Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ginger's Notes: The One People Show (6/24) The Collective Imagination (6/25)

Ginger's Notes: The One People Show (6/24) The Collective Imagination (6/25)
June 26, 2013

A special thanks to Ginger Snap for putting these notes together, as usual! <3 ~BK

One People show – June 24th (US)/25th (Australia) – Ginger’s Notes & Comments

While many show listeners may have been hoping to hear of a Project XIII website/platform launch today, there was no launch. Since neither this project nor the I-UV Exchange project was launched back when it was hoped for . . . personally, I have learned to stop hoping for certain things to happen anymore . . . staying in Gratitude’s for all I do have, while staying in this present moment best that I can.

And this show does a beautiful job of leading anyone, still hoping or waiting for these projects to launch . . . into how-to get busy now . . . with what excites you most . . . without any start up resources . . . except yourself and your excitement. So this show is well worth listening to, and as it’s obvious that this is the direction we all need to be working on for this major transition, no matter what happens tomorrow . . . and will be the focus of further shows.

First Bob updates us on how he is still recovering physically since Morocco . . . all while his wheel chair is falling apart bit by bit . . . synchonistically . . . of course . . . you are such a huge inspiration!

And note, Heather is continuing to work on creating (and testing?) certain document/s for us to be using . . . and I am guessing this might be a Bond doc . . . we can take into our banks to create new terms and agreements, as creditors.

More was clarified around what “Value” really means . . . as Bob asks us to stop and consider . . . “what price would you place on your own soul, life, child, parents?” . . . YOU are priceless, THEY are priceless (here in these human skin suits) . . . since one cannot put a price on a human life, therefore, our Value can used to underwrite any form of exchange, unlimited . . .  in fact, we have already been underwriting the entire world currency system . . . so our waking up to our being The Limitless Value and taking responsibility for it . . . is something we can now monetize, if we wish . . . because it’s all now “secured within our embodiments” (via the 2012 OPPT/UCC filings) . . . so now we need to learn how to share, and or exchange our Value, and in all forms most creatively possible . . . we are needing to look for answers from different level of consciousness than the old system was created from . . .

. . . and the OP “Now tools” are needed to assist others to understand how it’s completely different than what they have been used to . . . say with new concepts of gold and silver and how we are now the gold and silver unlimited Value . . . even in the bible, gold is referred to as representing us . . .  (but was switched by the controllers, and now we are switching it back) . . .

. . . when we go to the bank with a bond to state, “we are the creditors now” and our signatures represent our (unlimited) Value . . . this is asserting our free choice . . . but not all banks will be open to this at first . . . however those that are, will be leading the way towards our global transition . . . where the end result will be a bank being nothing more than a useful place for transactions (as loans will no longer be necessary) . . . so the initial bonds we propose with our banks will be the first step in putting boundaries around what they can and cannot do with our Value . . . however, Lisa recommends never putting more money into a bonded account than what you really need (until it is clear they will not break their bonded agreements with us, stealing it to create more money) . . .

 . . . we are at a similar moment as the fall of the Berlin Wall . . . when all those guarding it with automatic weapons, simply could no longer fire a single defensive shot . . . it’s nearly over . . .

. . . so just remember, without our embodiments, the system has nothing!  . . . and that they rely on the biggest illusion . . . there is lots of money in some vault somewhere . . . so the more of us that can act, the faster the old system will fall . . .

More about the fraudulent mortgage game (about 33 mins into show) . . . and there have now been enough OP cases that now show, if you go into a bank fully prepared with as much knowledge around how their fraudulent system works as possible and keep demonstrating it persistently (in a peaceful manner), the heads of the bank will suddenly be very interested in cooperating with you . . . and once we have a bond to go into the banks, it will be like putting the ultimate knife into the old heartless-beast system story.

More very helpful supportive information -

Bob shares his very helpful story about his going into a bank with a bond he had made, before the 2012 OPPT/UCC filings.

The One People Bridge Crew will be testing 3 large projects . . . in three locations now - USA, Australia, Morocco . . . Brian outlines what can be done (about 57mins into show) . . . just using the tools they have now “Now tools” . . . with highly imaginative projects . . . you do not raise the money first . . . you build up you plan first, then solicit those that can fund . . . when you build it, they (energy and money) will come . . . strengthening the co-creation of an new collective paradigm/reality/hologram . . .

