looked, and confirmed that indeed, there was no money. Therefore the emperor has no clothes….really…

Moving to more mundane topics, it is the same slogfest of frustration and anticipation as usual, but now at very heightened levels as we see signals abound of the changes being installed one by one. We get to hear snippets of this morsel or that one out there from good sources, and it does all make sense in the whole, so the probability of it being all true, approaches 1.

And from all indicators i see and the information I am privy to, this is indeed so, and we will see a massive change shortly.

As for questions….

It appears you have been more interested in promoting projects than providing news about when we will receive our F&P and PP. Why have you seemingly skipped over F&P and P&P information, why are you putting projects before F&P, PP and leaving us out?

No. Now…figure years of getting news from sources, and there is an objection to one day talking about projects and how they fit into the matrix. Hmmm…perhaps I overdid it, and it should have been a memorable mention only? And we do not leave anybody behind…we are all one to begin with, so how can you leave yourself behind. That gets a buzzer. But you are right in a lot of frustrational senses, and I can appreciate it. But now that projects were mentioned, and a bit of the future has come in and provided a fingerhold in that place, we do keep going with everything else before us as without that, projects can not happen. The new system has to be in place for the projects to really live and be of use and effect.

Are F&P, PP being held until projects are started? You are projecting project approval and funding within 30-60 days, does that mean we will have our F&P, PP before?

This project initiative has nothing to do with F&P and PP (read my last message as i did say that). no, the funding sequence will begin in 30-60 days when all is ready for the intake of projects, not closing and funding. that part comes after engagement, some sort of interview and planning session, and then it can get into funding once all items are addressed for legal, location, banking, support services, etc. this is not a five min process, but figure a few months or less for first funds out to some project. really do not know what the timeline will be to build everything to be ready to fund, but we will do it in the shortest time we can.

We thought the F&P needed to occur first to kick everything off, has this changed?

Everything pretty major will occur once the redemptions begin, the settlements get signed off on, the RV is announced, and Basel III installed, so nothing has changed.

We are hearing that F&P is ready, PP is ready and the RV is done. Why is everyone blaming each other for things not starting?

Broker talk I’m afraid mixed in with some truth about some element of the whole thing that came to light.

What is the real hold up now especially since the "old one" has pushed the button to release all? Where are we in this payout process right now?

No hold up…just processing time – be patient. years go by, and now we are literally hours/days/weeks away kind of thing. Last monday, a few test fundings did go out to test the system.

Will F&P, PP deliveries start in July?

If I had a crystal ball, I would then need training. Maybe. Can not say yet, but is all very very close.

Last week you published an email address for people to send in their project requests. How can I receive information on questions I may have concerning my project proposal before I officially submit my proposal?

Just wait. The initial email will be answered with instructions to suit the requirement. In such case, a formal request on letterhead will be sent out to you. then you send in the project. Whether you do it then or now, it makes no difference.

What is the turn around time for answers to my project questions? How long before I will receive an answer on my project proposal? How long will this opportunity be available to request project funding? How can I follow up on my proposal submission status? How long before I can expect funding on my project proposal?

Once we get the software installed to handle the data properly and be able to track the project, then a mass circular will go out to all proponents providing instructions for further processing the files. This is going to be a large undertaking. This will keep going until everybody that wants to do projects is happy doing their thing. Then by that time, we will not be needed as the economies will be fine without us. funding timings as before answered.

Since Poof's office is not handling project information who can I speak with in person to discuss my project?

When we are ready with the intake system and can begin processing.

How many project requests have you received, examples?

The email for project fundings has yielded the inevitable large response, including the expected “give me money” stuff. Pretty well everybody else wrote with real grass root stuff as to what they thought should be funded from soup kitchens, to innovative housing for homeless kids. There were a few more ambitious projects, and those have business plans. very cool. And it seems by the subject lines, that they are thinking in the right directions (I opened a few to take a peek).

Where is the funding coming from to fund the projects and how much funding is available?

Various sources. main one is redemptions of historic assets by the governments for the purpose of project fundings, old trusts and foundations that have indicated financial support for the right reasons, and people newly made millionaires/billionaires that have stepped forward already. For example, one fabulous lady wrote in an email to as below:

My name is [deleted].

I do not need any funding money!

I am flush with funds having sold some very valuable historical assets. [confirmed Chinese bonds]

(I will have an endless amount of funds for humanitarian projects).

I have put in place project managers, local and international law firms, CPA's, etc.

My first objective is for free dental care and medical care for [deleted]….. some homes will be larger because of the number of children involved. No one has to qualify for a loan. I will carry the note and it will be based on the ability to pay…..there will be a surprise ending in 7 years.

I also have the "xxx" project and the "xxxr" project, no kill animal shelters plus many more projects. I have farm projects ongoing in xxx and xxx which is for food banks.

At this time I do not need anything from you other than information. I am currently focused on our vets, then medical and pharmaceutical assist for seniors.

I would like to speak with whomever is orchestrating your projects. I believe we can work together and do some wonderful humanitarian projects.

Also I am fully versed on trading.

My one requirement is that I remain anonymous! All honor and glory belongs to God, not me.

If you wish to speak to me, as I to you, my private number is xxxxx. Please do not under any circumstances give it out.

Thank you.

I took out the information that would have given this person away, but this really tickled me and I called. We had a good long talk and compared notes. Yup, checked out on both our sides. We will be joining forces and working together.

There will be many more like this that will step up and give a helping hand. So, this is from the ground up by people with the same heart and intent that will not battle internet spirits.

