Friday, September 27, 2013

Vital Discussion -- Dissolving the Illusion of Money & Control

Dissolving the Illusion of Money & Control
September 27, 2013

This was an awesome Open Panel Discussion with Brian Kelly (me), Bob Wright, Joe Martino, Franco DeNicola & Antonia Hagens, on the Masterpiece Life Conference Network. Such a valuable discussion and perfect for anyone who is new to this information, from what I have been told. I hope you all enjoy it! ~BK

UPDATED: Testimonial

"This was a very valuable and enlightening discussion even for those who know what is happening. Thanks to all of the panel.


  1. Money is not an illusion, it is the "means" with which we exchange our value with each other. To dissolve the illusion of "control" in the material world we must restore "justice and reconvene" our courts meaning employ Common Law. It is the way the "money" is being used against the people through violating life giving principles that is the problem... even living without money will not correct this problem. Only restoration of Law, and Life Principle can do this.

  2. I gave my teenage autistic son a gold American Eagle coin to hold. When he couldn't open it to get the chocolate inside, he lost all interest in it.

  3. The seeds of the sixties have sprouted.

  4. hey everyone I have an idea along this same idea that I would love to speak with people about it. It is about a society free of money. ill leave a link to my blog that I have just started so I haven't had enough time to completely finish the idea but I think you might understand any way.
    by the way anyone might email me if you have any questions and or comments. Thank you and have a great day


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