Monday, June 17, 2013

Fix The World Documentary & A Quick Update

Fix The World Documentary
June 17, 2013
My apologies to all of those patiently waiting for me to write about my thoughts and perceptions of the trip to Morocco. The day after I got back I was already back in the car on a trip up the California coast to visit a few of Brittany's friends for a BBQ/Engagement party. So, today is the first day I've had to unwind from the long journey. I'm sure I will have an opportunity to discuss some of the details on tonight's radio show, but I promise to also put together a blog post (with plenty of pictures!) to fill in the gaps for what's not covered. I'll probably post it at some point tomorrow.
It brings me great honor and pleasure to release the FTW documentary here on my blog, even if I'm a day or two behind schedule! I wanted to watch it in its entirety before I published, which I just did today, and I must say I couldn't be more impressed by the stellar work Hope and her team put into this ground breaking, paradigm shifting project. I can only speak for myself when I say, I'm dog tired of putting so much time and energy into diagnosing what the problems are. The time is NOW for tangible, effective and actionable solutions. This documentary provides just that. It virtually takes all of the major global issues we face, as Humanity, and paints a picture of how we as individuals can contribute to turning things around, NOT only for generations to come, but for THIS generation. Call me an optimist, but I fully believe we have what it takes to make the changes necessary to see a great shift come to pass in the twinkling of an eye. I'm confident the readership here will also agree :) It's up to US to make it happen. We are the Ones we've been waiting for. So, why wait any longer? I'm tired of waiting! It's time to DO...and it's time to DO NOW. So, I ask you, what will YOU DO?
P.S. Thank you Hope and Team for the incredible opportunity to be a part of something so incredible!(and thanks for "making me look good!" lol!) Gonna have to watch Part 3 at 1:17:45 to know what I'm talking about ;)

A message from Hope Girl:
This film is packed with heart felt power. It centers on the voices of the people of this planet and strives to present not only the REAL problems we all face, but the suppressed solutions that are available to us if we all take action. We are exposing A LOT in this film, and the people are ready for this! There are many brave film producers who expose corruption, and we have done this too. We strive to take this a step further and also expose the solutions so that people are left with the hope and inspiration to do something about it.

AT 1 AM EST June 16th.  (We kept putting the video up and they kept taking it down, and we wont stop putting it back up!) The film keeps getting censored and removed. Please check this link for the latest republish links.
 HopeGirl (Hope Moore)

How to Restore the Economy
How to Release New Technology
The Cabal and Environment
How to Fix the Legal System and Reform Governments

PART 2 The Media
How to Fix the Education System
How to Restore Health
How to Fix the Food Supply

PART 3 Bright Light – a song to fix our world
The Truth about Extraterrestrials
About the Fix the World Organization

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