Is there any professional oversight for these projects, example accounting and auditing of funds for projects?

Yup. Major accounting firms like Deloitte or Ernest and Young etc will be used for that side. and good tax attorneys to help structure the projects properly. You have to do it right or forget it.

Many folks have ask who is ZAP and is he credible?

Just one of us, who became very tired with all the fakes, the games of ego and size, the constant greed, the unwillingness to help others in need, …long list. Just very tired of it. When the opportunity came along, I got to know the Chinese Royal Family, and spent some time with them. Still do.

What are his credentials?

Usually passport and driver’s license, although I had to do the occasional right and left thumb print on signature lines. And I have a small tattoo on my right…wife thinks its cute.

Who does ZAP represent?

Just me. Here to give a helping hand only. Whatever I can do to help, I will. It must be for the right reason, and for the highest good at all times…remember the 3 rules of upstairs: be good, be legal, tell truth.

Is ZAP affiliated with any organizations other than the humanitarian programs and projects?

Nope, and have no need for such. as a sovereign, i have a responsibility to our humanity. that really best describes it.

What is his goal and who benefits with the creation of all these projects?

To end poverty and the 30,000 needless deaths of our children worldwide mainly from starvation…a really horrible way to go. And we all benefit. especially the proponent of the project and the people the project helps.

How does ZAP profit from the projects?

I don’t. Money? I have enough. The project and what it can do to help is the only thing I am interested in.

Others think the projects are not real or illegal what should I believe?

Sigh…give me a break. To even consider that a new grocery store or an orphanage with a school and a cool playground is illegal…c’mon. Believe your heart and your higher self. They never will lie to you. You have heard me through my words. They have not changed for over 20 years, and they will not change. If you hear truth in my words and my writing, good. I am talking to you as I would like to be talked with.

Should I be afraid to give out my personal information for fear it may be used for some other purposes?

What would we do with your information other than put it on a funding contract and computer project database. Does not do to have 500 Mr. X’s doing projects…would be sort of confusing.

This is a database of good projects. Not a database for some dark evil force intent to find out who has a good idea, and buahahahah…we have them now kind of stuff.

The sheer volume of emails and projects is large, and will require much staff to pour through it, and establish first contact, and get the funding process started.

There is no way in the world that I can do this alone with the people around me. First, it would not be fair to pull them off their daily work to devote themselves to this when the funding is not fully in place (they need to pay bills too), and second, this will need a dedicated number of experts in various fields PTO provide the back office support systems each project will require.

The website name is already reserved, and in about 30 – 60 days or so, we will have built the site that will automatically accept project intake online. now that is the end goal, but in the meantime, I thought it was timely to let everybody know that this time is upon us, and get ready for it.

Could you inform us of some of the events that occurred last week and where that puts us now?

Federal Reserve vote 12-0 to install Basel III and also voted to revalue the Dinar. That’s pretty visible. This set the foundation for what is to come.

When can we expect to see something publicly?

I would say fairly soon stuff will begin making into newspapers other than the official announcements of things like the FED vote. Really do not know what stuff will show up first. Sorry…if I had a crystal ball…


Again very soon.

Basel III?

Right after the RV announcement.

What is the time frame for us to be 100% in the new banking system, July?

Yes. the regulations for the new system were let out months ago (I know this) in preparation for the activation of the new system. I am involved in banking and “platforms”, and a few other things, so my information comes directly from the various governments, agencies, and chinese family. That information has always correlated with what the family said. it has always been 100% truth. They are very proud of that record (the real chinese family).

In closing..........

By the way, this “OPPT” thing I am unfamiliar with, but whatever it is, I would be interested to know more. I do not surf the net by the way, and I get emails of stuff from time to tie that people think I should be aware of.

ZAP will become visible sometime as we move forward, as the character of ZAP will no longer be needed, and you will see my name and the people that have come and gathered to do this work at this time, and really provide the helping hand that everybody talks about, wants to do, but has no means.

We do. And we share what we have for all our collective benefit.

So the website will go out, ernest and young or price waterhouse will act as our audit guys, our tax lawyers will be world class, and choice of bank is till a question mark….tough one that. we will see.

That will take care of the base infrastructure of our funding mechanism governance.

I am here to only provide a bit of clarity on the overall picture, and where we are going, and sometimes, how we are going to get there. I am not political, do not have a cause (other than our humanity), I am not religious, but deeply spiritual, and I do not care what race or color you are – you can be polka dots and it would not make any difference.

While I may choose to remain a bit anonymous, I am not invisible.

Hope that helps with the landscape.

“be good, be legal, tell truth”

God bless.

In love and light in our service


Poof says.....I see you've got other 'entertainment' on the net now and I'm not interested enough to challenge every piece of stuff being thrown out under the guise of 'the facts'. The folks in the rafters aren't doing updates on the web. There's a big pot of stew out here boiling and there's way too many bones to pick out to enjoy it, like, 'where's the beef?' As I said, some time ago, the announcements will fill in the details, not my job or anyone one else's out here. If you have an assignment, you agree to it, you follow orders until such time, you fulfill that assignment. You don't go wandering off, you stay on point... regardless of the head winds and the coral reefs. I used to live in the 'volunteer state', I gave up volunteering for anything, somebody needs to ask, that's the only way your work is 'received', anyhow. Otherwise you get blamed for the failure. instructions must be followed to the letter, which I see, the folks that got something are following the NDA to the letter. They shut up and have said nothing, good. They'll keep their goodies.

Consultations upon request until the doorbell rings.

Love and Kisses,

Susan & staff

Office of Poofness


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