Trevor in Australia shares his own personal story (that I loved!) . . . in his own creating a whole new reality and principles (and important to not mix them with the old) . . . how he choose to leap completely . . . essentially, he clearly identified what he wanted to create/do first . . . and he connects into the collective consciousness to see what will be needed towards where we are going next . . . he studied Bashar recordings in late 80’s for 3 years . . . because he talks about the shift from one density to another . . . and one of the principles is synchronicity . . . where things lead you to (like crew getting to and doing in Morocco/isolated bubble example) . . .  so in these centers or bubbles we can do the same thing and teach others how to do that too . . . we are building something new all while under full sail . . . it’s a matter of transferring new resources . . . (that is us!) . . . following your biggest excitement is the key! . . . Lisa and Brian share how their perspectives were different and so now they have new operating systems (each density has it’s own operating system) . . . so remembering this way of Being IS being in our “first nature” . . . and in a group, is exponentially more powerful . . . and Trevor adds, there are some Maoris (New Zealand) whom have expressed how they “have been waiting” for this to do together . . . and he describes the “Strawberry Patch” networking model . . . where everything stays connected . . . nourishment always goes where it is needed to both sustain and grow . . . here is Trevor’s website and how to contact him -

During the calls taken towards end of the show, I was most struck by Chris briefly stating that in the US recently, there has been a genuine push to get Common Law into the court system, but he did not impart any details . . . and the only article I could find online was this one that might be what he was referring to - . . . and during the show, I got a text message from a KOI member listening to a different show at the same time stating . . . “announced on mainstream news today, Initiatives move to common law from constitutional courts . . . hold tp was statutory time . .  we are now free to our sovereignty . . . big changes . . . the best is yet to come!”. . . more synchronicity going on here!


- website is still looking for article writers (to: Holly Tucker)

- absolute data site is still looking for more email addresses and collecting data to keep expanding this network -

- tomorrow’s The Collective Imagination show (2pm HST/ 5pm PST) -


- Do Banks Legally HAVE to accept promissory notes? - . . . the more they are exposed for no longer accepting them (and only interested in creating money from them), the faster it will all unravel . . . there is a court case in S Africa now, as well as Uwe’s case in Australia.

- Excellent 5 mins video tool by Scott Bartle on truth of “loans” and how they create money from loans, with money they never had -

- A very thoughtful article just posted by Brian Kelly – “Achilles Heel of the Cabal – Imagination Cannot Be Predicted” -

In closing and by Jon Rappoport . . . lets “build a perfect labyrinth with hundreds of interlocking paths, and someone is going to come along with a lawnmower and cut a new path right out of the prison” story!

The Collective Imagination show – June 25th (US)/ 26th (Australia) – Ginger’s Notes & Comments
This show was a discussion and personal sharing among the hosts, weaving both some ancient traditional spiritual teachings within their recent Moroccan journeys.
While some listeners may have found these timeless teachings nothing new, others are more or less newbies, therefore, “cannot hear these teachings enough!” . . . as the one of callers emphatically expressed.
What I enjoyed about this show was hearing the blending of both the old teachings with the personal sharing of each host’s Moroccan experience . . . that best supported the teachings. And their excitement in their Knowing so deeply what is true for them, is clearly heard in their voices . . . more than ever now.
There were some Blog Talk Radio technical difficulties at the beginning, but it straightened out for the rest of the show. Briefly, the following is a taste of what was discussed and shared . . .
“The Infinite side of you is the heart and no limits . . . and the (OP) plan is not knowing the plan . . . exerting free choice from the heart is the intention . . . and in this manner, you cannot “make a mistake” if centered in your heart’s excitement . . . and even if you perceive “a mistake”, it was an opportunity to re-adjust your compass! . . . and even though the old system has not shifted yet . . . we need to keep our focus inwardly upward within this transition from duality-separation into non-duality-separation reality/story/hologram . . . and it’s so important to recognize that everyone is on different parts of a massive learning curve . . . while simultaneously realizing we are ALL on the same ultimate page towards creating something new and different, based in authentic freedom . . .
. . . notice how kids will play a game together till they are bored . . . and then create a new game . . . (in Monopoly, everyone gets bored with the banker first – lol) . . . so we are the ones starting something new (because we are so bored with this so predictable cabal game now) . . .
 . . . but note the difference between making a plan and creating a new intention . . . with ability to let go of what no longer serves you (including attachments) . . . working through the trauma or idea of “loosing everything” . . . humans are only beings who can laugh in face of their agony & pain . . . and allowing in what will better support your life now . . .
. . . what was learned in Morocco within crew, with absolute intimate transparency . . . without judgment . . . among one another (was experiencing what so many of us have longed for) . . . as well as dreaming the same dreams . . . towards free this planet in unity . . . “
Tomorrow will be hosts Judy Jandora & Brian Kelly’s show,  called “In-Joy”
Wednesdays (US) / Thursdays (Australia)
4pm PST
Humanity is in the midst of the great shift of the ages, prophesied and written about in many ancient text throughout the world. Our options now are to fall into the old paradigm of fear that brings pain, or the feel freedom of love that brings JOY.
Join hosts, Judy Jandora and Brian Kelly each week as they share their upbeat stories and laughter along with some well earned wisdom to help uplift your spirit,s as well as offer some tools to use in your daily lives.
BE In~Joy! You ARE LOVE! – Judy & Brian
Aloha, GingerSnap! -

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