Monday, June 2, 2014

QEG Update: 33x Over Unity: Next Phase Self Running

QEG Update: 33x Over Unity: Next Phase Self Running
June 2, 2014

We're soooo close I can taste it! Please help us spread the word so we can wrap this up in Morocco and take the QEG on a road show to the rest of the world. ~BK

From Hope on Skype:

Dearest Brother Brian!

This is THE GROUND BREAKING POST that we are hoping to make viral. It shows 33 times over unity in the Morocco QEG core. This has been done through a specially made video and a professional report. It should be noted that the equipment needed to take these measurements that many has been demanding cost $75,000 and was donated to the QEG project. We had to wait for this in order to be able to provide these figures freely to the people.

We could not complete the project to show self looping in Morocco because we ran out of time and money. Morocco being an underdeveloped country made accomplishing simple engineering tasks very costly and time consuming as most of the parts we needed we could not find in the country. The last phase of QEG development is simple in comparison to what we have already accomplished. We need to build a transverter (which is already being built) to convert and withdraw the enormous power that is already in the core. We will be completing this phase in the UK at a private build and will opensource the results. There are many QEG teams around the world that are co-developing this with us, all of them will be utilizing these results to bring QEG’s to their communities.

Please help us spread this important news by sharing it on your blog. To the best of our knowledge, nothing like this has ever been done in this manner before. The magnitude of what is occurring here is unprecedented. Free energy, opensourced, co-developed, well publicized, over unity demonstrated with professional equipment with a top of the line industry standard report. All of it crowdfunded by the people with a complete detailed and truly transparent report of expenditures.
This post here shows over unity video and report:

This post here shows full QEG report of expenditures:

This posts details our plans for QEG self-looping:
Thank you so much for your help!

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