Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm Back!! RTS: June 13th UPDATE: Coming together, Project XIII, I UV, and all IN-Body-ments


I'm Back!! RTS: June 13th UPDATE: Coming together, Project XIII, I UV, and all IN-Body-ments
June 13, 2013

After a long journey home, I'm back in San Diego! I must admit I already miss my Moroccan family terribly. It will probably take me a day or two to process everything that happened in Morocco and the Sahara desert. While I was only there for about three weeks, it truly felt like I was there for years. So much happening and so much to report. For now, I leave you with an update from D and a photo from one of the few places we stayed while in the desert. Simply magical :)

Well my friends, I know I've been seriously delinquent with the updates, but life has conspired to keep me away from the computer. We've tried to record things here, but then can't get them uploaded to post as we've been so ridiculously busy. I'm considering trying to do recorded updates, where I just talk it all through..... but then I'd still have to get them uploaded, lol!

On the TCI show Tuesday night, during the second hour, Lisa, Bob, Mark and I talked about our experiences in the Sahara Desert. Before the show we sat around talking and the over whelming question was "How can we possibly explain all that happened?!" How do you put into words something so profound that it defies language?

We did our best on the show to give you a glimpse of what we felt and experienced, but it barely scratched the surface really. I suggest listening to the final hour of the archive HERE to get a bit more of a visual picture of our adventures in DOing.

Beyond the actual things we did- both in Tangier and in the Sahara- what we experienced just through our interactions with each other was so incredible and awe inspiring, that it needs to be told- at least from my personal perspective.

Having worked with the "Bridge Crew" for many months so intensely and closely, I fully expected our first meeting, face to face, would be like a reunion of old friends. What I wasn't really expecting was the profoundly earth moving experience of physically hugging my "friends" for the first time.

The experience was quite literally electrifying.

Hugging Heather for the first time literally made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and gave me goose bumps- my heart chakra pounded and I felt like the top of my head would blow off. Looking into Heather's eyes was (and still is) like looking into my own soul. The first time I spoke to Heather on Skype it was like talking to a long lost friend- just a continuation of a conversation that started ages ago- but meeting her face to face made me realize that the conversation has been going on for a millennia, since the very beginning of time. Heather is funny as all hell and a mesmerizing story teller- I would love to record the hours and hours of conversations we've had and all of the details of every step of the process to investigate everything and move forward with the OPPT filings..... maybe one day I can get her to sit down and record them, lol- but don't hold your breath!!

Lisa and Bob and Bill and Brian ..... I loved them all- even before I met them face to face- and felt that the connection was stronger than mere "friendship".... but meeting them and hugging them was again an electrifying experience. A meeting of family.

Lisa is literally my other self. Our mannerisms are the same, our past runs in parallel, our tempers are the same (lol), ....Hell, we are the same right down to having the same black painted toe nails and silver toe rings, pierced noses, identical scars on our legs, and our intense love of dark chocolate with chilli peppers, lol!!! I can say anything to her and know that she not only "gets it" but she "gets it" before I've even finished the sentence.

Between all of us, there is a magnetic attraction- it's like out magnetic fields are complete when we are together. There is an intense love that transcends physicality and a "knowing" that is beyond time or lifetimes that surrounds us.

I have never felt more at home than I do at this moment.

Vera and Mark and Sue and Muxi are all part of the mix of magnetic fields that created this incredible family reunion. I've known Mux for years and years, but even there, there was a new love and life to our reunion that went beyond just mere "friends".

As everyone leaves to return to their previous homes, there has been a heavy sadness that we must separate, but we know it's only for a short moment as we will all be together again very very soon. Plans are being made to continue our work together just as soon as each can get themselves organized and get their asses back here. This team has a LOT of DOing to DO and as it all comes together..... watch out world!! You have no idea what's about to hit you smack in the back of the head!!!
Mark gave this brilliant update on Project XIII and I UV yesterday (I think?). Heather and I are in full steam ahead mode on the I UV and major work is under way. As soon as the "contracts" are drawn up, and details are settled, I will record an update with Heather (even if I have to tie her to a chair) to post out to everyone.

I know that many many people are restless and impatient for news and updates and for data. We are absolutely working on all of these things. Each part of I UV (for example) relies upon other data and upon other things happening. As the pieces come forward and the Absolute Data swings into focus, then the next step in the process happens. A major piece of Absolute Data was made very clear in the past two days, and now we are moving ahead very very quickly. As soon as that step is made, then we will release the data for everyone.

.... I'm so freakin' excited my heart is pounding!

People who've been waiting for this moment of NOW to move, are being contacted and all the pieces are moving into position. Some of the chess pieces didn't even realize that they were on the playing board, or that they were playing the same game as all of us.... but they just found out ;>) They know that it's all done now, and now it's time to play together in one coordinate team movement. We are all ONE after all...... they just needed a little reminder that we are all on the same team.

....No IN-Body-ment will be left behind, regardless of the roll they played in this vast and amazingly epic experiment. We promise. To those IN-Body-ments who are currently holding their heads in their hands in confusion and resignation that, yet again, they've been taken off the path they planned out...... it's time my friends. We all work TOGETHER. We'd love to discuss the "manual" with you- any time you're ready.

With so much love....

PS: To the IN-Body-ments in Reno sitting there with their goats and wondering why it's not happening....... The reason you're waiting around is about to be answered- You're about to get a major message ;>) Like I said- it's time for TEAM WORK. You cant' do it alone and you know that. So........ are you ready to play?

Note from Mark yesterday:

I'm heading home from Morocco to Australia today. I am very tired and a little sick, but will give a short update that Caleb sent the Project 13 app to Microsoft yesterday. Yes, it took longer than expected. It is new and nothing like it has been done before. It will make secure communications over the internet possible in a way that could not be conceived of only weeks ago. It is incredible, if you understand the significance of that. Even N=S=A will not have access to what you put through it. It is a beautiful thing.

Project 13 will be free until Caleb gets the payment facility working. He wants it to go viral and get used. It will start used on Windows Mobile Phones until the iPhone App launches July 1. Silverlight version for Mac and PC will be available when he finishes that, which looks to be maybe around first of July as well. We thought he could launch Windows and iPhone Apps 1June, but that didn't happen, obviously. is Caleb's little declaration of his "Virtual Extension of Selves Protocol" that is what he checks all his work against now. is the Project xiii site where you'll be able to download the Silverlight version when it comes out and where you'll be able to get new accounts. I don't know exactly when that will be working, sorry.

Everything there is being done in the new I/UV Exchange way of working, including the contract to establish the project. I don't have time to explain in detail. Need to fly out in about 2 hours and have to finish getting packed.

Heather is working on the I / UV Exchange tools so that people have examples of how they can access their value. They already could if they knew what to do, but now it's time to Impower people with tools. I'm hoping for a short update from her next week. Sorry that the show yesterday was so much about the "Crew's" journey and so little about what we can now do. I feel the hunger for a better life that you/we all have. A soul searching trip for a small group doesn't quite cut it, but the work that was done on that trip has helped in ways that may never be grasped. It was important, but I really don't think that just hearing about that was enough. But that's my point of view (reason for this room).

Tools are being created and they aren't fully formed up, yet. I wanted to talk about them in the show last night, but I don't fully understand them, yet. Heather is in the middle of creating them. I am closely working with her, but she is really stretching me. This is new ground for me and I will share as I come to understandings.

Must go now, but please know that there is work being done to give all of us access to our value in a way that anyone can do. It is a beautiful thing. The details of this are not quite yet understood by those doing the blogtalk shows and so they aren't talking about details. I'm hopeful that we will get sharing details before the listener base gives up in frustration. As usable tools are made available it will get very, very exciting.



  1. It's so great to finally get news from the One People Crew! Our thoughts and prayers were with you. I am very excited to see what comes out in the next week or two. I am expecting miracles.

  2. Dear Ones -- No apologies! If what Andrew and Chris were speaking about on the Transitionings radio show last week, the group of you has done something so powerful and awesome just by assembling yourselves in one place -- that is, you have brought together (perhaps for the first time in millennia) your Soul Family lineage codes. That is something that is beyond comprehension for most people on the planet, yet it is what is needed to cancel the old usurped soul contracts and heal our world of separation once for all. If you had done nothing in Morocco except drink espresso and laugh your fannies off, you would have got the job done. That you were able to DO anything more is extraordinary. Thank you for bringing yourselves together and setting such a mighty and joyful example for all of us to witness, participate in and follow. Many blessings to all. I love you all dearly, Alia

  3. Dear Brian,
    I have been, for months now, being gently needled by my consciousness to connect some dots... But the dots themselves had, up until now, remained invisible. The Bridge Crew in Morocco-- along with the DNA Tesseract--helped make them visible:

    The following is a rendering of a DNA fractal antennae from the GW Hardin article:

    ...and these are some examples of jewelry of the Taureg People:

  4. As you can 'see' the images aren't available in this format....and since a picture is worth a thousand words (just ask a telepath!) please email me and I will send ASAP ....
    In Absolute Gratitude and Love,
    Jennifer Williams,
    Birmingham, Alabama

  5. Hi Brian,
    no communication/transparency, accountability or results?? You have no idea the expectation level that has been established because of the role you played in OPPT. Every one is BEing and DOing. Part of most people's BEing and DOing is to hold a space for TOPs intentions. It hard to do without some support/follow thru from the main players. In short lack of communication/results have been disappointing.

  6. Absolutely brilliant BEAUTY! Congratulations on getting to 'home' and as well, thanks for all you Be and Do. Your radio 'bridging' work is excellent and I look forward. Welcome home in all ways!


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